Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Omega Healing Ministry

Healing ministry is a destiny and calling of Omega Ministry led by Nameless.
Numerous with congenital blindness and deafness were able to see and hear on the spot, and many other chronic illness were cured.
These patients were finally freed from the bondage of drugs and pain.
Bone deformation, bone fracture, bone fixation, leg length discrepancy, tooth loss, etc.
The miracles of regeneration for such cases were not uncommon.
They witnessed the marvel and wonder miracles of creation of God.
Virulent sickness were completely changed.
Ancestral curses and regional authorities in the family trees were utterly broken.
Having reborn from despair, the hope for living on was rekindled.
Our God is a faithful God, who keeps covenant and loving kindness.
If you are willing to believe,
the mighty power of healing will surely come to you today!

For more information , please contact Omega Global Healing Centre

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