Thursday, 19 September 2013

Testimony of OMEGA MINISTRY youth group establishment

The witness of youth group establishment is traced since May 8, 2013, when I began receiving revelations from God about the youth group.

At the night of May 8, 2013, I had a dream. I was in a ship, in which I slept. This ship was very strange and great, I slept on my side at the center of the ship. The ship was so special, that no one sailed or guided its direction. I did not need to sail, but the ship was free to walk in the river, the direction is correct. I slept there and the wind guided the direction of the ship. If the wind blew to the east, the ship will go down in that direction; if the wind suddenly turned, the ship would be automatically, quick steering. All sorts of potential dangers on the sea and rivers, unknown reefs, icebergs, storms, rapids, whirlpool, waterfall, etc., wind was very clear and guided accurately the ship to avoid them. Wind would automatically lift the huge sails, all completely without people to operate. This ship could send out the sound of drums, and its color turned into dark blue, sailed underwater.

There was a curtain woven by gold, silver and jewel yarn in the ship. The curtain flashed the jewel light on the side of the ship. I need not open the curtain to see outside. When I need to watch out spiritual views, the wind would blowing the ship curtain, jewel collide on which made a pleasant music. Then I had an uninterrupted view of the sea.

When the ship went into the season of climate changes in the middle trip, it first encountered with another vessel which body size was similar as mine. That vessel was very special. There was a variety of Coke bottles on both sides of the body and rails of the ship. (The spiritual interpretation is, this ministry came loud, they hope everyone can pay attention to them. Two months later, we really met this ministry), I could hear the great Hardy Lara's sound from far away, when Coke bottles hit each other. I did not see the ship’s crew on board. After several contacts of two hulls collisions, the two ships separated. It is very strange that it would like two ships dialogue.

I met whistle ship in the next trip. The whistle ship was bigger than mine. The whistle gave a long whistle flute, and then it touched my ship. The whistle ship captain and co-worker stood on the second floor and said Hello to me. When they saw me sleeping, they politely bowed to go back. I thought this captain was so humble, which revealed unmerited honor to us. (This was one of the glorious ministries which we met in June. God sent them to Toronto to give sermons, and also God used them to bring African renaissance.) After two ships contacts, time change came. Suddenly a strong wind and big waves came. Because I sailed on the sea, it was so quiet that I could hear only the sound of water, the sound of waves lapping the rocks and the sound of wind which blew across the sea.

When dawn came, we got to a bank. Though I slept in the boat with closed eyes, but I saw a lot of fish in the shallows there. I heard my father's voice on board, he said: get up, you need to go to the river to catch fish. By voice of Dad, I saw my father standing in the water already, in fact, that he was not my flesh father in the dream, but a figure of my father appeared. I went down to the river, shoal water was only to elbow my feet. There were many fish on the shoal. Fish and fish are pushed to one place, the weight of each fish three pounds, four pounds, five pounds or even ten kilograms. I put my hands in the water, and could catch one or two fish. Dad has already jumped ship to work together to help me catch fish. I imitated my father to catch fish, and my father’s speed of catching fish was very fast, and far away where the fish would be able to accurately throw to a cabin. Our cabin was in the front half of the ship. The cabin was full of fish thrown by my father. Most of the fish were in dark color, white and gray mixed. There were only two or three fish in white color, but when all fish were in cabin, they all turned into white color. I thought, my God, my father was more worried than I.

After I wake up, I quickly come to pray for this matter. In prayer, the Holy Spirit makes me know that these fish represent young people whose age is under thirty years old. I accept that we will encounter many young people, and God will lead them to enter the ministry.

Father will personally attract the young people, I put this thing in prayer.

On August 1, 2013, I made a second dream about youth group. The dream described that at about five o'clock in the morning, my parents promenaded in the alameda by river. This was a village, where the scenery was very beautiful, towering mountains overlap in distance, clouds around the mountains, clear water, green trees, beautiful flowers and grass. There was absolutely no artificial building in this place, completely natural polish formed, including buildings built by large non-artificial gemstones, piled neatly. The whole building was built on a piece of jade, fine bed and furnishings articles I've seen on the computer cartoons.

I was in a vacation villa to have rest. I had been here to recuperate before. This time was just as before, well rested. At five o'clock in the morning, I heard the sound of my father going out. I get up, thinking of why my father got up so early. In the past he would come to wake me up, I would not ask him to remind me. Be conscious that I can not be lazy. I want to hurry up and pray, so I took a peek and asked myself what he was going to do? What exciting things will happen? What will he do by river?, I leaned against the window, the window was transparent as crystal, and can be natural instrument which could be adjusted depending on the focus (It makes you to see anything that you want to see the angle, and able to adjust the zoom, distance, as long as I thought would be done immediately.) I stood there and could clearly see all the details of the road and the tree-lined trail which was happening.

Tree-lined road was covered with clouds of glory. I saw after they met one or two people in the tree-lined trail, they began to meet a wolf, then three wolves, after about one hour, then four wolves together, and then a small group of wolves after about half an hour.

I admire them (father) that they could be calm in the tree-lined walking trail, without the emotional impact affected by wolves. They greeted the wolves, and indicated them direction (Later I knew that was the direction of catching train). I thought if I saw the wolves head in pairs, small groups on the way, I would be afraid.

Day broke a lot at this time, and I would take train to go back. When I walked on the road, I found the wolves which met my father were coming toward me. They walked behind me, became the way people, and took white bullet train with me together. When we got on train, the train did not stop, but as we were near the train, people will automatically be transferred to the train. The train was packed with full of people, I could not distinguish among the crowd which turned people from wolves. I had a little bit uncomfortable, but after taking the same train with them, I was not afraid, because they are completely new life person.

At first, I did not understand the meaning of the dream. After praying, the Holy Spirit told me that it was the dream about the youth group. At that time I did not understand why God looked all these nonbelievers as wolves, neither I understood it carefully further more.

By understanding the dream meaning of 8 May that God would brought young people to OMEGA ministry, I began to take action. We first invited some young people to take potluck in a couple home. Wonderful thing was that all these young people were over sixteen and under thirty years old. But after one month, when the couple returned to Taiwan, suddenly it seemed no further progress about youth group.

I was a bit puzzled, and had returned to pray. I received a clear receipt from God which was out of my expectation, that Father himself would do it. He asked me to arrange potluck and I obeyed. After that, some young people whom I had invited to my home promised to come in the morning, but out of my expectation, after just one night, the next day, they called me that they could not come, and I had received eight or nine answers, the same situation, that they had other more important things and not able to come. Since I did not have such serving experience, suddenly I did not know what to do. At that time I was upstairs washing dishes, after receiving these seven or eight callings, I thought: "Lord, I obey, but they all have something, so I can withdraw.” But Holy Spirit reminded me: "This is a war, go downstairs to pray." I put down things at hand, throw dishes into the pool, rushed downstairs and fell down in front of God, intercede for them one by one.

After praying, I really saw the wonderful work of God, at six o’clock in the evening, most of people who told me not able to attend potluck came. About thirteen or fourteen young people came and it was a wonderful party.

We then arranged outdoor activities, invited young people to play an air gun, war games. One brother was very earnest to help the contact work, informed us some preparations and attentions we needed, including some of the video. After I saw this only a few minutes video, I suddenly understood the implication of the dream on August 1, 2013.

In this video people who shoot are called wolves in this game. The name of the game is wolf hunter in this video. These hunters are called special force. I understood all of a sudden in my spirit. God informed me by the dream of the 1 Aug. they were attracted to come before God because of this shooting activity. About twenty young people attended this shooting activity. When they appeared in the doorway of shooting club, it was really like the dream of 1 Aug. which described that in the beginning, pair of persons appeared, after more than one hour, a group of tree persons, then a group of four persons, then a small group of persons. They dressed in professional military configuration, with arms better than the club. There are more than twenty people that day to participate this event, very grateful, thankful and praise God!

One of young person named C.L. told me that he was burdened to take the leader duty to help them and feed them, since all the young people were just like his age. Very grateful, young shepherd young people how wonderful things, like Joshua who became leader, praise God!

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