Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Global Prophecy of 2013, No. 13 : The Celestial Phenomena Before the Second Coming of Jesus

November 3, 2013

Before dawn at almost 3 a.m., I woke up and saw my cell phone and said “it’s still early! Tomorrow is Monday, and I’ve got to get up early to work.” I was not alerted and fell asleep. However in an instant, I suddenly realized I came to a place in the height. Wasn’t the sky just still quite dark? However now it was the scene of midday. I located at a place where the light was extremely bright. Was that the sun is pretty close? That’s similar, but I felt instinctively it was not the sun.

I could just indistinctly discern that the outline of skyscrapers was at the side and behind me, and the black steel bars were for construction. Because the light was so bright and glary that feeling of torridness was rising in the surroundings. Many things (plants and so on) were like to melt and wither. The heat was roasting earth, oceans, and mountains. The sound from heaven was so tender such as breeze. “Within 10 something years, the great day will come unexpectedly.” Spiritually I knew “the great day” means “the end day.” I can’t believe it’s so fast!

I was so frightened. I took a look at my environment, and I could only see myself but was not able to see clearly things 10 something meters away, just because heat and glary light made my eyes hardly open. I raised my head to see the horizon far away and realized that it’s the time for the sun to go down, and the orange sun was at the horizon. However where did the bright light originate from?

Finally I was able to see another star which was more shining than the sun and stopped up there before me. It was like the sun never going down, hanging up high in the sky and radiating glowing light. The light can’t be seen directly by the naked eyes. It’d never been going down for many days. Hearts of humankinds were escaping, terrified and frightened of it to melt.  That was the marvelous spectacle! There were two stars showing up at the same time in one sky. One was the sun, and what about the other?

In my mind, I knew it very well that it was the sign XX days before the second coming of Jesus. It was like we would be notified in advance. I repented in the dream and quickly pondered my mind and things of life to see if there’s still anything to be repented. Nevertheless, I was shocked that His coming was so fast. I didn’t know if I was really frightened or not, thus I can’t recall anything including my iniquities……  I suddenly woke up, and the sky was still dark.

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