Father Heart of God Seminar

Encounter the Father Heart of God with Peter & Heather Jackson
Father Heart of God Seminar
Sat. , Feb. 8
10pm (Entire day)
Sun. , Feb. 9
Preacher: Peter & Heather Jackson
Language: English and Mandarin

Location: 19 Waterman Ave., # 207, Toronto (East York)

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Fees for two days: 

Walk-in registration will be accepted starting from Feb. 8th 8:30am. Worship will begin at 9:30am.
Register on Feb. 8 --- $60
($36 for Saturday, $24 for Sunday)
(no children program
Seats are limited, please register asap.
Above prices are not included meals
Lunch & Dinner $6 per meal (Tax included) 
(Chinese meal box with one bottle of water and fruit)

9.30 pm - 12:30pm: Session 1 Sonship is our calling
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm: Session 2 Childlike humility
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Session 3 Father stereotypes 

2.00 pm - 5.00 pm: Session 4 Shame based or grace based
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Session 3 Love unconditionally

Ticket Information: TEL: 647.800.7881
Seminar Information: TEL: 416-786-1203

Testimony of Peter Jackson:
From Shame to Honor | My Journey into Sonship

This seminar gives the opportunity to encounter Father God and actually experience Father's Love for you through impartation. During the seminar you will be introduced to the perspective of the revelation of Father's love. Through revelatory insight and sound biblical teaching shared through the lives of those that minister, you will be exposed to a transforming message of Love, Life and Hope. You will be given the opportunity to remove the main blockages to receiving Father's love and discover your heart as a true son and daughter. You can expect a time of revelatory prophetic teaching, impartation and ministry.

About Preacher
Peter and Heather Jackson founded the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship School of Ministry (SOM) in 1995, as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was beginning to spread worldwide.. Their vision for the SOM came from many years of experience teaching and directing ministry schools with Daystar Ministries and Youth With Mission (YWAM). For more than ten years now, they have been privileged to impart the revelation of the Father’s love in churches and conferences all over the world. Although attending a conference may introduce someone to the concepts of the Father’s love, Peter and Heather have found that it is a retreat setting, where people can get away from the busyness of life that the most radical transformations take place in their lives.

I believe that their sharing will bring forth new revelation of the Father's love, and help us go much deeper in relationship with God as Father.

Peter and Heather :
"The greatest gift we can receive from God is his perfect, unconditional and unwavering love, which brings a deep rooted security and stability to our lives. For many christians, the idea of God as a Heavenly Father is rather distant and impersonal. The feeling of a warm personal relationship as an individual son or daughter is still lacking. Some of the reasons for this lack of close relationship are 1. legalistic extremes portraying God primarily as a merciless judge rather that of a loving Father-Redeemer, 2. faulty earthly father relationships which grossly distort the true image of fatherhood, or 3. personal misfortunes which seem difficult to reconcile with the love of an all-powerful Father-God. During this healing seminar we help the participants discover what God's heart is like as Abba Father and receive emotional healing from life’s hurts so they can embrace his love."

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