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In 2013, Beware of the Spirits of Jezebel, Witchcraft, and Arrogance in Churches and Ministries

In 2013, Beware of the Spirits of Jezebel, Witchcraft,
and Arrogance in Churches and Ministries.

One night in January 2013, I had a dream:
I just finished a battle in the Spirit world and was about to return to the material world. During that time, I saw myself flying in the sky. I thought I was going to get back on the ground but I flew over a large group of buildings. These skyscrapers were an enormous group of buildings, with hundreds of stories height, some even up to more than one thousand stories. Some buildings were still under construction. I could see those buildings from the faraway place. I saw a flock of construction foremen on the top of building. In one of the buildings, there were the mezzanines up there still under construction.

When I was enjoying the view, what I saw made me frightened in a sudden. Because they were not built firmly, bricks and stones collapsed one by one. There were many children with red and white clothes running within the buildings. I saw so many children fall and die. In my spirit, I thought that means life will come to the end. I flew to the buildings from the very faraway place and rapidly came to rescue the children who were about to fall. (In my spirit I know they represent Churches.)
Because the distance was pretty far, I can just yell and warn them to stay from those buildings away; otherwise they would fall and die. However there were still several children falling and hitting on the slate then dead. I felt sorry and so hurt. I looked around to see why this would happen. I can realize that the foremen on the top of buildings were witches coming from the Spirit world to the material world. They cursed spells toward those buildings. While they were doing so, the buildings began to collapse and the children fell.

When I approached the buildings, I saved one of children. Eventually I found that there were three witches here, who can be recognized in my spirit; one is the spirit of Jezebel, another is the spirit of arrogance, and the other is the deadly spirit of witchcraft. In this dream, the Holy Spirit made me utter: “Give your command and fight with them.” I saw each of them battle with a weapon which is looked like an umbrella. There were buttons on the umbrellas. While the buttons were pushed, the bullets can be launched. Each one was good at telling lies. They would deceive us with lies that our prayer is not effective, not able to break through their defensive lines. It’s clear that the lies are the entrance of witchcraft.

“You boast, “We have entered into a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.”” (Isaiah 28:15)
Here, the people of God entered a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement. How does a person enter a covenant with the evil spirits? The Bible says, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place. If we cover our lives with lies and hide ourselves behind lies, it will make us apart from people. Thus the spirit of death will have a chance to step into our lives. Because of lies, we will be disconnected with God and we might therefore conceal us behind lies.

There’s another spirit of witchcraft which can be deadly. We talked about the sin of fornication. The beginning is sweet like honey and the mouth is smoother than oil. But in the end she is bitter as gall. Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave. Every time we talk about the sexual offenses, they usually come with the death and the underworld. You can read Proverbs chapter 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9. This is so rampant in this generation, and the Satan likes to use that trick to attack the believers. If someone commits sexual offense, he or she is attracted by the spirit of death and the spirit of underworld. If the relationship is broken, they will build up a wall in their minds and be fearful to enter the new relationship. The Bible clearly tells us that, therefore the evil spirit would enter your heart. The reaction is to feel betrayed and hoping to die. It’s a choice that you want life or death. The Bible says when you pray, you will get what you desire deep in your heart. So when people expect death, they are trying to open their mind for the evil spirits to come in.

I was touched by the LORD in the circumstances above, because I’d prayed for the spiritual condition of year 2013 before I slept. It was learnt from God that three spirits will be the main power to destroy Churches this year. Witchcraft will become a tool to attack servants of Churches of the LORD. The spirit of witchcraft will enter Churches and make people sick, depressed, and envious to each other. Especially in Church, some brothers and sisters, who are not able to be watchful, will be unconsciously possessed by the spirit of witchcraft as a tool to resist against their brothers and sisters, and will make Churches divided.

The second one is the spirit of Jezebel, which will enter Churches and become a destructive power. The spirit of Jezebel will prowl around in zealous brothers and sisters, and would like to drink the blood of prophets. They will spoil Churches in that situation.
The third is the spirit of arrogance, which is one of the major evil spirits that spoil Churches this year. That evil spirit will make certain conditions on the rise, in order to have pastors feel highly raised, and to have bribery happen, and to uphold some persons in Churches. This is the warning to Churches from God. We, ourselves, should pray for Churches due to such thing, and should fight against the works of three evil spirits in Churches.

In the dream, I grabbed their weapons and fight back. Thereafter, they ran like hell. It made me feel like a victory in the dream. When I prayed and asked God after waking up, the Holy Spirit reminded that, “This is the warning the LORD gives to all the Churches in 2013, making each of us to watch out that we are going to face what three evil spirits are doing in Churches.” I am here to encourage everyone to be alerted and to continue praying.

I don’t know how to deal with things I’ve never experienced. Neither do I know how to pray in order to fight against the works of three evil spirits. All I can do is write it down in my note. Until February 26 2013, such situation happened. At 8 pm during that night, a pastor of one Church called me and asked me to pray for one thing. I told him that I can go after a while. At the moment I hung up the phone, I suddenly felt a tremendous temperature decrease in my office. The temperature in my office is usually above 22 or 23 Celsius degrees, and I saw the thermometer reads 23 degrees.

Everything was fine before, but the temperature I felt in the office was quite different with that on the thermometer. The cold air blew through whole body from head to feet. I could feel like that my body was touched by an icicle, and I started shivering, feeling so frozen cold. Thus I put on the feather coat, however it’s weird that I still felt chilly cold even thought I put the coat on. I picked up the phone again and spoke to the pastor, “It seems that I can’t go to your place. Would you mind changing the time to pray?” The pastor mentioned that, “the other pastor who is with me said, let’s pray for such thing, whoever wants to help would be attacked spiritually.”

He didn’t tell me what they’ve prayed for. After listening to his saying, I was surprised. That evoked my curiosity. Then I answered, “OK, even though I am uncomfortable. I’m going to your place and to see what event makes such a big bother.” I asked him to pray for me on the way, because I told him I feel fainted and sudden cold. That was not a feeling of normal illness. When I drove, I can’t definitely see the road clearly, because the feeling of chill continued to bother me. Thank the LORD! I arrived at their church safely.

So we sat down and shared the first thing. He said, “It’s so strange that when we prayed for you on the way to here, there was actually the strong chill coming into our church, making our intercessors feel cold. Before that, we haven’t met such peculiar thing. Then we thought we should pray to God for such event and ask why.”

I shared with them that in the beginning of January 2013 how God reminded me the spirits of Jezebel, arrogance, and deadly witchcraft which will be working in Churches. And there were another two dreams about how these spirits destroy within church workers, and how they make Ministries and Churches divided. After sharing three dreams, the pastor told me, “Now I know what’s going on.”

Because couples of months ago, he has ever invited a pastor who claims himself as a prophet to preach in their Church. However in the morning of the day, the LORD spoke to him, “you allowed the spirit of Jezebel to come in my Church.” But with each kind of situations and things that had happened, he could tell it was God who gave warnings to their Church. We started to pray in this place for their Church. The LORD manifested things that were attacked by three evil spirits in the Church one by one. I shared that with them. And their pastors said, “Amen! Those things are happening in our Church.” Obviously, the spirit of Jezebel isn’t just described as a female. Among evil spirits, there’s no gender. We take that simply as a symbol. The way that the spirit of witchcraft enters Churches is when one person’s boundary of authority is crossed. When one person started to invade and brainwash another person, the spirit of witchcraft will get the chance to work.

When the order of authority is broken, the spirit of Jezebel will take advantage to enter Churches. Or when someone is weak and to evade and to ignore what he or she is supposed to be responsible for, the other authority will substitute him or her, and the spirit of Jezebel will come in and work. Another one is fear, not the fear of God, but the fear of the network and relationship of people. For instances: I am afraid of my wife; I am afraid of my husband; I am afraid of my children; I am afraid of my leader. That will make the spirit of Jezebel come into our lives and work in Churches. Also, that will happen when leaders in Churches commit sins of sexual offenses or rebellion or disobedience.

Because it is said in 1 Samuel Chapter 5 that, “For rebellion is like the sin of divination.” Those things will make the spirit of witchcraft enter and control the Church. It likes to attack in the leadership and makes leaders unsecured and threatened. So it enjoys controlling some persons and things to prevent the anointing of Holy Spirit from flowing within, and it will destroy the work of the Holy Spirit. They will also hold back the gift of the Holy Spirit that is originally given to leaders. When this happens in Churches, they usually please leaders for the benefits of some small groups. It’s hard to make a decision. The issue that can’t be dissolved immediately will be discussed for many times. Various results will make the small groups yield. Consequently, the spirit of Jezebel will work between them. That’s a trait of the spirit of Jezebel.

In reality, when the spirit of witchcraft is working, other power will come together. The spirit of death will be working, accompanied by the power of witchcraft. So will be rejection, self-hatred, depression, suicide, which are related to death. In 1 Kings Chapter 19 verse 3 to 4, when Elijah bumped into the spirit of witchcraft, he came to a broom bush, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. “I have had enough, LORD,” he said. “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” There would be physiological reaction. Pains and aches will go into body. There will be much induction and deception which can’t be defeated. When the spirit of witchcraft is working in Churches, because of fear and unbelief, the works of the Holy Spirit are not be able to be done and to work in Churches and Ministries. Your spirit will be struggling and be unwilling to believe in the LORD. (Cast Out Demons, Mike Connell)

In Church, witchcraft would come about within senior pastors, pastors, leaders, deacons, intercessors and church workers. If intercessors are not in the sequence of authority and are not consistent with the vision and the direction of Church, which is contrary to the senior pastor’s, the spirit of arrogance will be inflated and enter to dominate. Then it will be said, “Our leaders didn’t see what we see.” Therefore our prayer will result in wrong direction. We might pray, “We wish the senior pastor to agree that God has revealed to us what we’ve seen.”

In fact, the entire vision and direction of Church should be from the authority of God. What an intercessor can do is to pray for the senior pastor and pastors. We have to ask God to open their eyes and to make them receive the vision and direction from the LORD. It is not correct to impose your own vision and direction on the senior pastor and pastors. If you do so, your pastor will be confused and frustrated and be not able to make decisions. That’s how witchcraft works through intercessors to attack pastors.

The last one is the spirit of arrogance. We can understand that the spirit of arrogance is the most difficult to be discerned and is the last one spirit of death. Unless you die thoroughly, you can’t get rid of arrogance. Arrogance is both spiritual and fleshly. Fleshly arrogance is easier to be recognized. Instead, spiritual arrogance is more veiled that someone wants to make himself look more righteous. That’s what the spirit of arrogance is about. When somebody gets the spirit of arrogance, he or she will exclude anybody and anything, not willing to accept criticism and to listen to others. He or she will compare everything in a godly way. So they like to split hairs with a microscope, if they are arrogant. They will also open their doors to have the spirit of domination come into Church services.

It can be seen on apparel that someone is humble, but he or she is spiritually arrogant and is difficult to bring themselves low indeed. They cover their insecurity of comparison with various godly things. Thus they are less happy to serve others, to raise others and to truly praise someone else.

After the above event, during the night on February 26, God came to prove and show to me the whole thing pretty plainly, which is about how they work, how they invade and how your physical body reacts while attacked. After I went home, the feeling of chill was gone. It was safe and sound on the road. When I was at home, I got a symptom like a high fever. I was 37 degrees and sometimes over 38 all the night. The spiritual bother and attack were getting stronger. In the evening, I was confused if I should take a dose of antipyretic or not. However I knew it was actually not a fever, but very similar. I thought I could be able to overcome by believing in God. Nevertheless, the body and the negative emotion still continued. Until the last moment, I didn’t take any pill. I felt sometimes cold and sometimes hot all night long. It wasn’t until 6 am in the morning, two sheets of beds were soaking wet. God opened my eyes to make me see my spiritual battle so raging.

The LORD only gave me one word at the night, and repeated that word over and over again, “What you are now experiencing is truly a spiritual battle.” This really made me impressed. I went through that event personally and saw the above three spirits working in Churches. The same situation happened in that pastor’s Church, whose number of the congregation has been decreasing since several months ago. The former pastor was usually dominated by the deacon board. They compelled the pastor to do what the deacon board has discussed in the meeting with the pastor’s own authority. Thank God! With prayers, the situation is changing. And thank the Holy Spirit for His wonderful work inside.

Uttered by E.C. and Written by Y.Y. Interpreted by B.K.

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