Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Prophecy 48 The greater confusion and the seven Angles

Time: Nov 9, 2016      5:40am

I saw noisy people, very much like in the market or in an event, and I was surrounded by angry shouting.  I seemed to be trapped in millions of people in the city.  There were maps of North American in front of me, and they were split.  There were maps of Europe also, and they were reassembled differently.

Great confusion is arising. There will be ominous signs on the face of the earth, but very few people can see the truth. (MAJOR deception) All kinds of words are flooded on the Internet, social media, TV and news. In an era when rumours are being taken as fact, I see a vast expanse of thick fog covering the world and the church. A great confusion happens in the church, but people who don't see the truth are going deeper and deeper into it.  People are running here and there without direction. There are so many false voices telling people the wrong things.  Then the people spread it and fall into their own traps. They're going to be responsible for these traps because they did not search out the truth. The world is full of deception and confusion.  Deception and confusion govern the education, politics, economics, finance/banking... systems.  The wind of unbelief is blowing all over the world. God is leading us into a new season and a new era. With a piror warning, some people have prepared in advance.  Many people, however, are not prepared and fall into great confusion.

Some people speak flowery but deceiving words in the political stage, but most of the church accepted them in tolerance and peace.  There was a voice saying, "Even my elect are deceived."

Matt 24: Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Time: Oct 3, 2016   6:00am

A priest in a white ephod, with a blue and white scarf on his head, is lifting a trumpet in his hand, and beginning to blow.  This sound of the trumpet is heard as it is blown as a warning being sounded. The command from God is that all the people should hear the trumpet.
New weapons of war are being given from God.

In the evening of October 2, 2016, we entered into the calendars of the Jewish year of 5777. The original number "7" is the seventh letter of Hebrew, read: Zayin, which also means "weapons". God will give us all kinds of weapons in this generation, for those are never released from the previous ages. The Great War is happening all over the world.

China time: October 2, 2016---Sep 20, 2017 10pm;
Canada time: October 3, 2016 10:00am; that is,
Jerusalem time: October 2, 2016, 5pm in the afternoon, we stepped into the year of 5,777, the Jubilee of Jerusalem. Also officially entered into the Tishri month.

The year of 2018 is also the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel. The day of September 20, 2017 is the Eve of feast of trumpets in English Jewish calendar.  Also in the year of 5777, seven is the complete number of God. The seven archangels who often stand in front of the great God will particpate in the final war, and the battles in the realm of heaven will surpass in intensity, the previous situation.  The seven archangels will release their power from the throne of God associated with seven angles who govern the woes , which will be very active in this field.

The angel in charge of death (the one who killed the elder son) who had appeared in the "Exodus"; in charge of the famines; in charge of the war; in charge of the woes, the sea tsunami, volcanoes, earth crackes and earthquakes (2004 Sea Tsunami); in charge of the disaster and poverty; the Black Angel in charge of black gold; and specially the seventh, the Golden Angel in charge of economic storm , these seven who have been sent out gradually since September 2017. They will particpate in the final battles on the same level in the spiritual realm. Such a scene has never ever been seen so active in the past. It seems that the spiritual realms of heaven are moving to the ground.

Today we are in a great moment. There is light and darkness! It could be dangerous, terrifying, and days full of holy fear.  But it's also the moment of glory!

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