Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Being Dispatched -- Into Gomorrah

At the end of 2001, I got to know a sister in Christ by the name of Grace at xx church in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. The sister in Christ is very simple-minded. Whenever she sees anyone not wearing a turban, she would attempt to share the gospel with them (those who wear turbans are Muslims and rules in Muslim countries dictate that in certain places it is illegal to evangelize Muslims). The sister in Christ is very passionate about evangelism that she even brought Muslim workers working at home to Christ.

The circumstances under which the sister in Christ turned to the Lord are also very exceptional. She used to work at a temple, managing burning incense. When, one time, she was on her death bed none of the idols could save her. One midnight, she cried out if any God can save her then she would follow. Subsequently, Jesus Christ appeared to the sister in Christ and she made a covenant with Jesus, becoming a Christian. From then on, the sister in Christ no longer worked at a temple and followed the Lord.

Later, the sister in Christ got married and had children. However, the sister’s husband passed away not long after the youngest child was born. At the time, the sister lived with workers in a small apartment. Many people looked down on her as she was not well-educated. Praise the Lord! The sister’s late husband left her with some assets. Over the summer, she invited me to her place teaching the two children Chinese. Since my school was quite far from the sister’s home, she often drove to pick me up and allowed me to stay overnight.

One time staying at her home, God gave me a wonderful experience which changed my whole life. Praise the Lord! The thing that took place was very real to the point that I couldn’t differentiate whether it happened in or outside the body or in the dream. At the time I slept on the floor and saw a man emitting white light wearing a long robe. The man came to the place where I slept and held on to my hands.

Later, I followed the man wearing white robe and left the ground, blasting off to the sky faster than a shooting star. I felt the body was very light. Looking down, the earth was enveloped by bluish light. Even more astonishing, I didn’t fall nor had any feelings of shaking. The planets were floating around as if I were situated inside a spherical 3D theatre looking at a movie about the outer space. The planets were not the same as how we looked at them on earth. They are mountains consisted of all kinds of rocks and minerals with uneven surface. At the time, I knew that I was in the outer space.

So, I asked the man clothed in white. Who are you? Why you brought me here? After I asked, my consciousness and spirit knew that the man was Jesus Christ who appeared to me before. Jesus appeared in the form of a man with long hair colored in grey mixed with brown. These colors in outer space changed into shining white light like that of a star, so I couldn’t clearly describe the change.

When I knew the one holding my hands was Jesus Christ, I was very happy and eager to know what He wanted to do. He said: my child, now I am going to show you the earth. My heart filled with expectation and thought joyfully what things the Lord wanted to show me about the earth? When I looked down upon the earth, the surface was no longer surrounded by mist of blue light. Instead, the earth had mist of black thing floating around.

Jesus pointed at those places with mist of black things floating around and said “the black mist over the sky of many nations you see is dark authority and principality working.” The polluting influence was able to cover a whole region. When I looked more closely, there was difference in term of the size and thickness of coverage by the black mist. The stronger dark authority and principality of a region then the thicker black mist appeared over the sky.

In order to let me see more clearly all the details, Jesus and I continued to fly along. This is because I needed to learn beyond just geographic knowledge and the general contour of countries. At this time, spirits of 3 men flew up from the ground and joined us. As a matter of fact, I met the three men before. It just that I couldn’t clearly describe the situation in the spiritual realm and the men’s order. The three men are older than me. The Lord showed me their faces and instructed me to remember them because I will meet them in the future. Then, a fourth man came up. Jesus told me “the man’s last name is Huang, big belly Huang.” The Lord must have known that I couldn’t distinguish between pronunciation of Huang or Wang. Surprisingly, I was able to call the man by name. Sure enough, 7 to 8 years later, I met the prophet. Jesus said “now is not the time to start this undertaking for there will be two more people to come. Let’s wait until all 7 people have arrived then we can start the undertaking.”

I didn’t understand what the Lord said. I just greeted all the men and talked with them excitedly about things happening on the ground. Later, we all flew in one line along with Jesus (don’t know why 7 people). The Lord led us flying around the earth once and explained what will happen to each country as well as spiritual matter. Finally, all the men disappeared. Only Jesus and I remained in the sky.

The Lord pointed at the upper half of North America and said “this is Gomorrah and I send you to that place. When you go, you would see same sex marriage law being passed. Not long after you go to the place, you will see anti same sex marriage demonstrations erupt.”

The next day, I kept the dream in my heart. In those days, I felt happy because Jesus appeared to me in different ways and forms. He also clearly showed me that I will go to a new place called Canada.

At the time, even though my husband and I had the intention of moving somewhere else, we ran into problems. Not long after, we submitted an application for immigrating to Canada. When we were at the Canadian consulate in Hong Kong talking to an immigration officer, the officer said: “Your qualifications did not match our requirements. Unless you can provide new information proving that you fulfill the requirements, your application would be rejected. Subsequently, the immigration officer started preparing for documents refusing giving us a visa.

However, during communication, it was found that my husband’s English was fairly good. So, the immigration officer agreed to pass on our file to her superior. While waiting, my husband and I held hands and prayed earnestly. Around 20 minutes later, the same female immigration officer said to us: “this is your lucky day for my manager is here for a meeting and he gives you the green light to go to Canada. Now we welcome you to Canada.” What a dramatic change.

The Lord appeared to me and clearly showed that I would enter Canada. I would also see same sex marriage law being passed in the country. Praise the Lord! He acted on his promise. In March of 2003, we came to Canada. Subsequently, a sister in Christ came and asked whether I wanted to join anti same sex marriage demonstration. I told her that the surely same sex marriage law would be passed. It turned out that same sex marriage was given legal status in Ontario on June 10th 2003. In April of the same year, church organized anti same sex marriage march fulfilling what the Lord showed me in the dream. Canada is Gomorrah. Praise the Lord!

Narrated by EC,
Compiled by YY, Translated by BP

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