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The comparison between the disaster in REVELATION and in Egypt -- Part 1: Water turn to blood red 2

The last article that “The comparison between the disaster in REVELATION and in Egypt -- Part 1: Water turn to blood red” refers to that, the Destroyer Star which we call it here Planet X recorded in the historic book of Egypt (also called Nibiru by the people Sue Beauty) is becoming more and more close to the earth. Then what happens first is water changes to blood, and what happens next is a large number of fish is going to be killed.

In addition, the closing Planet X also can lead to situations below :

  • Planet X can carry a lot of “meteoroids” closing to the earth, a lot of meteorites fall.
  • AND when Planet X comes, volcanic eruption will happen, then forests burning, oceans boiling, plate movement. (caving...)
  • It can lead to big sounds coming from the earth.
  • Later, blood changed from water, causes that Blue green algae thrives absorbing all the oxygen below the surface of the water, which leads a large number of fish to death, it can also cause other disasters, including: disasters of frog, hail,lice the fly, plague and sore...

In the modern world, did these phenomenons happen? The answer is "yes" !

Thriving algae all over the world

1. In 2012 meteorite/fireball

April 20, 2012, in the united states, the rare fireball appeared in the North Nevada and parts of California.

4/20, The mysterious fireball fell down from the sky of Brazil

5/28, In Mexico, meteorite fell from the sky.

6/13, In Mexico, at the Gulf coast, a mysterious fireball fell.

7/2, In Australia, from the sky there was an enormous fireball fell and made a gorgeous burning trajectory which was lasting 20 munites.

7/26, In Russia, a enormous fireball fell, and it disintegrated during its falling.
8/19, At midnight in Japan took a picture of mysterious fireball in the sky.
12/4, In Japan appeared a enormous mysterious fireball.

Meteorite/fireball all over the world.

2. The Death of Fish

Mass Animal Deaths for 2012

2011, Jan. 3, In United States at Maryland Chesapeake 2 million fish died.

2011,May 29, In the Philippines near the volcano, millions of fish died together on the shore of a lake.

2012, Jan. 2, Mass fish died without reasons, 20000kg dead fish on the shore of Norway.

2012, May 28, In the Philippines Cotabato, amazingly appeared 13000kg fish of death.

2012, June 6, In Japan appeared 200000kg dead fish on the shore of fishing port.

2012, Aug. 14, Millions of dead fish appeared at Texas state in America

2012, Sept. 6, Dead fish and dead birds appeared on the shore of Erie in Canada.

2012, Oct. 17, A large scale of dead fish appeared constantly on the shore of Neuse River.

3. Large Pit


2011, May 28, In the US Five lakes area, the second largest city Detroit, residential areas, appeared a giant sinkhole opened, sand. 面塌陷,地底沙土無故流失。
2011, Jun. 28, in America Florida Tarpon Springs , appeared a very big sinkhole in the residential areas.
2011, Nov. 29, Beckham County appeared a large sinkhole during a night.
2012, Mar. 8, In America Le,whelan residential areas, appeared a mysterious huge sinkhole concerned about by the residents.
2012, Mar. 10, An American lady was swallowed suddenly by a Seven foots huge sinkhole, while working on the grass.
2012, Apr. 3, In America, Galveston of Texas state, out of a high school gate, an underground water pipe cracked suddenly and the surface of the ground caved.

A giant sinkhole opened and filled with water in Dover Ohio, 2012. It’s the size of four football fields.
This huge sinkhole opened up on May 3rd 2012 in the back yard of a Windermere Florida home.
June 25th 2012, Jonesville Park, Seattle region
Hudson Florida, June 21st 2012, a huge sinkhole literally swallows more than half of a home. Happy summer solstice.
Medina Lake sinkhole near San Antonio Texas, 2012.
Sinkhole swallows SUV in Durban South Africa, 2012.
Australia, 2012 sinkhole
This stunningly enormous sinkhole opened up in Guatemala after hurricane Agatha in 2010 and made headlines around the world. The phenomenon is increasing each year with accelerating earth changes.
June 4th 2012, near Zhejiang Province China, massive sinkhole opens in the middle of a two lane blacktop.

4. Big sound from the earth

From East Europ(Czech)
2012, Jan. 12, At Czech, a very big sound spreading in the sky.

2012, Jan. 17, In Spain, a strange low sound spreading in a city.

2012, Jan. 16, In England Swindon, a weird low sound spreading in the sky.

2011, Aug. 23, In Russia, Moscow, appeared a weird sound which was mostly like being made by wind.

2011, Aug. 11, In the capital city of Ukraine, appeared a very weird sound which lasted a few days.

2011, Mar. 9, US Florida, appeared a strange sound which lasted 20 munites.
2011, Aug. 11, US Ohio river, during the night, appeared a big sound lasting 25 munites in the sky.
2011, Aug. 19, appeared a big sound in the sky when people were driving in a few streets in Glen Carbon.
2011, Aug. 23, US, appeared a big sound in the sky when people were driving in a few streets in Glen Carbon.
2011, Jan. 23, Houston, US, continuously appeared horn sound in the residential area.
2012, Mar. 18 to 19, Clintonville, US, Strang sound from Earth

2012, Jan. 12, In Alberta, Canada, appeared in the sky a weird sound on which the involved public security bureau could survey nothing.
2012, Jan. 14, In Canada, appeared a low horn sound in the sky in Edmonton.
2012, Jan. 25, CTV reported that a mysterious sound appeared in North Battleford.
2012, Jan. 25, Wen Hua Island, British Columbia, Canada, persists Mysterious rumble from Sooke (Sooke) to Victoria (Victoria) and other towns, some residents are more worried about earthquakes aura.
2012, Jan. 30, Ontario continued to appear strange gloomy rumble.
2012, Mar. 15, Wen Hua Island, British Columbia, Canada, appeared mysterious rumble, resulting in the collapse of a resident's barn down.

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