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Global prophecy #52: The situation in end time churches: The great confusion (5) -A period of time of false peace, God’s saints and remnants, and the rise of the Trojan horse

Time:  at 12:00 AM on January 16th, 2017

Many of us are seeking guidances in intercession and reminders that come in timely manner.  If you are fasting and praying for others, I propose that you take a direction mentioned in the following passages.  Take heed of the great confusion period that the whole world is entering, which is addressed in Matthew 24:24.

I. Great confusion (5):  A period of false peace

Following 2017 are the years in which the spirit of Jezebel will wreak havoc.  The Jezebel spirit, applying witchcrafts, will conspire in order to kill the royal descendants, God’s sons and daughters, just as did the Herodias in Matthew 14:8 --- Due to her hatred toward the voice of John the Baptist, she suppressed and killed whatever opposing and righteous voices.  So we will also see appearance of a peaceful period as a result of voices being suppressed.

There will appear kings of Ahab, and Jezebel and the work of the Jezebel spirit, in political arenas here and there globally.  Such a period will last for three and a half years.  The Jezebel spirit opposes genuine and anointed authorities, and its power will seep into areas that kings of Ahab control, working to usurp the ruling authorities and powers.  The Jezebel spirit-dominated ones will try to surpass laws and the Divine Law, taking laws as something applicable towards anyone else except him or her.  Any decision opposing the Jezebel spirit will be slandered and quenched.

False gospels will be spread like wildfire, and expand all over the world in a greater speed in 2017 than in  2016.  The temptation from Balaam will try and trap many sons and daughters of God, resulting in God's judgment.  Many eyes will be cheated into focusing on things like the congregation size, the attendance rate and the financial thriving in churches.  Such will attract numerous Christians who are deciding their values based on success.  Due to the coming of this great confusion period, a lot of church leaders will start to be sidetracked from God’s voice without being able to discern, and turn their originally Holy Spirit-guided ministries into the ones in which they start to operate by their fleshes.  Let’s stay alert, for the work of the Holy Spirit will be replaced by all kinds of needs and demands in churches and ministries afterwards.  A large quantity of Christians will put their hope in kings, leaders and persons, even perhaps not by intention but out of misguidance.

God’s saints and remnants will welcome the work of the Holy Spirit more.  Places featuring prayer and fasting will see strong visitation and encounter from the Holy Spirit.  Wonders, miracles and signs will prove His work.  God’s saints and remnants are to put their trust only in God instead of in kings, leaders and persons.

Everytime when the Jezebel season comes in, God raises up His remnants and also Elijah.  The remnants of God are those who hide in caves without compromising with the world’s voices, and who flee Jezebel’s hands.  The strategy Balaam used is to alienate God’s own people from Him, and such a strategy is of the enemy.

The year 2017 is a true jubilee, in which God will destroy the fortresses that have been stopping you from breakthroughs in prayer, family, finance, health and other areas you have hoped to advance in for a long time.  Remember your bottleneck, and you will be given breakthroughs in and after 2017, for God remembers the seeds we have sowed via financial contributions, prayers and faith.  Great authorities are coming down from Heaven, and in this period God’s saints and remnants will be learning how to discern and stay away from confusions, and how to return before the Lord.

II. Big commotion/The rise of the Trojan horse/Deceit in global migration, economy and politics
Big commotions in economy and politics will cause large amounts of people to follow wrong voices.

A large number of muslims are migrating into Europe and North America in an unauthorized manner.  The Trojan horse is now already inside the gate of Europe.  Terrorists will hide themselves into the flow of refugees entering Europe and North America, which bring to pass what is prophesied in the Scripture --- the iron and the clay toes of the Roman Empire cannot mix well, leading to a new round of collapsing more violent than before.  Such things are coming to pass right now.

Bankers and politicians plot together.  The Trojan horses are also appearing in global organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The IMF is the major source for each nation to borrow money.  If you don’t borrow from it, as did Libya and Syria, take a look at what happened to them and what these countries would be.  It is the arena where abundant presidents and prime ministers came to birth and many famous politicians transferred into their political businesses from sub-organizations (The Federal Reserve System, JPMorgan Chase,  Goldman Sachs, etc.) under IMF.  Still remember democratic elections?

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

The most important sign is that such wide-range cheating behaviors prevail all over the Earth, and even seep well into Christian churches.

III. Living in the age of great confusions/Confusions brought by media

From now on, more and more prophetic messages will mention the age of great confusions.  The media plays a vital role in such an age.

The shadow government is elaborately planning an approach to deceive and take charge of the whole world.  It produces fake news and control globally the media export via permeating the giant cyber companies.  Entities like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco and Silicon Valley are all parts of the secret facility of CIA, who has implanted malwares in your smartphones, your smart TVs, your electronic devices, your PCs and your chatting apps like Skype.  Such malwares are released by the government, and the exposure of news like this will greatly enhance the public mistrust.

Through the work of media, false flag activities performed by mainstream elites will successfully provoke international conflicts as well as domestic democratic movements, and even big election campaigns.  If we don’t follow the Holy Spirit, we will have nearly no discerning abilities, falling ignorant about what is true and what is false.  That is to say that even the God’s elects may also get troubled by deception and lies, unless you can tightly follow God’s steps and depend firmly on His Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth.

Situations in end time churches:  A new round of big commotion and big confusion

Time:  At 4:00AM on April 19th, 2017
Dream:  Evil leaders of the four corners were released

It is bone dry here without any water.  Everywhere I see yellow sand, dust and hills with sharp stones.  No trees, nor even weeds.  Nothing is growing.

This are the four corners in the spiritual realm.  All together there will be four demons (evil spirits) in charge that are released by God.  They have been detained here for many centuries, and were never released before.  I can see two released demonic leaders.  One of them has a woman’s face and its long hair are arranged into a lot of densely intertwining pigtails, whereas its body figure is that of a man.  Released from the west region, its name is Pu Zhuo.  The other is named Zhuo Zhuo, released from the east side of the sky.

An angel authorized by God broke the seal.  Mountains and stones cracked and the land shifted.  The demonic leaders of the four corners have been released, coming out from the depth of the desert and the end of the land.  This world is entering a new round of big commotion and big confusion.

Enlightenment:  Do not try to save your life in this world, but to prepare your hearts and prepare to stand before God in the day of His judgment.  From September 23rd, 2017, the difficult days of Jacob will begin.

Time:  March 21st, 2017  Early morning prayer

Vision:  A map of South America showed up, with the west coastal mountain chain broken and the tectonic plates moving.  The violent quake lasted longer than five seconds in the spirit.  I learned that the west coast of South America would experience strong earthquake again, and especially Chili and Peru would be influenced.

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