Thursday, 3 November 2011

Global Prophecy in 2009 to 2010

The following content of prayer was unintentionally received from God when praying in daily life. Before there was no such list of prayers especially for nations, but God poured down this thing from the Heaven. It’s like a film projecting, sometimes the film of one nation about the disaster happening from place to place would last more than one hour. When praying, I would complain to God, saying, “This is not what I am praying for. This is about the nation. This doesn’t matter to me, does it? Why does this vision exist in front of my eyes for more than an hour? If this keeps going, I couldn’t be able to go home for three hours.” The images still continue emerging, nevertheless, I got to be patient until the next new vision.

At first we didn’t care. However the prayer mates and I set about the regular prayer life since 2008. At the very beginning, I didn’t write down the event. Because it’s about nations, I feel it has nothing to do with me. However after 3, 6, or 9 months, the events suddenly came out in the newspaper or news on TV which are the same with the film I saw when praying. It was marvelous for me, so I’ve started to grab a pen and paper and wrote them down since June 2009. But many of the records are losing.

In some month 2009. The vision when praying: Mega earthquake happens on the eastern coast of Japan. The sky reveals the subtitle: 濱X (Bin X) The factories, the houses, and the ocean are polluted.

June 2010: When I was making dishes at home, I suddenly heard the Holy Spirit, saying, “if you like to eat it, just buy more seafood, because the ocean is going to have the nuclear pollution. (Came true in March, 2011)
In December 2010, I was at the meeting in my friend’s place and about to leave. All the sudden, the ceiling of the house was falling down and there’s a fissure on the floor. The whole building was shaking and trembling. When I calmed down, I realize it was again the 3D film projecting in the air. It’s a vision, not the collation of my friend’s house. I saw the building far away was collapsing too. The Japan earthquake revealed again. (Happened in March 2011)
June 2009: The vision when praying: “The seven states in the northeast of USA, There are three huge storms rolling through, as well as the tornados. The copper feet of the angel were stepping on it. (Happened in December 2010)

Yunnan Province (Massive drought), Guangxi (Flood), Hunan Province (Both drought and flood)
(Happened in March 2010, Yunnan drought)

June 2009, The vision when praying: Battles on the border of India. Battles on the border of Pakistan.

December 1st 2010, The vision when praying  
Earthquake in Qinghai, China (Happened in April 2010)
Earthquake in Taiwan       (Happened in November 2010, Hualian)
Earthquake in Chili       (Happened in February 2010)

December 4 2010, the vision when praying:
Land sinking in Thailand, fissures on dry ground (Happened in the end of 2010, Massive drought in Thailand)
Snow storms in France. A big eagle cries. 

A small agitation is happening on the border of Quebec and Ontario in Canada.
(Happened in May 2010, small earthquake)

May 2010, the vision when praying:
G20 meeting in Toronto (Figure 1127 emerges in the air)
Big fire in Russia (Happened in September 2010)
Earthquake in Indonesia, and then Tsunami (Happened: Sumatra island earthquake in September 2010, Indonesia earthquake in October 2010)

July 27 2010 (When praying) A Big flood in the south of Hubei in China, a hurricane is happening in the coastal cities of North America
When praying on June 10 2009, a big storm shows up again. There will be a storm in seven states of the northeast of USA. A mega storm hit the ground for three times.
(Happened in December 2010)

September 2010: Heavy rain and flood is happening nearby Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The southern provinces have drought.

November 11 2010 (When praying) The Angel is walking through a dry land. God draws a latitude line through many countries on the map. (Countries are left out....)
There will be famine, inflation, price increasing, food deficiency, Europe (boot-shaped country, Greece, etc) dept crisis. Panic news is overwhelming the newspaper.

“Make the earth vibrate to the center of the ocean.”Haiti earthquake (Happened on January 12 2011 and July 3rd. The Pacific Ocean was impacted.)

November 10 2010 (The vision when praying)
An angel slapped the territory of South Asia on the earth and the ocean.
(Earthquake happened in Pakistan on January 19 2011. Earthquake happened in Burma.)

December 11 2010 (When praying)
A horsecar is drawing flood from the south. Next year there’ll be both drought and flood simultaneously. 

Internal chaos in Tunisia (Happened on January 15 2011)


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