Gloal Prophecy 3 of 2013

At night on April 6 2013

The first vision: The weather was quite fiery. After having the scorching sun for several days, all of a sudden, it turned wintry. The air was freezing and then a big snow came. It happened in cities of USA, China, Japan, Russia, and Europe. It was not exclusive in one nation.

The Prophecy Came True:
Northern Italy:http://www.cna.com.tw/News/aOPL/201305160418-1.aspx
Northeastern USA:http://www.worldjournal.com/view/full_news/22718534/article-%E7%BE%8E%E4%B8%AD%E5%8D%97%E9%83%A8%E6%9A%B4%E9%9B%A8-%E6%9D%B1%E5%8C%97%E9%83%A8%E7%8B%82%E9%9B%AA?instance=us_bull

Midwestern USA :

A prosperous and industrialized city located in Asia, where high buildings rise. At somewhere not far from the downtown, the sky was dyed red. The ground split and steamed, and the white smoke ascended. (I saw the plate movement under the city.)

The second vision: The toxic black smoke blew out of the territory of Syria.

The Prophecy Came True:

Syrian crisis is the worst since Rwandan genocide, UN official says
17 Jul 2013

Western-backed genocide continues in Syria

Don't Be Surprised If The Next Genocide Happens In Syria

Syria's darkest hour: Hundreds of children's bodies piled high after nerve gas attack near Damascus leaves up to 1,300 dead

At night on May 4 2013
A dream:
The earth was shaking and was covered with flood everywhere. People ran in panic and so many can’t return home… The traffic was chaotic. 16 pieces of white paper were floating in the air. In the dream, I can actually know that those paper stands for the number of population of the world. When the paper came to my eyes, one quarter of the paper (4 pieces) was filled densely with a variety of names of organizations and people. The rest of paper were blank. There was a big hand holding the name lists in the air and a sound reading out the names on it. There were English, Chinese and some languages which I can’t read such as Arabic, Spanish, Hindi and etc.

Impression: One unprecedented flood will happen with earthquake. It’s almost like that everything happens during a day. This disaster will suddenly cause the death of over one billion people in the world.

Postscript: Even though I can’t realize how it could be possible that it happens during a day, but the Lord was merciful to me that He showed me more in detail about the dream of May 4 when I prayed on May 5.

The vision: Two kinds of disasters will result before that event happens: one is hurricane; another is hail, and other two calamities: one is flood and the other is famine.

The hurricane: I saw the strong wind damage so many trees which became split and rooted out. The wind speed was from 180 to 200 (the figure was revealed) and above. The wind was so fierce across the ocean and the land.

The hail: I can see both big and small ones, with some like a fist and some like stones, some round, some rectangular and some irregular. They dropped from the sky, some with fire. They were so rare.

The flood: I saw the flood on the street of downtown in an area. Cars were under the water. There’s one man grabbing an ox and swimming. The ox was not able to touch the ground and wallowed in the torrent. There’s much mud in the flood. The mud in the water was quite thick in some places.
There were many dead bodies in the mud everywhere, with some lying at the seaside and the riverside. I saw the Sydney Opera House under the water.
The flood also happened to the Canadian landmark, the CN Tower. The water came to here.

The famine: The Holy Spirit reminded me the famine stripe zones seen on the globe in Sept 2011 when I was praying. (I will show you later.) I realized that this event will result in a big famine. The regions drawn will run into the famine. One sixth people in the world will be starving. Robbery will happen in the squares and shops of city everywhere.

The punishment comes to the boats and countries which have coastal trades.
Scripture: Isaiah Chapter 23.

Impression: The calamity will make so many people lose their minds and even get mad. On that day, the people of Israel should flee to the height. The rich and the kings should hide in caves. The people in the cities will move to the countryside. People will go into grottos and caves.

Luke 21:20-22 “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written.”

The Related Events About The Prophecies Began To Be Fulfilled:

The hurricane:

Tropical cyclone
Tropical cyclones are typically between 100 and 4,000 km (62 and 2,500 mi) in diameter. Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by names such as hurricane (/ˈhʌrɨkeɪn/ or /ˈhʌrɨkən/), typhoon /taɪˈfuːn/, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and simply cyclone. (from Wikipedia)

(13 July 2013)
Typhoon Soulik Makes Landfall in Taiwan http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/typhoon-soulik-to-slam-taiwan-1/15157676/a>

Typhoon Soulik makes landfall in Taiwan 

Typhoon Soulik soaks Taiwan, hits mainland China

The Flood:
(Photos) Heavy Rain And Flood Spreading Through Canada Caused Evacuation of 100 Thousand People. Mingpao 2013-06-21 10:51:52

(Photos and articles) Thousands of People In Calgary of Canada Were In Danger of Flooding. RCI 2013-06-21 08:50:29

Heavy Rain Stroke The Northern India.
http://www.creaders.net2013-06-21 14:52:44
A Flood Took Place In The Northern India. More Than 70 Thousand People Are Missing. 2013/6/20
“A big buffalo swam hardly in the water. People built a raft on the back of the buffalo and escaped from the drowned homes. And there’s one calf swimming hardly to the heights. All of people and animals became the sufferers of the flood. ”

Storm Kong-rey (Nando) batters Taiwan (August 30, 2013)

The Hail:
2013.07.03 New Mexico, USA: Hail Accumulated More Than One Foot.

2013.06.04 Taiwan : “Like The End of The Day” Storm And Hail “Bombed" Taipei. The Day Turned Into The Dark.

2013.06.26 Shanxi Province: Unprecedented Big Hail Stroke JIAOCHENG Since 25 Years.

2013.06.25 Beijing: Hail Again In Beijing.

2013.06.19 Xinjiang Province: Super Hail Dropped In Kashgar Yopurga Lake of Xinjiang.

2013.06.10 Gansu Province: Hail In Qingyang City of Gansu.

2013.06.08 The Southern Provinces of China: Storms And Hail Caused 15 Deaths.

2013.06.24 Germany: Floods and Thunderstorms In Regions of Germany.

2013.06.25 Singapore: Hail And Heavy Rain Dissipated Haze Over Singapore.

2013.06.13 The Midwest of USA: The US Midwest Suffered From Tornados And Hail.

2013.06.24 France: Hail Damaged The Vineyard In Loire.

2013.06.21 Switzerland: The Storm Disturbed The Games In The West of Switzerland.

2013.06.10 Poland: Storm and Hail In Warsaw.

2013.06.30 Inner Mongolia: Storms And Hail Resulted In 8 Deaths.
2013.07.03 Hail More Than One Foot In A Little Town of New Mexico During One Night.