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A Battle with Satanism, Part I

Finally…… For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities…… and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms…… you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. (Ephesians 6:10-13)
As this book comes to the end, there’s Paul’s word about the end times to remind churches of a most important mission, which is a spiritual warfare against the devil of spirit in the heaven.

When it gets closer to the day of the Lord in the end times, “He is filled with fury” (Revelation 12:12) He has gone down to the earth. Witchcraft and heresy are rampant today. It’s time for the sons of God to stand up and churches should be responsible for “the spiritual warfare,” in order to “rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves.”
Today was our prayer meeting on October. I had received two phone calls on my way home to ask me if the meeting is at my place. “It seems so. You may check your email,” I answered casually. To be safe, I thought I should ask someone else, at the same time, my phone rang, and I asked, “Is the prayer meeting at my home or at the venue?” She answered, “It’s at your home. I’m just coming.” Alright, I should go to clean up to open my place at 7:30PM.

Six people had already come. While the seventh people entered at 7:45PM, she spoke out loud, “JC is angry now. The prayer meeting of tonight is at the venue, not here. She is alone waiting at the venue, but no one comes. Has anyone checked the notice in your email?”  Then I turned to everyone and said, “what’s wrong with us? Well, JC will take it seriously!  I think we should admit our mistake in advance.”  I turned to a brother who just came in and said, “why are you here, too?” He answered naturally, “I supposed it should be here, too.”

The sound of door opening came again, and this time, a 20-something young couple came in. I just knew them in the outdoor XX lesson on May. It was the prayer meeting in which young unbelievers are rarely seen. I suddenly realized that tonight was God’s arrangement. It was impossible that everyone didn’t check their emails, especially for the young. If it was the arrangement of the Lord, would it be for these two young people? Two of the young people asked me to talk with them alone. Then I told other intercessors to pray in the living room. I made a brother to be my fellow worker. Two young people sat at the table in front of me, looking so pale. It seemed that their lives encountered a great difficulty in escaping from an evil power in the darkness. They felt very hopeless. The male of the young people was especially exhausted and was trying hard to hide the fright in his mind. The somber eyes told me the situation was serious.

The young man began to share. He was disturbed by an extremely horrible dream. He said he felt that not only it was a dream but also his soul was actually taken into a dangerous environment (Some dreams or nightmares are indeed a realistic experience of the spirit world). In his dream, his soul was brought to a park (he however didn’t figure out it’s an altar of satan and evil spirits). When he walked deeper into the park, he found there’s a big stone circulated by many people without souls. He was also circulated by them, and some of them came directly toward him, but he avoided them. He incautiously hit one of them and that person turned her head to the young man. She had a nonhuman face! The young man was greatly frightened and realized it’s a devil. Next he felt he was caught and lifted and was put into a room where the outer walls were burnt with fierce fire of hell. The red light of fire blushed the curtains of widows. One woman appeared in the room (she was one of those people in the park). There was a bloody finger writing blood words on the widow. He said the words were foreign language, and they were neither English nor French. They may be Italian or German. Of course he didn’t even understand the words mean. The scene and the situation were so scary and gloomy that he was awakened from the dream in a cold sweat. At the same time his girlfriend also dreamed the same scary dream which was also about chase and disturbance by satan. They were both scared to death by the dream, so they came to my home.

In my spirit, I was soon aware that the young man before me was experiencing a circumstance of his soul touching the devils. His soul was pulled out of his body by the evil spirit and was brought to the altar of evil spirits. Most people overlook such weird thing and regard it as just a nightmare, and they compel themselves to adapt to the situations, so that they connect with evil spirits in the spirit world. I was not sure which doors were opened up in the life of the young man, or in the Bible it is written “walls have been broken through.”

I believed that it’s God’s grace and mercy for the terrified young people to come to the prayer meeting. I opened my Bible and turned to Job 33:15-28, “For God does speak—now one way, now another— though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride,
 to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword……And they will go to others and say, ‘I have sinned, I have perverted what is right, but I did not get what I deserved. God has delivered me from going down to the pit, and I shall live to enjoy the light of life.’……
to turn them back from the pit, that the light of life may shine on them.”

I studied the Bible with them and taught them what is dream and how God talks with people with the book of Job in the Bible. The Holy Spirit miraculously worked and opened their hearts to make them “approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16) The two young people then accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Both of the captives were set free from the dark kingdom of satan and rushed into God’s arms. I asked the intercessors to bless them and to eradicate the control of the nightmare in Jesus’ name and blood. I advised them to pray and read the Bible. They were serious to take a Bible with them, because they were going to leave Canada for USA to participate an exhibition at 4 am on the next day. After they came back from USA, unexpectedly, they forgot such thing and didn’t visit us at all.

One month later, I dreamed a dream in the morning on November 4. In the dream, I saw a young man in the corner of my prayer room. He was tall and handsome. I was curious to know who is this guy and tried to check him out. At the moment, my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw him naked with just a pair of pants. Immediately I knew in my spirit that in his life there’s something disgraceful. Then, three bandits came in, and I
caught them. Finally, only the man stayed in the room.

After I woke up, I began to pray to the Lord to know who the young guy was and why he was at my prayer room. God then put the name of the man in the heaven and I perceived that the man got in trouble. There were totally four people who got involved in that event. I still remembered that God promises to expand the ministry of the youth and there would be two young people coming out. I received from God and knew one of them is the man in my dream. That’s the young man in my testimony.

The next morning, I called one of my staffs and shared my receiving with her. However I still didn’t know what would happen in detail. A few days later, another staff called me and told me urgently that there are two people getting in trouble. They were remanded in custody on the charge of illegal XXX, and needed someone else to bail them out. Coincidentally, they were just the abovementioned two young people. I shared my dream with the staff who is eager to help them and asked the staff to tell those young people not to be afraid because of the revelation from God that they will be safe and sound. The staff reported that the weather was extremely cold when the thing happened, but the man only wore a shirt and was cuffed. He worried that they were unable to withstand long.

The next morning of that day, the computer system of the court was down and unable to work, in this way, the couple was bailed out. After that, I looked up the code on the internet and was astonished, because there
was a young man who did the same thing last year getting in prison for ten years. The code was made in the last year that the minimum of imprisonment is three years. No wonder the two young people were terrified to death.

After they got out of the police custody, we started to pray for the coming lawsuit they were going to face. One day in the morning, he and his girlfriend visited me in my home. I still remembered it was in the morning on Sunday. They came together to the basement of my house to pray for such thing. In the entire process of praying, God gave me a word, “I’ll show mercy on them!” Actually, I didn’t know what the Lord would do. Was that God would diminish burden and distress of the counsel fee, or God would have mercy on them in other way? Nevertheless, I told them the word from God by faith and I must believe God will fulfill His word in their life. After going home with the word they received, they went through God’s peace and guidance throughout. They were
terrified in their minds, God strengthened their faith though.

It was unexpected that a week before the court session, his attorney called the brother and was excited to tell him the code has been revised again!  It was so unbelievable because I just heard that the code was revised last year to make the convict in prison for at least three years but was modified again this year. It was rarely seen! He passed on the attorney’s word, “Do you know to what degree the code is revised? They have cancelled the three-year imprison completely.” When hearing that, we all felt incredible. He was so amazed as well. However we thought of the promise of God: “I’ll show mercy on them!!!” The mercy was too good to be true. How great the power of God on this even was! He can even change the code in the world. Because of God’s mercy and love, they got the eternal life and again went through His love and mercy.


Do you think this is the end of the story? Nope! It’s just the beginning!

(To be continued)

Narrated by EC, Compiled by CT, Translated by BK

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