Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Global Prophecy of 2012, No 2

December 22 2012
A vision: When I was praying, I saw flood and heavy rain on the map of Australia.
Impression: Sydney will be submerged by water, and it will intensify until the most cities are flooded.

Areas of Sydney flooded by heaviest rainfall in a decade


December 14 2012
A vision: When I was praying in the morning, I saw a vision that the US western coast was highlighted with a blue line, and its map was thrown down from the heaven so that the earth’s crust was broken and the western coast was inclined, and then the water was coming.

A vision: I saw a high building collapse. Two repeated vocabularies “the disaster of house, the disaster of house” appeared, and so did the figures “2013”, “6”.

A vision: A little meteorite with fire fell on the ground from the heaven. It dropped in a city, and many buildings were falling. The main landmarks, buildings, and skyscrapers were destroyed. Many people carried their baggage and immigrated to the suburbs, the fields, and the countryside. Animals were moving from cities and migrated enormously.

Impression: The natural disasters in United States in 2013 will intensify greater than those in former years. USA will have earthquake, hurricane, coastline change, sea level rise, seawater encroachment, and many cities by the sea will be flooded. USA’s economy will decline and the real estate will begin to drop after June.

Events related to the prophecy:

Gulf Rigs Stand Ready as Hurricane Season Arrives

Detroit bankruptcy

Erase Blight. Erase Debt. In Bankrupt Detroit, It's All The Same
“to demolish some of the city’s 78,000 abandoned houses”

4. China Faces Fallout of Self-Made Cash Crisis

5. Chinese money shortage global stock market panic burst

December 9 2012,
I prayed in the morning and saw a vision that a volcano erupts on an island of USA. I also saw a building, which is like the twin towers and is awarded, collapsing.
Impression: A volcano on an island located on Pacific Ocean will erupt.
Alaska volcano erupts with lava, ash

I also saw the word “Europe”. I saw it was freezing cold in Europe. An angel drove a bobsled on the field. The places where he went through froze right away, and many trees and buildings were covered with snow. Then I asked God that “Where is this?” The Holy Spirit answered, “The angel will travel around the Northern Hemisphere.”
Impression: In 2013, it will be colder in the winter in Europe than that before. Snow storms will increase and some place will have snowfall over 50-60 centimeters. From 2013, the angel of God will create chilly storms in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere.


Major snowstorm cripples US northeast

In the snow storm, I saw a man with the Middle East garment and a turban who is commanding people to pull the cargo into the customs. He carried a sheathed scimitar at his waist. The identification card which showed his name was wore at his chest. He got a roll in his hand.
Impression: Whilst US are in a crisis, the muslins in the Middle East will show who they are to the world, and will plan to build their force in US. They will trade with the threat of armed force and a contract.

November 18 2012,
I was praying and saw two visions. First, the Romans were parading on the street. The Pope wearing a high hat was standing on the balcony. A new event occurred.
Second, I saw an Iraqi wearing a white turban fetch water at a well.
Impression: Iraqis will experience the work of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual revival will come to Iraq.

Pope resignation: cardinal criticises Benedict XVI on last day

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