The Testimony of Establishment of Pure Hear Cell Group

(The testimony of J)

In the meeting on 28 July, a sister introduced to me her friend who has just believed in Jesus. She was so touched when she received the prayer service. After the meeting, she asked me to introduce a church so that she can have more foundation of truth. I really didn’t know which church I should introduce to her, so I asked someone else to introduce. At the same time, I received a voice from the Holy Spirit, saying, “Why not help her yourself?”  
From the way home until the night was over, my heart had been moved by the Holy Spirit. So many people really need guidance to help them know God and learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s like this sister who just believes in Jesus and already had spiritual experience and warfare. The bindings on her life need to be relieved. It may be a tough issue for others. Unless you are in a church full of spiritual experience, you may not be able to get the help. I was just touched by the Holy Spirit very deeply and felt that God is eager to help those people, however there’s a voice in my heart, saying, “How can I deal with the life problems of those people? I, myself, have lots of problems in my life.” The touch from the Holy Spirit was so strong in the night. Even though I had many questions in mind, I was still willing to obey. I believe if it is the thing God wants to do, He will give the strength and the ability. Then I left this thing to God’s hands.

On the night of July 29, I quickly dreamed a dream about the establishment of the cell group. I didn’t know the meaning of the dream at the moment. Afterwards, when I recalled the dream, I fully understood. The following is my dream.
…… I had been three months pregnant (it implied I am going to start a ministry). My husband (My impression is that the husband in the dream means Jesus.) stood beside me. Even though I felt panic, I still loved the baby in my belly. However there’s a voice telling me to be careful not to miscarry.

In the dream, I just woke up to give EC a phone call, and EC suddenly showed up in my house. I just got up in the master room and she walked into my room and said “I ate the breakfast made by your husband (the words the Lord gave to the cell group). It’s so delicious! I am quite full. Your husband is really good at making dish.” I asked her that why are you in my home. She said she is going to a place and just passed by your home. ……(Something more detailed is omitted.) I went check out what breakfast did my husband make. I saw there was a dish of bamboo shoot, and EC ate and left the plate messy. I walked into the kitchen and saw my husband making various dishes of bamboo shoot. There were lots of them. I took two of the dishes and put them together to eat.
(Bamboo shoot is a food full of fiber and is difficult to digest. The words the Lord gives have the healing power. Once the words of Lord clash with the life problems and your heart is disturbing, the first response is usually to be unwilling to accept and sometimes self-defense system will resist. However if we are willing to be subdued and accept it humbly, the words will bring down healing and relief to make life grow up. The words are just like high fiber foods which can clean intestines and help evacuation of bowel and elimination of toxin. That improves the healthy immune system of spirituality. God’s will is to make us eat His words so that our lives grow to a life without “self”. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” )

And the dream continued. EC was talking to me that, “You am going to set up an adult cell group; besides eating and drinking in the cell group, you have to share God’s words.
In the dream, I moved to a new house. There were plenty rooms in the house, a disabled bedroom, a specially designed public restroom with three shampoo stations (renewing the mind) and urinals for male and stools for female and disabled toilets (healing). ……(something more detailed is omitted.) My husband hired a cleaning service to clean the rooms. I saw three persons cleaning and moving away all the furniture. It seemed to have a whole house cleaning (God will make angels to clean and heal in the house).

After the dream, I didn’t realize what it means at all. However when I shared the dream to EC, she said God will start a group cell in the north. I thought it was just 3 months and I still had time. As for the promise to teach and help the sister to build up the foundation of truth, I was still frightened because I didn’t know what kind of spiritual power I am going to confront and if I have the ability to endure the entire process. Until I recognized that I can’t surrender under the spirit of fear, I was finally determined to deal with my fear. I’ve got to win, because I put my faith in Lord Almighty and the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world. If it was the Lord who wants me to go, He will be in charge of that completely. Therefore I praised and worshiped until the Spirit of Lord greatly fulfilled me. Air in the spirit world seemed to be flowing. Thus I went to the sister and taught the lesson with faith the Lord gave me. In class, Lord’s anointing and wisdom manifested indeed. Hallelujah! Glory be to God!  After two weeks, in the overnight prayer meeting of August, while everyone was praying God to seek His will for the establishment of the cell group in the north, the Lord said it will begin in September. I was shocked that it will begin soon. Wasn’t I only 3 months pregnant in the dream? It looked like in the end times, the time is getting closer. To be honest, I didn’t get prepare at all. I started to ask God the name of the cell group, the location, the date, however I didn’t receive anything. Nor did I pray for this thing very hard, because I didn’t know what the dream mean at first. In fact, God already spoke to me in the very beginning. Afterwards, God told EC that the name of the cell group should be “Pure Heart.” (Please read her testimony below.)

(The following is EC’s testimony)
On the night of August 21 2013, I was praying and asking God about serving one sister on Wednesday evening. However God suddenly interrupted my asking and talked to me that “I would like to talk with you about the cell group in MARKHAM.” I do not usually get interrupted. I quickly answer “OK. What would You like to say? What’s Your will on them?”

In the air, God revealed the people of the cell group in MARKHAM. I saw EM, C, J, M and some people can be seen clearly, they had a meeting in J’s office and EM’s place. I saw a pair of hands, which don’t belong to humankind, coming down from the heaven. In the hands was a heart-shaped stuff, which was white and shined glorious white light and was like a transparent white crystal. From the center of the stuff, I could see some plants and buildings. The English name “PURE HEART” came up. It’s clear that God would like to set up a group cell named “PURE HEART”

I shared my receiving with J on the phone. She never stopped asking that “Do we just have the English name? What about the Chinese one?” All I can say was that I don’t know either, let’s pray more. In the early morning of August 23, the Lord spoke to the cell group in MARKHAM in the prayer. He reminded me in the dream of last night, the Holy Spirit passed a baby boy in my arms. The Chinese characters “清心(Qīng-Xīn)” showed up and followed a Scripture Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Now I could tell J the Chinese name of the cell group.

(Here is J’s testimony)
After I knew the name of the cell group, I however didn’t know the location and the date. The closer to September it was, the greater my spiritual warfare was. In order to resist in the battle, I didn’t pay much effort on the establishment of the cell group. I almost gave up to set up the cell group, and was mad to God. Because God’s grace never leaves, I won’t have such testimony. It’s really God’s mercy and grace so that today I can realize it’s His will in my life. To test me is to expand my life to receive the blessings He is going to give. If God wants to raise one person to another stage of spirituality, there would be some life problems to be dealt with. God’s will is to make us pass the exam, in contrast, the enemy wants us to fail and make us leave our destinies. On August 28, God gave me another dream which is about the set-up of the cell group. At the same time, I was fighting in the spiritual warfare so that I didn’t have spare time on the establishment of the cell group. The Lord reminded me again through the dream.  In the dream, I was in a cruise ship and we were gonna arrive at the first spot. There, we could swim on the sea. Almost every passenger on the ship was ready for getting off the ship, and a tour guide was also there speaking loudly to make everyone ready. However I got nervous because everyone was ready. Then I ran through the crowd to return my room in a hurry to get my swimming suit and put it on, because I wore pyjama pants at that time. I even didn’t know if I brought my swimming suit on the ship, because I was too rushed packing up my luggage. As I ran into my room, which was connected with my family’s room, I saw my husband and my daughter’s luggage and mine. I finally opened my luggage and found my swimming suit, and that relieved me very much.
It was mentioned in the dream that, God was about to take everyone to have a spiritual discovery tour, but because I didn’t keep watch with prayer (I wore pyjama pants) so that I didn’t get ready. Recently, a sister shared with me a dream she received couples months ago. In her dream, I was also about to lead a cell group.

Thank the Lord for reminding and multi-proofs. He pulled my focus back to His will again. I also believe He will be responsible for the thing He is going to do. I am expecting big things He will make, too. Hallelujah! I hope you can participate in the ministry. We welcome you to join the cell group which the Lord wants to set up. Together, let’s experience God’s wonders on you and me!