Thursday, 22 October 2015

Global Prophecy 30: The Judgement of God- the World after Tsunami

Dream: 14/03, 2014

In my dream, I take an excursion to a village with my husband, only to come across an attack from a flying saucer, which happens after 2016, and then we leave there by boat and get to an quiet island. Before leaving the village, we meet a friend who says that he will go with us but he has to finishes unpacked cigarettes. (There are some still reluctant to leave this world.)

A girl among us says that his girl friend is his second one and want us to pray for his being hypocritical. A flying saucer passes by when we take a rest, and we see a auroral rising behind a rock. I hear someone says he clearly knows that we are in the last days, which are after fall in dream: 5:00 a.m. 2015. We are stepping into Jubilee. I turn to ask my husband whether we are in a dream or in reality. Someone answers this is in reality.

Dream: at 5am on 27/06, 2015

This dream is about events on the earth which happen after a tsunami by the hand of God and cities in North America destroyed because of inundation by the sea ( the exact time of tsunami is not mentioned.)

I drive a dark golden car, which can still shine in the dark. It is a car like S.U.V. In my dream, I drive in a road pronounced like Sheppard Avenue, but not spelled like this. Let me take an analogy to explain: As I drive in Toronto, the road from the Sheppard Avenue to Kennedy Road is passable, but things on the street are totally different.

When I drive, the whole street is overflowed with water and impassable. What I see is that many cars are sunken in the water by lakes and many places are flooded by the sea water. Cars are useless in cities because water block the road and people have to stop to walk. While driving, I fall into a big rock pit with dripping stones all of a sudden. I happen to fall on the shovel of a big forklift. In the meanwhile, the forklift starts, and then I and my car are luckily lift up.

I leave the pit in the opposite direction. When I see through my car window, I am stunned by the sight outside. The sea water flood this whole area. It could happen over one night. Some dead coral reef are left on the ground after the flood, which proves that the deep sea water has been here because coloral reef live in deep sea. There still are weeds and muds everywhere. Buildings above the water are with weeds and seashell like fossil. Remains from the sea are piled up by the building or in houses. Some remains become the play ground for kids. Buildings are sunken in water or half above it not collapsed. Many buildings are empty because no one dare to step in. It is too dangerous.

I abandon my car to walk, for the street is too crowded. There still are many people in the street. I see many Asians speaking Chinese. The atmosphere here is strange and smells stink of money. In this generation, westerners interpret Asians as rich people, for Chinese in these days are labelled as rich people. Many shops and stories have Chinese signs or labels. People admire rich man instead of righteousness, justice, tidiness. I am wondering where I am because I see many white men buying things and say hello to Asians in Chinese. Am I still in Toronto? After sent by God, I am not with my brothers and sisters.

Leaving camp, I strange sights in many countries. I walk to a fork and see three tall men in light blue shirts. They don't seem from America but look like descendants of Europe. They hold bible declaring the messages of the coming of Jesus. Judging by what they say, I don't think they know God well. They are just performing a show, acting godly in front of people, which makes me sick. Nobody respond to them. This time, people in church are either hardened or worshiping Antichrist. Everyone leads a self-centered life. I walk to a lottery store, asking where I am and somebody caught at me. I ask them if this is N.Y. Nobody answers me. I don't know whether I am in New York or not. People are deceitful these days. At this time, I encounter two men, who tell me I am in "Danforth" and "Vaughn", which I can only pronounce similarly. A man behind these two looks like the owner of this store. He blinks to another saying this girl looks good and can get some money for him. I feel alert and leave there going forward.

My reflection:

Unbelievably, the horrifying tsunami hit North America. This is a disaster beyond human's understanding, a judgement by God. The wrath of God is calling people to repent of their sins and to fear the Lord, our God. This is a calamity unpreventable by human beings. When the power of God shows, people should cast themselves down godly and fearfully. Only very few people do so. Tsunami can't wash away sins of people and make us clean.

Instead, I see the whole world is baptized in the corruption of morality, in the be wilderness of Satan, and in the sins of Sodom. In my dream, I appear in many different cities, and what I see is nothing but sins. People go wild In lust for material comforts and thirst for sinful life. In North America, many cities are in disorder or in anarchy.

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