Monday, 21 May 2012

Vision on Orphanage

At 2:58 a.m. on June 12 of 2006,  I suddenly woke up from a deep sleep. Feeling fully awake, I sat up and then dawdled in the bedroom for a while before returning to bed really wanting to get some sleep and be able to get up the next morning.  With my eyes closed, I counted stars, counted sheep and told myself I am sleeping, I am sleeping.  Suddenly I saw my husband sleeping and not quite figuring what was happening, I saw myself sleeping too.  Up to that point I realized my spirit was out of my body standing next to our bed.  The out of body experience happened to me before.  Then a very gentle and familiar voice of the Holy Spirit said 'Let's go!  We are going to see the future!'.

Immediately I felt my spirit flew out of the window in an exceedingly fast speed, past the lands of day and night, over the houses and high mountains, across the ocean and reached the destination in an instant.  That was a familiar place where I visited many times before in my dream.  Although each time I flew and stopped over a big tree with stars hanging over the branches first.  It intrigued me why I did that every time.

This place had a large playground and a few three to four story high red brick school buildings. Each time I came close to the playground and the buildings, many devils holding weapons would appear from the nearby rocks and trees to attack the intruders.  I was fought back a few times before. But there were a couple of times very perilously I made my way through and reached a place of stone steps.  This time, effortlessly I made my way through and reached the familiar stone steps.  Two devils holding a long lance always waited at each side of the stone steps to fight the intruders.   The stone steps had thousands of steps leading up with no end in sight.  One could only see clouds and a mountain.  

I flew up to the mountain. There was a cave in the mountain or a covering under the rocks.  Only deep into the end of the cave, could one see  a city of the world.  I was not sure if this was the boundary between a spiritual world and a physical world.  Inside the cave, I saw images of the world. The first image was a city in China located in a province with a name ended with a Chinese word 'west'.  An orphanage ministry with many orphans appeared.  
The book of Revelation prophesied a war that would involve many nations and God showed me there would be many orphans left behind from the war. So this ministry would be founded after the war.

I saw a lamp in front of each orphan and lamp signified Holy Spirit.  Everyone was reading bible and they were very young with some of them carried in the arms of nannies.  Their faces were luminous with great joy. They were well dressed and did not show any sign of an orphan.  Outsiders admired this place because they had abundance and were very satisfied.
Each time I came to this place, God asked me to take a good look at the face of the co-workers because I did not know any of them. 

 I strived to remember their faces and the Holy Spirit said I would meet them in the future.  Only one of the names I remembered and that was C.C. whom I later met in 2009.   When I was counting the number of co-workers, the Holy Spirit said there was no time to see other ministries and we needed to hurry back since the dawn was approaching.  I looked at the watch and it was 5 a.m.   As the Psalms says God watches over our thoughts and it was indeed very true because the moment I thought about returning, I was back at my bedroom without any effort or doing anything.  I saw myself sleeping on the bed and the next moment I woke up, looked at the clock by the bedside, and it was 5 a.m.

This is why we are going to have an orphanage ministry because God revealed it.

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