Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Global Prophecy 45 Scene of Moving Stars at End Time

This happened at one night in January 2000. In the dream, I was driving a small boat. Actually, I do not know if this is a dream or visitation. I saw myself drove a boat toward horizon. After passing through rivers and lakes, I drove in to ocean. At this time, the rising sun was just at the very front, as red as sunset, but not glaring. The sun was so close that it looked like a hill. I felt my body was held by a power, and began rising up continuously, till to a place where I could face the stars directly. The stars were presented in front of me like in television. I saw they started moving. At this moment, I heard a voice said, “A great sign will appear in heaven”. Then some strange symbols, which feels like text having different fonts, appeared in heaven. When the fonts appearing alternatively, it was like a person telling the situation at end time, even Jesus Christ His own name was shown among the stars. More and more strange symbos appeared in the sky. I was very close to the stars, so the whole image was displayed around me like a stereoscopic screen. At that time, I was lying flat on my back and facing up to see the change in the starry sky.
At this time, God’s voice clearly sounded in the sky, like the sound of thunder, saying “you shall pay attention to the change in heaven, especially pay attention to the change of all kinds of stars and constellations, that will be the sign of end time coming.” In fact I was very confused at that time. According to the teaching I was taught at that time, I thought stargazing is involved in astrology, so I felt confused. Doesn’t Bible teach us not to stargaze? While I was thinking, the constellations changed in their order. …… (This portion of the dream has not been resolved yet, omit.) Because I learned some astronomy when I was a child, I could recognize 12 constellations, for instance, Big Dipper, Great Bear, etc. I was excited to see these familiar constellations at that moment.

But suddenly, at least one third of all the constellations did not move in their own orbits, and started drifting away. Even more amazingly, lots of flying objects I called tail stars or aircrafts flied up from Earth. Some of these flying objects were not from Earth, probably from somewhere else, maybe from some other orbits. When they came, I saw something called shadow in my mind besides light. Astonishingly, lots of what I saw is transparent and shining light bodies, among which some were transparent and completely become part of the space in the starry sky. Without their light, human eyes could barely notice them. But their speed was super fast, just like light reaches the ground. It seems that light could be arranged in order instantaneously.

But strangely, it seems some of them were fighting. Then a big explosion occurred on the ground and the same thing happened on stars. Some stars began to become hot. They were like burning a long tail, rushing towards Earth with fire and light. I understood that these were meteorites and all kinds of small planetary bodies coming from different places. At this time I saw rivers in many countries on earth became blood because they were red. I could not understand why river color was red, and what’s more there was stinky smell coming out from rivers when raining.

At this time earthquake happend more frequently. Many dormant volcanoes became active. There was all kinds of hotness, even ground cracked and some hot bubbles poped up from lava. What’s more, something like burning coals gushed out. The whole earth became extremely hot, like a big steamer. Even worse, plenty of black smoke was emitted at some places, making people feel out of breath. Then I heard God’s voice, saying “the heavens will be rolled up like a robe”. The stars in the sky began shaking as leaves shaken by a strong wind. Darkness began opening as being torn, and spread out. After awhile, I saw bright light tore the darkness as a cloth, from this side to the other side of the heaven, slowly rolled up and devoured darkness as cloud. At this time various meteorites and flame rushed beside me, whistling. I was held in the sky by a very strong and warm light and I was watching. But the painful screaming was sounded from the earth, like beast’s howling. I could not bear any longer, lying in the sky and weeping, said, “I don’t want to watch any more, too horrible, please let me go”. Then my dream ended.

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