Thursday, 1 February 2018

Global Prophecy 56: Prophecies for 2018-Cryptocurrency and Economic Chaos, Changes in Cloud Service, Re-structuring and Shock, The hot topic - rapture

Time: The evening of December 31, 2017 and the morning of January 1, 2018 ( during a continuous intercession )
We need to pray for the following events in 2018:

·     -    More intense currency wars – the new battles: cryptocurrency and gold;
·       - Earthquakes with magnitudes of above 8.0 and volcanic eruptions;
·        -Global impact, extreme climate patterns;
·        -Northern King (Russia) and Eastern King (China) allying against Europe and North America;
·         The Middle East and Israel still as a hot issue;
·         The foundation of the Third World War having been established

1.       Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:
2018 is a year of severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We can notice active zones of earthquakes that look like torches to set fire all over. Earthquakes above magnitude of 8.0 will not only occur in oceans, but also in inland areas.

2. Changes of the Earth, and impacts of extreme weather conditions, for which governments would blame climate warming or carbon emissions, etc. Most of the private civic media, however, have refused to believe such excuses. Deeper conflicts have appeared between governments and the public.

3. The whole world is experiencing strange or extreme weather patterns. For example, the instances of droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis, mudslides and floods all once again have broken records in history.

4. The change in the Earth’s magnetic poles makes polar ice melt, resulting in rapid increment of sea level in many coastal areas and decrement of area in lands.

5. More political and economic turmoils have forced people to re-model, leaving from current banking systems to turn to other Internet financial tools for money management. The currency war having been premeditated and carried forth in economic battles since 2008, will be more intense in 2018. The cryptocurrency is an example ------ children of God are advised NOT to get involved into this system, because of another invisible yet powerful and unknown power behind it. The unity of currencies forms a strong force.

6. In tricky financial markets, silver and gold are suppressed by unknown forces. Global changes, political changes and the abuse of legal currencies are inseparably bound to each other, making North American markets unpredictable. The European and the North American governments will adopt extreme currency policies.

7. The Northern King (Russia) and the Eastern King (China) will ally to resist such political and economic powers from Europe and North America, until they find a balancing point for common interests.

8. As in 2017, China will launch new, more powerful and centralized policies and regulations in economy and politics in 2018, in order to gain balance in the currency war. These measures will solve economic imbalances in local areas of the world. China’s actions will have great impact to the world economy.  The United States is further and further away from its internationally super-leading position.  She will be transformed from democracy to violence ------ in the beginning economy will be steady and prosperous, but crisis will suddenly come afterwards.

9. The Middle East and Israel are still of a hot topic. Disturbances in Europe and North America will not be reduced, and fake-flag movements will increase. We need to pay attention to trends in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The foundation of the Third World War has been established.

10. Globally, private personal data are leaking out, and hackers seem to be everywhere. All of a sudden, some inexplicable actions will access your database in the cloud end. Your security and Internet assets will be violated and your system will be deciphered.

11. In 2018, there will be more thefts of databases and mistakes in electronic systems. Increasing problems in bank transactions, chaos in global trades, and disappearance of money in banks will all decrease the credibility of banks. The Planet X is approaching the Earth.  In addition to deviating the north and south magnetic poles that leads to abnormal global climate and failures in electronic systems, its impact will also be in the aviation systems, which results in air crashes, and in power supply systems, which results in more blackouts in 2018.

12. The EU will still be one of the focuses. They will be politically right-winged and build up chaos as a result. Because of political turmoils, economic crisis will also affect EU members. Louder and louder voices will call for EU to be under intensive authority. 2018 is still a year of endless moral decay, with many abominations exposed. People will re-think about direction of the society.

13. There will also be a tremendous change in people’s migration. People will migrate from the Western world to Africa, Asia, and South America, which will result in change in global population.

14. Due to the collapse of globalization or Globalism, enterprises are heavily burdened with huge debts, which causes significant job loss in some Western countries. Unemployment will be intensified, and enormous disruptive events will appear in the market.

15. From the depth of the land, more detained and imprisoned fallen angels will be released. They will also be released with strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In 2018, the spiritual war will  be elevated to a new level. These spiritual battles must be fought prior to the welcome of the return of the Bridegroom Jesus Christ.

16. One of the hottest Christian topics this year is about rapture.  It is about preparation, dealing with life. Let the righteous be more righteous, and the evil more evil. The wind of unbelief, suspicion, fear and compromise are blowing in the world of religion. 2018 is the year of fierce spiritual warfare.

17. Revival is another hottest topic in Christianity. We will see a new round of revival.  Attention should be given to India, China, and countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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