Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Testimony from Rock cell group

Brothers and sisters, I’d like to share a simple case of the rock group gatherings with you, and thank God. Rock group was born last year in a series of dreams, visions, and brothers and sisters in times of intercession. This group began to meet in January 2014 once a month, the head of me. God sent His servant brother G, especially for us to share how to lead the group meetings and Bible study. The core information is to rely on the Holy Spirit, invite the Spirit in the group to run lead and be full. The task of brothers and sisters is to keep up with the work of the Holy Spirit.

I led the worship and shared the information at our first gathering. When led the worship and spiritual songs to sing, I heard only my own voice. At the end of the party, I could not help but ask what time the situation would be improved. I thought we came from three different churches, gathered only once a month. I really did not know what would be next, just knew that this was God's guidance, it would continue to move forward.

After our first meeting, I asked for God to give me a partner for praying together with me, because I knew this team was born of the Spirit, it must have spiritual intercession as a strong support, otherwise it would not work. Humorous result was that God told me that I was the other brother and sister pray for co-worker in my dream. I asked God where was my partner for praying together with?

Thanks God, he has touched on one sister's heart. At the lead of God, we three several brother and sisters had jointed together, prayed for one another. After the two pray meetings, we obviously knew that God's presence, his lead and the pray fire was directly to the throne in heaven, filled with full of the Holy Spirit. Thanks God for his grace!

The second time’s of rock gathering, God was very wonderful. One sister who did not know how to lead the worship with spiritual songs led the worship. During our worship, the Holy Spirit anointed each one of us, we all began to sing spiritual songs, even the believer who believed in God not long ago began to sing also. We all felt the spiritual freedom and release. Give the glory to God! God's wok is so great and amazing!

Information received from God the second rock gathering was to share the Holy Spirit. One brother shared the truth of dialect, and how to receive the Holy Spirit baptism in this regard. One sister desired to have the Holy Spirit baptism, and we together prayed for her. After our praying, she got the dialect. Another brother refused the dialect, at that time he did not refuse and liked to know more about this knowledge and accepted our pray for his blessing.

The second rock meeting, I have obviously felt the Holy Spirit's presence in this group just like before G brother shared with us. It was really hard to believe that our second meeting became the meeting full of the Holy Spirit and his lead, though our meeting’s interval was one month. God’s work was really wonderful and made me stunned. I gave all my thanks, praise and glory to God! Hallelujah!

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