Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Global Prophecy 63 American Soil Being Split in Two. 10.0+ Earthquake is coming

Date and Time: November 13th, 2018 3am

Prophetic Dream:

I saw that on the movie studio of a horror film, a director was giving acting tips to the actors. Suddenly a flash of lightning covered in fire came down like pow and split the United States territory into two.

In a rich person’s home, I saw a wheelchair being pushed by a servant, on the wheelchair is a 14 year old girl. She believes in God, because there is a cross necklace around her neck. She sensed the incoming disaster in her spirit and began to pray. When the lightning came down, the servant who was pushing her wheelchair ran away, but the little girl couldn’t run because she was a cripple. I saw that she stood up after finishing her prayer and then continued to pray.

On Earth, the people who believed in God became flashes of golden light, their souls went to heaven. A lot of people in great fear and panic were crushed to death, or hit by vehicles. On the streets there were earthquakes, tornadoes, lightning, and rainstorms with wind. I saw hail coming down from heaven that were dozens of pounds, a lot of people were crushed to death, it’s very scary. I saw 4 buildings completely collapse within 3 seconds. Somewhere far away there were a lot of black wind blowing chaotically without any order. I then saw a map, on that map the United States turned into a black region.

(Elijah’s Children Fellowship -- The prophetic dream of a 9 year-old Child)

There was a fire burning on the ground, a tanker was overturned and caught on fire. A tornado also caught on fire, turning into a red fire tornado, and the tornado burned every building. All the buildings in most regions of the United States were gone. I saw that aside from a few people who trusted in God, everyone had died.

The few people who trusted the Lord kept praying in tongues. I knew they were believers because they were holding bibles. Amongst them were elders, middle-aged people and children. They foresaw in their spirit that disaster is coming. Some people would pray non-stop while holding the bible. Next I saw that their bodies disappeared, they turned into light, and then shot through the clouds into heaven.

The people who got left behind were burned to death. Everywhere in America was corpses. The buildings were all burned up. Even the DVDs in the movie studios were burnt up. These earthquakes were like nothing we’ve ever seen, their magnitude were of 10.0+ or 16.0 even (I’m not entirely sure). I saw 4 skyscrapers fall around the period of 3 seconds. Even the Statue of Liberty fell directly into the ocean. The sea water and sea tide all came up to the land, like a pot of messy boiling porridge. Following this were earthquake, hailstorm, rainstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, floods, a lot of natural disasters mixed together, worse than we have ever seen, and beyond imagining.

The night before I had this dream, I had also dreamt of the rich family in this dream. They were watching TV and there was a broadcast about an 11.0 Earthquake that happened recently in America. asking the citizens in the whole country to evacuate. A lot of people didn’t believe it that the end time disasters would be so severe. Except people who believed in God, no one else believed this. The believers were not panicked, because they believed in God, they had ways to avoid the disasters. The people who did not believe all died the next day.

Jesus watched all of these end-times scenes with me and told me that all these phenomena will happen in the future. He hoped we (The Children’s Fellowship) would pray often, and read the word often, so that the country we lived in would be better off than America. America had the greatest quantity and quality of horror movies in the world. They love to shoot horror films and mix a lot of bad culture into their movies. That’s why the disasters will be very severe for them.

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