Monday, 11 June 2012

The Altar

We mentioned edification of altar in overnight meeting last week.

1.   What Is Altar
An Altar is a spiritual portal, by offerings such as spiritual sacrifices to their gods, it will create a spiritual ambience, which can be a place or time.  By the altar, the portal will communicate to the physical world and the spiritual world, there can come and out for gods.

For example:
1.    While you have a regular worship place, there is your altar.  Example: I praise and worship in front of desk, that is the altar; Gathering with team to praise and worship every week, that is the altar.
2.    Unbelieving people by burning incense, or offer foods to please gods in the sacrifice place, the portal to the physical world and the spiritual world will open, that is the altar, but it is for darkness evil.
3.    By pray for peace, for good business, which also invite darkness evil come in, the place has become altar, evil can access their pleasure, control this place.
4.    Attached to the various darkness evil networks, such as lucky letters, but also a sacrifice altar.
5.    When innocent lives blood been presented, the altar will automatically be created. For example: abortion which sheds innocent blood, a place where fights, car accidents, and wars usually happen. The spiritual portal will be automatically opened and the dark altar will be built up. Evil spirits’ power will quickly affect those places.

“The fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must not go out……” (Lev. 6:12) While you are reborn and accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and your savior, you will automatically become the priesthood of the kingdom of God. If you are willing to devote your life, you will become the royal priesthood of the kingdom of God to uphold the altar of JEHOVAH.

“Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you……” (Gen. 13:17-18) Every single place where Abraham arrived at, he always built an altar there. What he did was not only to pray but also to sacrifice to purify the place, and he declared the place belongs to JEHOVAH. He also prayed to the LORD to dwell in the place.

When everyone begins to build an altar everywhere, the territory will be reverted and its spiritual ambience will be changed.
Everyone’s altar needs to be linked to a bigger altar. The altar group will promote not only the spiritual level of your life but also the spiritual authority in the spirit world. The altar group will give a more powerful decent authority. If you want to fight against the power of darkness in your community (bad places, gang riots, temples and bodhimaṇḍa), you need to pray with your Christian neighbors, so that the aggregated authority will be formed in the place spiritually. Then you are able to have a spiritual warfare in a region and bring the change in your community.

We cannot make it by our own to build up altars without the fire on the altar unextinguished anytime and everywhere. We have to be filled with the Holy Spirit and rely on the direction and the help of the Holy Spirit, so that we will have a real altar. (Eph 5:18, Gal 5:25, Eph 6:18) Because the Holy Spirit helps us to meet God and experience God, then we can truly know God. In the love of Heavenly Father, we can respond to God’s love and understand God’s will. We can overcome the old self and the flesh weakness through the Holy Spirit who gives life. We can have strength every day and pray in God’s will in a sanctified time, and pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

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