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A Battle with Satanism Part II

(This part takes up A Battle with Satanism Part I)

A few days later, in the morning on Tuesday November 12, I was praying for a sister who needs to be served on Wednesday night (she has made an appointment with me last July but has waited for more than a year. I feel very sorry about that. Thus I got up earlier to pray to God for the sister.) However God didn’t tell me anything about the sister in any aspect. Instead He talked about the young couple of the youth fellowship. The Lord made me see something like a compass on which is full of various kinds of symbols and a boat. Next He showed me his life and his recent situation. As for the girl, God also talked about her. I saw many spells and restraining in the girl’s life, and I couldn’t understand at all.

All I knew for sure was in the morning of that day God exactly told me that: “Next evening, I want you to go to their home right away after work.” God also told me to make the boy bring all his game discs. Next morning on Wednesday I rearranged my schedule and invited a husband and wife to be my fellow worker before I went to the couple’s home. Their home was quite far so that I hesitated if I drove on the freeway or not. But God reminded me that there will be so much obstruction and danger that I chose to spend more than an hour driving on the local road, I still almost had a car accident though.

We arrived around 7:30 pm but they had not gone home yet. Therefore they gave us the password to let us wait inside at first. While waiting, we started to praise the Lord. As we were doing so, we saw the room was full of the presence of God, and after that, they came back.

Now I realized why the Lord instantly sent every resource to their home. It’s because they went through a weird thing last night. The young man told me that he had a nightmare again. When he was awakened from the dream, he horribly felt that it was not just a dream. For that day a furious wind was blowing outside and the cat and dog in their home never stop meowing and barking, affecting cats and dogs of neighborhood to make noise.
However the husband and wife and I witnessed that it was a cool and windless night. However the young couple said the windows of the house were rattling in the wind. The boy went check out downstairs and found that the door has been uninterruptedly banged. He checked through every single door and it turned out that the garage door wasn’t closed (He was quite sure that he locked every single door before sleep.) They were completely frightened because the scene was exactly like the haunted film they ever watched. They never went back to sleep and never stop praying until the morning. The girl told me that she was attracted by a sound in her dream. She traced the sound and saw two footprints of different colors on the floor. She continued following the sound. Then she saw a door but dare not enter. She was so
terrified then.

Besides, the boy was also threatened in the dream. Then I was guided by the Holy Spirit to tell them the vision I saw in the morning. When I described what the compass looks like, they told me that there’s exactly a compass in their house. That’s a souvenir they bought in Mexico. As they took out the compass, I was shocked because it’s a compass full of weird symbols and is for Mayan sacrifice. With God’s word and revelation, I started to deal with the abomination. As for the girl, in mainland China there was even a master controlling the girl through a spiritual passage, so that the girl dreamed that the master came in her dream to cast a spell on her (The girl’s family has the issue in this respect.) The Holy Spirit revealed the problem of idol in her life to me. Therefore I began to tell the sister about what I see.

Amazingly, as I was processing, the Holy Spirit showed me a picture that there are idols in her house. They’re little gadgets. I got to find them out, but I did it in vain. Meanwhile, the girl recalled she has a pillow her relative gave her. When I touched the pillow, I asked her to take a scissor. There’s nothing there as the first layer was cut off. But there’s still another small pillow inside, thereupon she cut the second layer off. A spell and a Buddhist statue were put inside. I was so amazed by God’s wonder and work, for we didn’t know that. Thanks to the reminder of the Holy Spirit, we can see and understand clearly. Thank God for indicating every idol forgotten by her in her house that night.

As for the boy, God showed me that he was taken to a crossroads. There’s a gate in the spirit world opened. The source originated from the game he plays. I asked him to take out all his game discs. While I touched one of those discs, an electricity current flew through my hand. And the Holy Spirit began to say, “That’s it!” I didn’t figure out what kind of game is that and just pointed toward that direction and said it’s that disc. The young man took the disc and said it’s a game called “Resident Evil”. The Holy Spirit told me to close the gate, because the brother accidentally opened the gate in the spirit world, so that evil spirits were able to enter his room directly through the gate and to bring his spirit to a place of sacrifice. But I didn’t understand why evil spirits would select him. He was so amazed, and testified to God’s work. So everyone would be able to open a gate in the spirit world via playing games and contacting with the devils in the spirit world. Thereupon, the power of satan would enter their lives through the gate.

Most people who play games don’t understand evil spirits in the game discs. They just know there’s a certain kind of “power” in the games, will quickly know the power in the games would affect the real world. They usually regard the spirit world as “Four-dimensional space,” however they don’t know the “power” or the images in the games are exactly evil spirits written in the Bible.

Now I realized why God was so eager to give me the precise commends tonight. Thus, I began to handle the problems in their lives and the problems concerning the gate of evil spirits. That’s a pretty miraculous journey.

Here I would like to tell everyone that you should be vigilant of any possible gate that would be open in your life. If a Christian purchased an abomination and took it home, he or she would get yoked with unbelievers. Abominations are things possessed by evil spirits. Anything used to worship or serve satan is a legal territory of evil spirits. In other words, evil spirits have a right to possess or take advantage of those things. Let’s read some related Scriptures:

(Deuteronomy 7:25-26) “The images of their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the Lord your God. Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.”

(1 Corinthians 10:19-20) “Do I mean then that food sacrificed to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.”

We can see from the above two Scriptures that images (idols) stand for evil spirits. It is written very clearly in Deuteronomy that all things used to worship satan are detestable to the Lord. The gold and silver plated on them can’t even be used, and should be destroyed. Every single commandment God gives has its own purpose. He doesn’t want Israelites to bring such “contaminated” thing into their houses, lest it will bring negative effects on them. God tells them that if they don’t follow, they will also be “set apart for destruction.” Why? That’s because evil spirits are able to influence them with power, and sooner or later, make them worship demons.

As the young man saw the power and works of God, he began to open his heart and tell me what happened recently in his life.

A couple days ago, a white man skin and tall like a bamboo went into his store to do business with him. Later he made an unreasonable request but was refused. The man then told him, “Do you know who I am?” He called himself a Satanist. At the time, the brother didn’t believe in Jesus yet so he didn’t understand Satanism and just answer him, “Is it important to know who you are?” The man gave the brother a website and his business card so that he could look up their information on the internet. Because the brother didn’t then accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, he was very terrified at the moment. He was so unsophisticated that he checked out the website the man gave him. When he accessed the website, he found that there are signs and figures of goats of Satanism on the website. He felt that he had run into a nut!

I’d like to advise young men that do not curiously open your computer and get into or touch websites controlled by satan. And never be curious about witchcrafts, mysticism, astrology, divination, reading tea-leaves, palm reading, etc. No matter how insignificant and short they are, anything that relates to the abovementioned means would make way for satan.

Participating in a séance such as Chinese Ghost Festival, the Opening of the Gates of Hades, etc because of curiosity would seriously influence your whole life.
We should avoid:
studying books related to mysticism, playing the Ouija Board, trying Extrasensory Perception (ESP, a kind of meditation originated from India, it’s a means to connect with
Brahma), spiritism, out-of-body experience (Mao-Shan magic, Taoism magic, Black and white witchcraft, Kabbalah magic, etc), meditations (such as New Age meditation, Zen, mediation of Buddhist idealism, Qigong meditation therapy, Vipassana Meditation, etc), water witching, praying with candles, detecting petroleum or ore with a swaying wooden stick or a pendulum.
It’s also dangerous to play any kind of magic, such as levitation (to move stuffs without touching them), consulting with a spirit medium for a place where a thing lost in, casting spells, etc.
Any acts related to the above activities will make way for satan, making its power and evil spirits live in your life.

The brother in this testimony then went to the police station to file a restraining order due to the Satanist who went into his store. He requested that the Satanist can’t approach him within approximate 100 to 200 meters. The brother thought it will be safe, because he had no spiritual experiences of that at all. After a period of time, however the young man of Satanism went into the brother’s store again, and said to him threateningly, “No one is able to stop us. If we want you to die, you aren’t able to avoid by any means. We just have eyes upon you! If your relatives and friends run into disasters or mischief someday, to speak honestly, they are imputed to us! We can do whatever we want you to be in the day or the night. You’d better be obedient to our request.” (That’s roughly what he said.)
After speaking to him, the Satanist left. The young man was so scared that he didn’t know how to deal with that.

(To be continued.)

Narrated by EC,
Compiled by CT,
Translated by BK

Omega Ministry

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