The Testimony of Establishment of Life Cell Group

On Saturday morning on October 19 2013, I was sitting at Xiao-min's testimony concert, and was deeply touched by the pastor and Xiao-min who spread Gospel zealously in Mainland China and love people in Mainland China very much. I asked myself, "My Lord, what can I do? Lord! I love my compatriots and would like to give such good gift to my compatriots. My Lord! I am willing to respond your love of the cross. My Lord! May Your will be done on me and teach me how to do." All of a sudden, there was a prayer coming into my brain. "My Lord! You know I am slow of speech and tongue. I am not good at this. If You give me some chores or trivia, I am glad of that!" "Are you not willing?" "Oh! My Lord! I am willing to obey. I will follow everything You teach me." After the prayer, I felt solid in my mind very much. Suddenly, three Chinese characters "以色列 (Israel) " unexpectedly came into my mind.  "My Lord, what does this mean? My Lord, why need I pray for Israel? Can I?" I haven't finished my questions, and "the Book of Revelation" greeted my eyes. "Read it and work with my." How?  I know those things can't come into my mind without reason. That must be God talking to me. After the testimony concert, all I can think of was the abovementioned thing. In the blink of an eye, the Lord made me know very well that I need to start a cell group to pray for the kingdom.  I thought that isn't EC teaching the Book of Revelation? I would like to share with her.

At 6 p.m., on Sunday October 20, I attended a wedding in my church and came across a sister who said to me, "I dreamed you were pregnant last night. In the morning I woke up and said to my husband that you are so courageous." Why is that so quick? While I was still thinking the words God spoke to me at the testimony concert, I was pregnant! I knew that was spiritual baby. (In reality, my daughter is a university student.)
In the evening of that day, there's a lesson of inner healing of the ministry. I met EC and told her the story. She said that, "A baby usually presages a ministry, a cell group or a newcomer who will serve in the ministry. And the baby is still in the gestational age and has not been born yet. I don't know if it is the one of church or of ministry. You need to ask God and get some proofs from God." After that, I kept this thing in my prayer.
In the early morning on October 21, I dreamed that I was in a skyscraper in Shanghai. Many people were having a meeting, but I got to go for something. I was then in a spacious elevator which is like a sightseeing elevator with a big glass on one side. I saw the beautiful scenery in Shanghai. I walked on the street and got on a bus and I thought everything was good. However after I got off the bus, I found myself on the wrong bus. I tried to look for the bus station in the reverse direction. There were so many people on the street and I asked one of them. I was taught that it is in a hospital. I looked across the street and the hospital was just over there. I picked up the pace to walk to the hospital. Suddenly I didn't know why there were so many people coming out in the dark at the end of the street. Some of them went on foot, some rode on horses, and some were screaming with bullhorns. They looked like Germans, and were a huge crowd coming frightfully and overwhelming. I was not able to walk through, so that I urgently asked the Lord to help me get to the hospital. I was so anxious and scary at the moment. Suddenly I knew I'd already on the bus and it seemed that I was immediately arriving home. I was totally confused and didn't know how it happened so quickly. I really wanted to know why, but I waked up.
Therefore I was always bothered by that dream. It seemed that I need to figure out its answer. Then I brought the dream to the prayer meeting. Finally someone had a receiving: the bus means a church and the hospital means a ministry. It would be so resistant for me to change the direction, but God will save and take me home Himself. Of course, there were some proofs to show me that the baby will be born in the ministry......  I confirmedly believed the answer before God that I am willing to be used by Him. "Obedience is greater than sacrifice." I don't want to only live in the theory and knowledge of "there's God," or just to listen to others' experiences. Life experiences of those characters in the Bible don't have nothing to do with me, instead I can also have them myself. I want God to take part in my life.
I still need God to talk to me furthermore. I want to know how will the baby be born, so that I can concentrate more to pray to the Lord to know God's will clearly. One day I called to one sister H. to greet her, and unexpectedly she said on the phone that she dreamed a dream which was about me. She dreamed that I had a baby and my husband held the baby in his arms under sunshine......
Thank the Lord so much. He has done His work Himself. And Life Cell Group has been born.

Draft by A. T.,  Finalized by C. Z.