Global Prophecy 2 of 2013

April 5 2013, Around 4 a.m.

I heard that the Spirit of the Lord was waking me up. I was then so weary and didn’t want to move. At 5:30 a.m. (I saw the time on my phone.), I was awakened by a continual ringing and thought that “I don’t wanna pick up. Who on the earth is that?” However I never stopped, so that I got to pick it up. It ended up with no voice and I hung up the phone.  I finally knew it was God who woke me up. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit that “ It’s time to pray.” I leaned on a pillow and argued with the Lord that “My Lord, You know I just finished the serving at 11 p.m. last night and went on bed at 1 a.m. I am exhausted. I know You call me. When I receive visions, I always need to get the evidence, and it takes time. What if we change another way? How about the dream? That way, my body can get rest. And You may just talk to my spirit.” After just few seconds (because of God’s mercy and grace), my body was so weak that I can’t defeat the weariness, and I fell into sleep right away. I also entered the dream shortly.

The first dream was……

The second dream:
 Some elders (aged between 60 and 80, I knew in the dream that they signifies some mature Chinese churches with long history.) went to my place. I had many guestrooms in my house, and I lived in a master room which located in the middle and can’t be easily found. They usually went to a university (we all study in the university of Christ on the earth, the spiritual school.) to use pay phone to call. However in the morning, a piece of news said a big earthquake hits China and the magnitude is 7 increasing up to 9; the earth is cracking up; (the fissure) the mountains are moving away. Earthquakes are so frequent and very much in Asia and they are pretty strong. The whole world left in a panic. I saw a chaos in United States and heard an explosion in the dream. Canada is impacted as well. Canada just experienced a small earthquake, and the earthquake in Pacific Ocean will affect Canada and America. There also will be the aftershocks.

"I saw a chaos in United States and heard an explosion in the dream."
Boy, 8, one of 3 killed in bombings at Boston Marathon; scores wounded
"Like a huge cannon" 

Every elder went to visit my mom, just because in my house there’s a hot line which can be called to China without surcharge. Each of them was in a line to call home to ask if there’s peace at home. Meanwhile, a voice came from the spirit world to say to me that, “my child, after this earthquake (of China), the world is going to have a circumstance of new earthquake magnitude, and it’s inevitable.”

After that, I was able to see the land shaking and vibrating in the seismic zone. It’s unprecedented. The world left in a panic of earthquake…… Such thing would happen very very quickly.

Note: For the next two days, the Lord hurried me to make public the dream. In order to prove that, we got the evidence, which needs to be open, in the overnight prayer meeting on April 2013. We hereby shared the dream in the prayer meetings both in China and Canada to make everyone notice what will happen in the future. The omitted part is not much related with the open part, or it is not suitable to be open here.

March 29 2013, this date is within Passover of Israel (Passover in 2013 is between March 25 to April 1st for seven days). At 7 a.m., the trumpet was blown long from the spirit world.

The dream on April 18 2013. I heard in the spirit that there would be curfew in USA,……, and in the dream came a lady with a pigtail who became one of main staffs of OMEGA. She got a note on her hand, and some items were written in the note. She came to ask how to prepare, and I explained to her. Many staffs of OMEGA were busy preparing……, and the Holy Spirit came to the meeting place to speak, “Whilst you are on the road to the city of refuge, the persecution will begin. The great persecution is coming soon. You have to watch…… “ Then the lady passed one piece of paper on her hand to me and she said she doesn’t understand what the names and organizations on the paper say. After I saw it, I could explain it from my spirit and I told her it’s the list of persons who will be persecuted after we are in the city of refuge.

Events related to the dream:

1. 20130406 Magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit in the east of Indonesia

2. 20130417 Earthquake hit Japan

3. 20130416 Magnitude 7.8 big earthquake hit Iran.

4. Lushan, Ya'an of Sichuan had a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.

5. M 5.0 Earthquake, 25km NNE of Shawville, Canada