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Spiritual Warfare 1 -- Understanding Our Enemy


A little more than 1 month after the horrifying dream while in Malaysia, I felt very uncomfortable. This is due to the pressure that I felt in the spirit from the things that I saw and heard in the dream.

One day at noon about a little more than 1 month after the dream, I was resting on the second floor of a detached house. I didn’t sleep but was reading some articles related to my studies. In Malaysia at noon, it is often hot and humid so it was hard to breathe even on the second floor. It rains, normally, in the late afternoon which helps to cool down the sweltering heat. That is the time when it feels the most comfortable.

At around 1 pm in the afternoon, I was sitting on a bench with back against the side of the bed reading some documents pertaining to my studies. As a I read along, something happened and I felt that all of a sudden a thick mosquito net appeared around the bed. I then saw two women with pointed ears sitting beside the bed as mosquito net opened. I felt strange. A door was behind the weird-looking women and it opened by itself. I didn’t know what was going on. I felt as if I were no longer in the physical world. My spirit along with a bright light then entered through the door which appeared behind the mosquito net. I had such an experience before, so I was not afraid.

In recollection, I held a sword in my hands. I followed the bright light through a rotating window into a very large cave. We flew downward from the top. Inside the cave, I met a group of evil spirits and 2 of them had a human soul under custody. They were walking down a very long, dark stretch of road. The human soul held by the evil spirits was a man without clothes with both his hands and feet bound by long chains. Evil spirits would slap the man with a whip and use a long spear to stab him repeatedly as they travelled along. Every time, some sort of liquid oozes out of the man’s body, evil spirits would laugh wildly. I followed the man and evil spirits as they moved towards a mountaintop by flying over them. However, they couldn’t see me. I flew faster than them, and I knew that they couldn’t see me. My next encounter was related to conditions in hell and I would like to skip that part for now.

I walked to the place where I wanted to go last time but didn’t. I saw a road sign and recognized that I had been there previously. So, I kept on walking and reached a place known as the centre of hell which is a sealed room. As I stood outside, my eyes could see through the sealed room and get a good look at what happened inside. It seemed that several leaders of evil spirits just finished a meeting and 2 of them left the sealed room. I also saw a three-dimensional inverted triangular-shaped ranking diagram made of greyish material, hanging in the sky. Some words or symbols unknown to me were written on the diagram as well.

The Holy Spirit said beside my ears to speak out the names of evil spirits belonging to each rank. It turned out that in the spiritual realm different evil spirits take control of various regions and they are divided into various ranks. There are 9 ranks on the diagram which I saw with each rank ruled by a regional evil spirit. For example, there is a higher ranking evil spirit responsible for managing several lower ranking ones which attack families. The higher ranking evil spirit is in turn ruled by another evil spirit ruling a community. A regional evil spirit oversees community evil spirits. Likewise, a national evil spirit rules over regional evil spirits.

I heard the Holy Spirit said out the names of the several evil spirits in tongues. I clearly remembered that the Holy Spirit wanted me to memorize the names of those evil spirits because I was told that I will encounter them sometime in the future. I learned from the Lord that the structure of power for evil spirits was copied from that of angels in heaven. In fact, 2 years ago, the Lord showed me the organizations, functions, appearances, and names of angels. So, I knew the structure of evil spirits was modelled after that of angels in heaven. Praise the Lord! Every evil spirit involved in people’s sins and ruled over a region had a name. The names of evil spirits were named according to a kind of weird tongues. I was able to remember names of evil spirits after just seeing them once to the point where I could say out all the names when the Holy Spirit asked me to repeat everything He told me.

Next, the Holy Spirit and I retraced the route, and I saw in the distance a strange place with glowing light. I asked the Lord whether I could just take a look at the place and then leave immediately. The Holy Spirit, however, made clear that I would regret seeing what lied behind the closed door. I insisted and walked in front of the door with glowing light. I was curious about the fact how such a bright place could possibly exist in hell. When I approached the door, my body shivered but at the same time there was a feeling of both curiosity and resistance. I wanted to see who was behind the door, but my spirit resisted to the point where a feeling of discomfort came upon me.

Suddenly, as I got closer to the door, my spirit realized the one inside was none other than Satan who was the mastermind of hell. I was lost at the moment. Then, I saw a back covered by a black blanket with red sides. A cold light which sometimes may change to cyan emitted from the back of Satan. I felt very uncomfortable, so I said to the Lord to go back home. On our way back, I asked the Lord how should I know that I was not dreaming as opposed to encountering real things in the spiritual realm? The Holy Spirit replied: “After you get home, you would see Satan there which serves as proof that you were not dreaming.” The Lord’s glory rose and my body became very light. I then opened my eyes as if I just woke up from a sound sleep.

I found that I was still sitting on a stool. I didn’t fall asleep but it was past 5pm in the afternoon. Also, it already rained heavily and there was feeling of light breeze outside. As I contemplated what the Holy Spirit said that I would encounter Satan in my home which serves as proof that I was not dreaming while sleeping, I simply couldn’t comprehend what it really meant.

After about 10 minutes later, I stood up to continue working on my school work. Then, I heard very loud distinct sounds of ceramic bowls breaking on the ground coming up from down stair just as when I approached the desk. I thought about what the Lord said concerning Satan visiting my home once more and raced down the stairs. As I reached living room, a familiar voice said again that “you would see Satan in your home and this is proof.” I didn’t know what to do but the voice said: “ don’t be afraid because I (the Holy Spirit) is with you and Satan would leave.”

Having heard the sound seemingly come from living room to kitchen, I went to kitchen and found some ceramic plates and bowls smashed to pieces. Then, I noticed an animal’s long brown tail sticking out from the kitchen sink. The tail was about as thick as my arm. My immediate reaction was that my landlord loved to eat eels, and she must have left them inside the kitchen sink by accident. The eels could have gone down the sink pipe because a stopper was not placed over the sink hole. So, I proceeded to grab eel’s tail.

However, just when I was going to touch eel’s tail, it struck me in the spirit that there was no way an eel could be this big. This is because the tail seemed to be 3 times the size of a regular eel. Then, I realized the tail must have belonged to a giant snake, and this shocked me so much that I dropped all the plates from my hands. The snake though just disappeared right before my eyes. I realized by then what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me all along. The snake was Satan according to the bible. Having made the realization, I called my husband who told me to get hold of firefighters to catch the snake. The firefighters upon arriving searched all the rooms but found no trace of the snake beside broken ceramic items on the floor. Subsequently, I heard reports saying that there was indeed a very large snake appearing in the vicinity of our community. The firefighters were in hot pursuit of the snake because apparently the animal made some damage to some households. After some times, in retrospect, I still had cold sweat for I realized the spiritual realm is just as real as our physical world.

My experience of encountering Satan in my home taught me that the spiritual realm does indeed exist. The spiritual realm, in fact, co-exists along with the physical world in which we live. However, Satan does not wish that we understand this fact. Satan along with the demons and evil spirits under his authority have names and titles as shown in Revelation chapter 20 verse 2. They also take actions on an individual basis and have distinct characters as illustrated in Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 to 15. At the time when I had the extraordinary experience regarding the spiritual realm, I was attending Full Gospel Assembly. Neither the pastor of the church nor other people nor books I read offered any insights. Therefore, I was baffled for some time. My experiences concerning the spiritual realm nevertheless happened in my life. Satan did a good job of convincing people of his fictional status. If we fell for the Devil’s lies, it just proves his cunning nature and gullibility of humanity. When Jesus faced and fought against the Devil, it was as if he were interacting with a physical person as shown in Matthew chapter 4 verses 1 to 11 and Luke chapter 13 verse 16.

by EC, Translated by BP

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