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Global Prophecy of 2013 No 6

1) On June 4 2013, when I prayed before dawn, a vision showed:
At a platform, President Obama of USA was giving a lecture to the world. The background was pure blue on one side and the pattern of blue and white on the other side. The place was outdoor. There were many journalists and officials on the spot. His feet and legs were vanishing and so was his body. Only the head and hands were left.
After praying, the Lord explained the vision.
IMPRESSION: Obama stands for USA whose power over the world is decreasing. His feet and legs are America’s extended military power, which is weakening. The body indicates the effect of economy and politics of US, which is diminishing, too. Nations in Europe are nibbling her up. The penalty comes to her.

World leaders pressure Obama over Syria at G20 summit FILE - In this Sept. 6, 2013 file photo President Barack Obama speaks at a G-20 Summit press conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais

G20 Summit: Obama Faces Heavy Criticism From World Leaders
September 5, 2013 (need to register to read the article)

Axis Powers of Anti-Americanism Is Forming?

China Rises. US International Image Is Threatened

Over 1800 Gave Up US Citizenship In The First Half

2) On July 10 2013, when praying before dawn, I saw flood everywhere as follows:
One vision showed: A long strip of storm was passing through Changjiang (Yangtze River) and Huaihe River in China. The northern Taiwan was impacted, too. The mudslide came together.
In the dark, the tide was silently rising up to the shore, putting the buildings and construction sites under the water.
The flood was everywhere around the street. People were wearing galoshes but the water still drowned the shoes.
(Japanese heavy rain)
Due to the bad weather, a big bridge collapsed in FXXXXXA state of USA.
The water submerged an inn and its parking lot in Toronto which locates behind a hill. The cars in the parking lot were drowned and can’t move.

One brilliant meteorite fell in a lake where the stream flowed into. There’re mountains there. The water in the lake was polluted.

Impression: Unprecedented storms and flood will come, which are worse than those before (This June and the beginning of this July).

China Storms Caused Over 200 Death (Typhoon Soulik)


Strong Typhoon Soulik (2013)
2013-07-13 ~ 2013-07-15
"In the dark, the tide was silently rising up to the shore, putting the buildings and construction sites under the water."

The Flood In Xinjiang
(The rising tide in the dark. The construction site)

The Flood In Jinan Surged Before The Dawn
 (The rising tide in the dark. Buildings were damaged)

The Flood In China Northeast Worsens
Unprecedented Flood In Nen River Since 30 Years

The Flood Submerged Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island In Heilong Jiang

Sudan Flood Impacted Over 150 Thousand People
(At least 26 thousand houses were damaged)

 The Flood In The Eastern Afghanistan Resulted In 69 Death

Burma Flood Made 25 Thousand In Refuges

Flood And Drought Worldwide
"The flood was everywhere around the street. People were wearing galoshes but the water still drowned the shoes. (Japanese heavy rain)"

The Flood In Northeastern Japan Resulted In 6 Deaths And 2 Missing.

The Storm In The Northeastern Japan Made One Rest Home Evacuated Hundreds of Elders.

3) On July 8, 9 and 10 2013, for three nights, I dreamed a serial event like a soft opera which was about the future.
On July 8, I dreamed ……… (The front part is for personal, so it’s not suitable to be shared.) I came to the street. It’s a view in the dusk, with no moon and no stars on the sky; however, it’s quite muggy. Nevertheless, people were still talking and laughing on the street.

Downstairs of a building, I came across one man who was near 50 years old. He was one of my friends (In reality, I’ve not met this man.) However, in my spirit, I knew he is not a Christian. We’re just walking and talking.

When we came to an avenue, we saw the hot steam fume from the underground. It’s like there’s a crater, or something drops, and the surface got a pit, then the heated water pipes were broken and explode with hot steam. I heard someone say, “There’s debris of a planet falling on the ground. It’s meteorites.” The stones concaved the surface, making the sewerage heated and vaporized. I’d seen two pedestrians hurt by steam with remarkable face burnt. And a voice said “the planet will hit the satellites, which are artificial satellites. The satellites’ orbits will be deviated.

I went forward and saw someone was hurt by the steam in various places. I saw an exit of the subway which was blocked by the meteorite and the broken debris. The rescue team came to the site. They started to dig a hole on the avenue and pulled out the people. I saw two white young girls who got the scar of burning with their heads dizzy due to steam. It’s really scary. I worried how many people are there still alive underground. The people on the street didn’t know what happened.

But it’s weird that I was on the site and knew exactly what’s going on. I knew that in my mind, just like someone explained the reason of whole event, saying, “It’s because of the solar flare. The solar wind begins to strike the Earth.” Personally, I can’t understand this explanation quite well and didn’t know what he was talking about. However, in this dream, I got an impression from it, and a voice was talking, “The Earth is roasted by heat and the crust is out of shape. The Earth’s axis is deviated so that the satellites are out of orbit. And the satellites were collided with the debris of the planet, failing the communication equipments on the ground. Due to high temperature, the electronic devices are burnt and damaged, some cannot work.” As a whole, it is tragic that so many people on the street were kept in the dark, not knowing what’s going on.

Please read the article "Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent"

I thought I must fall back to the very first building, because it was not allowed to press forward. When I went back, I came across the friend I just met. His eyes were blind because he passed the heated pit. The meteorite fell from the sky with considerable radiation fallout. The toxic gas made his eyes blind. I carried him upstairs and wondered how to return to the camp site and contact the people there. His wife started to cry. I comforted him and his wife, saying, “You can temporarily stay here. Do not go outside. I will come back and take you to a safe place.” I promised them over and over again...

On July 9, very early in the morning, I suddenly dreamed back to the rear part of the dream of July 8. I reviewed partial dream of last night...... Next, I was taken into a building. I looked outside from the window and saw the sky is getting dark. Everything inside the building was not quite in order. You will say “What a mess,” because there seemed to be something happening. In the sky, I saw a great amount of meteorites falling on the ground. So many constructions, factories, hospitals on the Earth were abandoned. The factories and the shops were shut down and forsaken.

Some people outside who wore gas masks and radiation-proofed clothes were picking up stuffs. The meteorites were dark brown and dark copper with so much metal on them. I looked them in the dark sky so they had golden copper color with sparkles around. It was hard to tell it’s the day or the night, because the haze was full of the sky over the whole city. It’s too foggy to see what’s going on ahead. The moon and stars can’t be seen. I got to strain on my eyes to recognize some outlines of constructions. Next, I saw one boy who called me sir stand beside me. I asked him, “Do you still want to go? (To the downtown, it’s not adequate to go outside because the dark is coming.)” Then he answered, “Yes, I still have work to do. I need to go to the dangerous place.”……

Next, I saw various zones which are controlled by military in the city. It seemed that the whole city was unstable, like a big riot. There’re many mobs hiding in the region. The entire politics and economy of the society are in danger. I stood on the height and looked into the sky. The dust and little meteorites were floating over the sky. The concaves that were formed by meteorites were fuming. The lava-like fire was spurted out of the surface of the several pits……

On July 10, the third early morning, I came back to the end of the second dream. At that moment, I felt a big chaos of the whole image, and of the whole place……
Suddenly, a big big big meeting took place in front of me. Tables and chairs are full of the meeting. The tables are both round and rectangle. It’s like outdoor. The sky was dusky and looked like in the dark. It’s like it’d been in the night for a long time.

I saw so many people at the tables who put on robes with different colors, some grey, some grey brown and some white but fouled. Of course there’re people who put on pure white robes, but they’re very rare. Many were busy doing something, I saw they seemed not be able to concentrate on one thing. Especially, I saw one person find out a piece of rag to wipe the table, but he just wiped a small corner then put it down and went find a pair of chopsticks. Likewise, he could just find one chopstick and then put it down, went find another thing…… The situation looked like that so many people were busy. Nevertheless, they couldn’t concentrate and were forgetful. They couldn’t last one thing to be finished.

Only the people who put on pure white robes sit and waited at the tables. I heard the voices which were so unique and shouted from the Heaven to the Earth. The voices were just like tens or hundreds of thousands of people say “Hallelujah” at the same time. In the voices, there’s one phonic voice out of the unified voices of Hallelujah, which came and talked to me alone. I could feel the voice was from the Lord in the Heaven.

He said, “I am coming, I’m about to marry you. You need to complete the rest very quickly. I’m about to marry my brides. You should complete the rest soon. I’m about to marry you. You need to get ready soon.”

At the time, it seemed like hundreds of thousands of people said the same words simultaneously, “I’m about to marry my brides. Jesus is about to marry His brides.” When I heard the word, I was surprised, terrified, feared, nervous, afraid and sweet……… I pondered the words repeatedly. I became so sentimental, wondering if it was the Lord speaking to me, or to the ministry, or to the churches all over the world, or to the whole world…… I just saw myself quietly stand there, looking upon the sky.

(The Lord didn’t say “He will come” Instead; He said “He is coming.” It is faster than our imagination.)

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