Saturday, 23 February 2013

Global Prophecy of 2013, No 1

February 17 2013

The first vision:
In the prayer, I saw a big city surrounded by water. It’s like the entire city was in the marsh. Water was surging up to the ceiling of the first floor, some even up to the ceiling of the second floor. The entire city which was submerged by water were shown on the territory of USA, and they were the eastern cities close to Atlantic Ocean. The water went forward from coast to inland, south to north. The time showed: after September 2013.

The second vision:
I saw the Earth (colored and 3D) when praying, and the Holy Spirit said “let’s see the future scenery.” At the bottom, I saw the range of scene that the coastal cities of North America were flooded with water was quite big. I also saw the same circumstance in the Yangtze River and its southern area. Most cities in the territory of Australia were in the water. The time was projected on the Earth and it said “after September 2

Impression: The disaster of submergence (which is due to storms or floods) will get worsened after September 2013. It will impact several continents, at least in North America, Asia and Australia. A great amount of people will emigrate because of the catastrophe.

November 2011, February 2012, March 1 2013

There was a vision showing. In a meeting room, the president Obama of US met with the prime minister of Israel, and they shook hands. Then the scene turned to the other place. I saw one man with the garment of Middle East and a cap decorated with white and golden ornaments. US president met secretly with two different national leaders (to make some agreements). He stood between two guys (the leaders of Israel and Middle East) while he shook hands with reverse hands with two leaders who are originally opponent. (Reverse hands: two hands of Obama were crossed in front of his belly, and three persons were standing in a row, and he shook their hands.) In the prayer, I asked that which country does the man with the garment of Middle East stand for. The Holy Spirit touched me that it’s Saudi Arabia, and there also will be other countries in the Middle East.

Impression: Because the influence of USA, Saudi Arabia will support Israel secretly both in politics and in military. Because of that, Israel will trust the arrangement of USA so undoubtedly that they fall into a trap (a snare).

REMARK: The Lord pushed me to make the vision public; however I don’t understand the affairs of state, so I was hesitant for a while. I checked up on the Internet that Saudi Arabia is opponent to Israel. How could such thing happen? I don’t know how much the circumstance would change.

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