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2020 Parent-Child Special Prophetic Training Summer Camp for Children and Youth Now Open for Global Enrollment

As the last days are drawing near, our local environments are always perilously changing around us. We, as parents, as God-believing parents, and as the stewards of our children, have you ever asked yourself these questions about what is your true God-given responsibilities:
● Is it about sending the children to good schools?
● Is it about enrolling them in classes of various interests?
● Is it about providing a comfortable life for them?
● Is it about having them being conformed by the secular world?

What can they depend on to stand firmly when the pressure of life becomes over mounting?
● How can we help the children to trust in God wholeheartedly in all circumstances?
● How can they have good discernment and perseverance when under great pressure?
● How can they hear the voice of the Lord and walk in His path?

“Believe in God! Depend on Him! Walk in God’s will and after His heart!” — This is the best education that our children can receive from the parents. What determines the children to win at the finishing line is neither their grades nor being excellent in a worldly standard. It is by living in faith, by  being independent, having spiritual characteristics and abilities.

The will of God in the last days is wonderful and fearful. He is bringing up  rapidly an army formed by children and youth. He gives them spiritual authority to establish a stronghold against His enemies through the praise of children and infants. God loves and values the children more than we do. The children are the assets given by God. They came to this world not only to learn and live. Instead, they have a higher identity and destiny: to learn to walk and co-work with the Lord.

Omega Ministry rapidly built up fellowships and army camps for children with prophetic gifts after receiving the call from the Lord. We have witnessed the great power of God moving among the children. Their spiritual senses were opened rapidly and the spiritual gifts were activated in  them far more than those of the adults. They were visited by the Lord Himself and also angels. And they have an intimacy with the Lord in their daily lives.

With their eyes covered, they can tell different colours and objects with their spiritual eyes. They can detect fragrances and odours in the spiritual realm. They can also hear sounds in the spiritual realm near and far. Through touching with their fingers, they can read the words on the paper. They can communicate and co-operate with angels. They also can communicate with all living creations. And they were revealed and taught by God in the areas of speaking tongues and interpretation of tongues, prophesying, healing and  deliverance, spiritual warfare and other areas.

The children not only learn to be independent, confident, forming spiritual habits, and developing good characters, but also to develop their authorities and powers in prophetic scope. These wonderful experiences and spiritual abilities will accompany them for a life time as they mature. It is our responsibility and duty to help the children to fulfill their destiny and calling; to have their portion in the eternal mission to receive the crown of victory; to overcome the power of darkness in the final quest; and together to receive the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

With purity in their hearts and mouths, with liveliness like a rising sun,  they are like mountains standing high and firm, nothing can come into their way.  Under the clear guidance of the Lord, we plan to have this Special Prophetic Training Camp for Children and Youth in different regions of the world. By bringing the children from the cities to the countryside, the children will experience the freedom of their nature, inspiration and connection with the heavenly realms through creation.
Let’s receive the revelations and blessings towards the children from our Father in heaven!

2020 Parent-Child Special Prophetic Training Summer Camp for Children and Youth
Now is Open for Enrollment in different locations.

A. The Camps in Different Regions of the World.

Age of enrollment:  4-18 years old children and youth who have a desire for the Holy Spirit

  • 2 days and 2 nights in Canada,
  • 6 days and 5 nights in China and Malaysia,
  • other places TBA
Specialty: Training specifically aim to develop the spiritual piety characters and prophetic gift and power.

1. Camp in Canada (Teaching on site and activities)
  • Time: July
  • Enrollment: Open to Canada, United States and students from other countries.
2. Camps in Malaysia and in China
  • Time: August (First half of the month)
  • Camp: Malaysia (Teaching on site and activities)
  • Enrollment: Open to Malaysia, China, Taiwan, HongKong, Australia, New Zealand and students from other countries.
  • Camp: China (Live stream teaching from Malaysia and local activities)
  • Enrollment: ONLY students from China.
3. Camps: Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries. (Online teaching and local activities, depending on the number of registration). TBA
  • Time: August (Second half of the month)

B. Schedule and Cost: will be announced in the second half of June.

C. Enrollment Procedures:

Stage 1: Interview (Deadline June 25th)

- The parents need to contact the people responsible for registration through email.

- The people in charge of registration will send application form to the parents

- The parents will wait for an appointment for the interview after handing in the application.

- The people in charge of registration will have interview online.

- The parents need to wait for the notice if the interview meets criteria.

Stage 2: Fee Payment (After June 25th)

- The people in charge will notify the parents of the result of the interview and the fees of respective camp location.
(The parents will also be notified if the interview does not passed)

- The consenting parents will pay and complete the registration for the camp.

D. Registration contact:  Ezra at

Please fill in the following form

Omega Ministry -  Summer Camp Planning Department
May 17, 2020

* Due to the Corona Virus around the world, these plannings and dates are tentative.

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