Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The end-times and the Antichrist

In an evening around May 2000, an angel was reading Scripture, and said, "I saw a beast coming up from the sea, that had ten horns and seven ......." I then knew that this was the exact words from the book of Revelation, but I did not understand what he was saying, because I had just become a new believer in Christ at that time. When the messenger finished this discourse, I felt a huge gust of wind pushing me to a place. Then I saw myself in the spirit, and of course, my appearance was more mature than I am now. Then the angel’s voice sounds again, and you can feel that his voice is from another world, like water drifting. He said: "And I saw another beast coming up out ......." This passage can be seen from the book of Revelation.

Then, I saw the whole earth change quickly in various countries, especially seeing the world situation rapidly change. All sorts of alliances emerging, fading, appearing, and fading away again. In particular, at that time, there were very strong forces of ten. The only country I wrote down was Germany because too much information was received at once, and I was unable to record each country's name. I saw that there were seven very strong kings, each wearing different but obvious ethnic clothing. I saw them all standing on the beach together, waiting for another so called "ally” emerging. On the other side of the sea, the East, there were also forces to form their own alliance. Then I saw waves, and the waves were in gold colour, beginning to run around the world. Wherever the waves reached, the economy and the real estate were collapsing. And then huge earthquakes appeared in many places. People were in great anxiety and began running around. Hospitals were filled with anxious and panicking people, and everyone was so scared.

Then another picture emerges – It was the face of a man, and the build of a man. I remember he was standing on a place like a podium, speaking to the world. The audience was multitudinous. It had people from all over the world and from all different religions. His face emerged. One could clearly sense in him the bloodlines of many countries. I remember he had bloodlines from Europe and Middle East. Such a man was being lifted up. His hair was dark brown or dark beige, a little curly. He could do marvelous things, even what people called miracles. A voice said he could call upon fire to rain down in front of people. That night, I witnessed him commanded fire to rain down with his voice, and indeed fire rained down. Consequently, the whole earth began to believe him, and lifted him up into a very position.

Before all these things happen, I heard a voice shouting, "Here is Christ, and Christ is over there,"  while others are shouting "Christ in the East", and many churches begin to chase after the direction of the sound. People who were attracted to the sound ran in weary and struggle. In the first three years, I saw many people who followed these churches attracted by the sound running around in vain. However, one day, the voice of the Father came down from the heaven suddenly. In that night in the dream, the voice of the Father was very clear, like waterfalls from the heaven and also like thunder, saying, “this is my enemy, the Antichrist, to deceive my people.” Because of that voice, I woke up from the scene, broke away from the crowd, and told all the churches about God telling me such and such things. Then I tried with all my effort to convince them not to follow that deceiving voice, not to be controlled by the Antichrist. From that moment, I began to lead some churches to be separated from all the other churches in the world, and began to walk the paths the God had prepared for us. I remember at that time when I was speaking on top of a big rock, barely one-third of the churches will break away from that situation. Afterwards, that which was called the beast began to show its real face. At that time, there were a lot of Muslims. A voice can be heard saying, “the placing of the five races in the world is done”.

Then after, the true Christians who love our Lord Jesus will be persecuted for their belief and treated as criminals, and this persecution will occur in most countries, and the global persecution begins at no time. I have seen many Christians being killed. Before the martyr, I saw that some people acknowledge themselves belonging to God, and others are killed without any reason or preparation because they did not have the chance to understand what God wants to say to them and moreover, while danger approaches them abruptly. I saw blood everywhere, there was so much blood being shed, even overflowing into ditches. The blood overflows the ditch, splashes over streets and roads on which is filled with terrifying red footprints. The Church is in desolation, and many church buildings are deserted and ruined. Wicked things happen everywhere, and people are running around and seeking shelter. I see a lot of people gathering at the front of my house, discussing where to hide. I see a pistol and a number of bullets in my house. I see myself leading many people to a place to hide. At this time, people in the synagogue and church, deceived and not standing in truth, do not truly know whom they are worshipping.

Then God opens a door for me and the door is wonderful. Inside the door God takes me to see the warfare of each country, as well as famine situations in various countries, and all sorts of weapons are shown to me. After that, I am led around the world to watch different warfare. What impresses me the most is the warfare occurred in the Central and Eastern Asia, where many armies from many different countries are gathered. I saw that a lot of high ranking commanders were commanding wars in the deep caves instead of in the fields. Many advanced weapons which are not seen on today’s television, newspapers and media are now deployed. Most of these weapons need no human operation. What frightens me the most is that someone is  launching missiles which seem to contain chemical warheads. When the warheads struck down the ground, a thick layer of dirt is stirred into sky, and this contaminated dirt will spread out into air quickly like a plague. At that time emergency medical service will not be available, and a lot of people are slowly dying without treatment and attention. Another scene I saw involves a large number of weapons laid out in the plain, and these weapons can actually fly in the sky, attacking the ground, and even cruises in the sea, they are the amphibious weapons. Many weapons appear, and you can feel that they look like insects flying back and forth in the air, and some aircrafts make no sound at all when flying above your head.  Some think they can hit the target, but often not in the attack.

I saw many armies from many different countries crossing the plains, meeting at a assembly point, and each army claims that they are righteous. I saw some troops crossing the plains of Siberia, some troops from the south, and some from the west. Some missiles are very accurate in hitting the target, but the rival’s interference weapon also does a very impressive job. I don’t understand why God spent the whole night showing me all these weapons, equipment and military movement. The land, mountains, rivers are groaning. I can see in the spirit realm great evil forces are operating behind the scene.

An angel came to tell me to write down what I have seen, and in the future a seal will be opened to reveal all these things in God’s time. I thank God who allows me to experience these wonderful things. I was told that I will be shown the earthquakes in Japanese, Indonesia, Taiwan, and in Qinghai, China, and many other things which is to come in dreams and visions. Especially, I was shown the seawater intrusion into many major cities in the United States, furthermore, many major cities will encounter major hurricanes, fires, and floods.

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