Friday, 9 September 2011

Receiving Salvation

The first time I went abroad was to Malaysia. At that time, my husband and me lived in a dormitory about six or seven square meters in Kuala Lumpur, and the rend was very expensive. Comparing with what we had in China, the difference was obviously, and I was quite complaining. But my husband was tough; he got up 3.00 a.m. every morning, looking for a better place with less money. all we had eaten was only bread and noodles for 3 months. Listened for his witness, I just knew he was very hard, and my vanity is strong.

My mum was a Buddhist, and very faithful, she woke up 5.00a.m. to burn incense worshipping Buddha , called jai, and I would do with her. Before I going abroad, she asked me to take the Buddha she worshipped, and all the thing she thought very efficacious. Malaysia’s culture is very superstitious, full of 

there was a teacher named Angela who was very enthusiastic, and she knew that the students abroad didn't have much to eat, so she got our students together, and went to the church by driving a car we rent. Cuz church always had food, we came to this kind of church a lot, or went to the house of brothers or sisters for dinner. At that time, I was only interested in food, but not bible. I never listened to them, but only eat till I full, and had a good chatting with them.

I remembered once, I lost my wallet in library , the last thing I cared in the wallet was the money, but the amulet in the wallet was very important to me. I looked it as important as my live, since it lost, I cannot eat or sleep, thinking me and the amulet lost the connection forever. Few days later, it was a Saturday night, Angela, the teacher and a Mongolian student invited us join a party hold by a couple from Taiwan in Caverlage Church, and they were going to pray for us. Suddenly I recalled a dream I had couple days ago, there was a carriage with people inside flow over the sky, and a man in white came out form the carriage, he said he was going to take to God, and I cannot understand at that time.

When I first came into the church, I was surprised, cuz all the setting in the church was just as the same as it in my dream, even including how people eating together at back yard, and going to the lobby. After we finished the dinner, we came to lobby and listen to preach. Although I had zero interest to it, I still sat there behaviourally, cuz I didn’t have car to leave. When they finished the preach, they invited the people who had the first time experience of church went to the platform, they asked us to tell a passage following with them, and the wife of our teacher was singing a song called 'there is a gift'.  I knew what we said was the prayer to accept Jesus Christ as the saviour.  I was thinking them funny who said they were sinners, and I was adverse to them who would force people to believe god. But I could do nothing, cuz I was offered the dinner by them. I thought, fine, it’s ok to try, I would accept!

There was a leader came from Singapore who always lead the worship in church. He played guitar, and he was nice to us, so I thought Christians were good. Besides, living together between lovers were quite normal in Malaysia, but this guy, he didn’t live with his girlfriend, although they had the relationship for a while,. I was impressed by them for keeping themselves in load’s law. 

the teacher who led us to load, founded Mission House to get our Chinese students together. He always invited me to their meeting, and I was willing to go there because they offered food. I worked in judicial department in china, and my major was law, so I like debate a lot and trying to find out the truth in debate. I always judge what they saying on platform, and picking their mistake whatever they were telling witness or preach. I though what they told was fake, I was proud because I won’t be fool by them. There wasn’t many people in the meeting, so I just quote their speech and debate it one by one by the reasons I thought were right. The leading couple was embarrassed and angry, but I thought I were right. Every time I went to meet, my temper was going bad unreasonable, so I criticize everything they told by using the principle I searched online. My husband felt sorry to them, and he told me do not do that, but I wasn’t listening, once there was a meeting, I would just do the same.

Once, I had a dream, I dreamed myself rowing a little boat on a blue lake which seemed like the sea, and there were white sea gulls flying over. A Chinese courtyard was in the middle of the lake, and white sand on the shoreside. I saw me swimming, and there were fish, coral and sea cucumber. One of our friend called Alen, invited us to Tioman Island, before we went to there, we went to Methodist church, and we met a Germany couple, I found that they were also in my dream, and everything happened on Tioman Island was as same as it my dream. 

once, the church took us to Genting, before we went to there, I also had a dream, its about me walking in the frog around 5.00a.m., seeing a group of people praying in a room, and sharing with each other about their dreams and visions. Then, what happened in Genting was exactly the same as my dream.

Since then, I found that the place I went where had connection with Christian I would dream about it before I went there. I could not explain the reason. I started to believe that the spirit world was really existed. I threw the idols I brought from china away by Jesus name after I came back from Tioman Island

After we moved, things even wonderful happened. I dreamed a guy in white came to visit me, he was wearing white robe with white long hair, and he was sparkling and shinning. He knocked on my door, and I woke up, open the door for him. He said to me, son, u have to be careful, there will be a snack which is going to bite you. After finishing the sentence, he was gone within a sec. and there was a snack in other dream came through the window, bite me with my little finger on my right hand. I was awakened, and found my little finger bleeding, I also found a bite mark. Since then, I found that the spiritual war will get our body scarred. I became to believe this because it really existed, something u could hard to believe till u experience it.
I wans’t find special at that time, I went to bed again. In my dream, I saw that white guy again, he told me that I will go to a mall, and I saw myself in a underground mall, and there’s a boy coming to me and stealing my wallet, I chased after him, he threw my wallet into a trash box. Less than a week, it’s a weekend, I got a part-time job in Kuala Lumpur, as in my dream, there was a person who came to steal my wallet, and I chased after him immediately, but I lost his track. I was upset, cuz there were some important ID. I back to my job, and recalled my dream, in which I saw the thief threw my wallet into a trash box. So I went to the box looking for my wallet, and I really found it there. I found this incredible.

And I dreamed about the white guy secondly, he came to remind me careful, because there would be a snack biting me, and he told me about what was going to happen, and I doubted it at that time. A few days later, it was a raining day, no people out there, I was on my way to school. I met a strong man who pushed me on the wall and wanted to hurt me. But I wasn’t scare, I said to him, do not come, but in a strange lauguage, which I didn’t know it is dialect yet. I spoke it about a minute, and he was surprised, and he got off me immediately, held his head on his knees. I grabbed my umbrella and ran way. .

from then on, the white guy has been living in me, he came to remind me when I was in danger every time. There was one time, about 2.00 a.m., my husband was not home, he back to china that time, I was home by myself, on the second floor. Between dreaming and waking, that white man showed up. He came into the room with stunning light, I looked at the person carefully, I saw his long and wavy hair, the shining clothes like sun light with a belt. He had a sword in one hand, and another hand held a lamp stand with 7 lamps, and there were gold chains between lamps to lamp. The most impressive of him is his coppery foot. I was wondering how could people’s skin has a coppery colour. His face is shining and I couldn’t tell his lineament, he also has the fire with both eyes. He told me to follow him, and he took me to sea. I saw a rock like mountain under the sea, there were four words on the stone: the stone of covenant. He said, I will covenant with you here. And I asked where this place is? He answered, the deep of earth. After his sentence, there was a rainbow over the sea, he asked me to write down the word, but I couldn’t remember what did I wrote. And he sealed the stone up for safekeeping.
I was curious about this white guy coming to my dream along.  I went to the Mission House and asked the priest about this white person after finishing the meeting.  I told him what I experienced and what I saw. He took out a bible, went to the last pages (Book of Revelation 1:12-16), and asked me if this is what I see. I looked it, and shocked.  It was the same as what I saw.  He told me that was Jesus, and told me to ask him two questions when I saw him next time.  First one, who are you? The second, what do you want from me. I remembered his words.

On a Saturday night, I saw this white person again. he got nothing in his hand, he grabbed my hand and told me to follow him. Suddenly, I filed in sky to another space. We came to a lake, and there was nothing in it, nothing around, I recalled the word the priest said, so I asked him, who are you? And he told me, I am who I am in English, and said, I am Jesus, in Chinese. When he finished the sentence, I felt I knew him long time ago, and he showed me his hand with the mark. I asked him again, what are you want from me? But he did not answered, instead pointing the lake, and said, you go down the lake, and you will know, and he said, I am with you.  My body was as light as a feather, went to the lake. The lord called the lake dead lake. When I went down the lake, I was a big bowl, and I experienced the hell, fire lake and future in 40 days, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the daytime, or in the dream, sitting when I reading, or between sleeping and waking. I went to the different places, and every piece of experience was real. I even touched the fire in the hell what would hurt you into the bone. Evermore, though i didn't sleep a lot during the night, I was full of energy in day time, and I will share you about the 40 days other time.
because of these experiences, I became serious to this Jesus, my white person which described in the bible.  My heart has been changed for him, it changed from tough to soft. During the group, I won’t fight with others, although there were a lot things I could not understand. Because of the experience, I started believing there was a god named Jesus, and we have a father upon there who is truly existed, and the bible is the word from our lord.

Narrated by EC,
Compiled by JC, Translated by LX

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