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The Place of God's Blessing --- My Beloved

Dates: from February 1st, 2014 to February 5, 2014

I had a vacation for one month and visited relatives in China. In my journey, I scheduled to fly to “SY” on February 1st and stay there for four days. That’s because I dreamed a dreamed in 2013, and in the dream I saw myself in a town and I went in a yard with a fence wall and I entered the house. I also shared God’s words with a group of people. After I woke up from the dream, I told the dream to my staffs, and one of them told me that he know the place where is located in a town north to “SY”and he had ever been there. A few months later, a sister who lives in mainland China told me that she saw me sharing God’s words in the above place in her dream.

With God’s leading, I went back home to visit my parents and my parents-in-law during the Chinese New Year on January in 2014. I was determined to go to the place I just said, as least to check up if the scene is the same with the place in my dream. Due to the New Year season, the air tickets were limited, and thanked to my family, I booked the flight to SY in the end of January. So the date I notified my staffs in SY of the specific pick-up-time was postponed to January 29th. I arrived about at 10 in the evening on February 1st. The persons who came to pick me up at the airport were some staffs of Omega Ministry in that area, including the brother whose name is G, his wife whose name is Y, their son and another brother.

The flight was going to take five hours and need a transfer. While I was praying on the plane, the Holy Spirit showed me a vision about the spiritual circumstances in SY. I was unacquainted with the history and background of SY and never studied it. In the spirit world of SY, God showed me a tawny cow with an extremely long horn, Buddhist pagodas standing in great numbers (there was a little monk with a white Buddhist robe and an afloat Bodhisattva as a male devil dressed with ribbons. Later I knew it's Shamanism.) In the north and east, there were also two mausoleums. All of the four above controlled and reigned the dark power in the spirit world of SY. After that, I heard two events: First, this year there will be more aviation accidents and shipwrecks than before, and news about radiations on Earth from outer space will come out more frequently, and news about spaceships and satellites falling from the sky will also show up. Second, there will be a revival in SY setting up a prayer connection, and the altar of prayer will be formed. (prophetic words)

I had no ideas what on earth God will do and I kept that in my prayer. However I knew if it signifies the malfunction of spaceships or satellites, it means that GPS will be out of order. Space radiation intensifies due to increasing holes of the ozone layer. The good news was this place is going to have a prayer connection in various denominations and the altar of prayer will be formed, thus the spiritual circumstances will be changed.

After getting off the plane, I told to the brother whose name is G and his wife whose name is Y that I saw a brown wine shelf while I prayed. My impression was that God will make me serve the staffs in that place in SY. After listening to me, they didn’t really know who has such brown wine shelf in the house. They already had arranged for me to live in the place of a sister called ZN. Her husband drove me to their place. It’d been 11 pm as soon as I arrived in the house of the sister. I didn’t really know her, she talked with me about doubt and conception of faith though. She believed in Jesus in France and had some godly knowledge and also had listened to sermons and teachings of many famous preachers. She also lived a Christian life however she found that she is not passionate for the Lord. She knew Jesus Christ is the Savior and a great God in the Bible, but she felt God doesn’t really participate in her life.

In particular, she said she’s believed in Jesus for a long time but has never recognized that her life can be guided by the Holy Spirit who is able to enlighten and point out the problems in life so that she will have repentant heart and behavior. She was also so weak in the faith that she didn’t think God is willing to talk to people for 24 hours nowadays, He likes to indeed take part in our daily life, He is God who makes us actually experience Himself, touch Him, He lives in our lives every single day to share with us, and we are able to work with Him to experience Him, etc. She knew the concept that God is with us, however she didn’t understand what is the manifestation of that. She was very confused and doubtful about this aspect. Anyway, she couldn’t feel the existence of God.

If someone taught you to love God, love others, serve God, and serve others, however you found you do them grudgingly not to be distained, or just to ingratiate yourself with pastors and leaders, or to satisfy the expectation of Christian elders, or to build your self-worth through serving in godly activities…… That would be exhausting; moreover, you will soon realize that the godly knowledge isn’t in accord with your real life. Thereof, the passion for God would be gone. That was ZN’s situation.

That night, I prayed for her. God was so miraculous to give me a dream about ZN’s family at that night. Next morning, ZN drove me to a church and along the way I told her about the dream which is related with her family. After telling the dream, I asked her if she knows who are the husband and the wife in the dream.  Then I saw there were tears in her eyes, and she said that dream was about her husband, her family and herself.

I suddenly realized that the relationship between her and her husband is as tense as that in the dream. The dream also indicated how their circumstance will be in the future, and it involved her sons and her mother, and how the relationship of whole family is supposed to be, and what their future is going to be. That dream shocked ZN. She knew that I don’t know her, not to mention her family. She was amazed that God is so real in her life that in the first evening I stayed at her home, God already brought such blessing to her family. I didn’t need to make any effort as the Lord reveals Himself to His sons and daughters undoubtedly. ZN began to change her attitude toward God obviously. After I was back in Canada, this family repented with each other and were aroused by the Lord. Their passion for the Lord and the Gospel was ignited, it’s indispensable for them to pray and draw near to God, and they became pretty zealous to God.

After the Sunday service, the staffs of Omega Ministry invited me to the house of a leader. We talked and shared together. Here, several brothers and sisters verified that the altars in the real world of SY are identical with what I told them - the dark power in the spirit world of SY. What would God do here? I was so unexperienced that I can only keep praying. At noon, the Holy Spirit gave me a clear order to go to the place in the dream next morning. Now I had a schedule conflict, because I already made an appointment with a sister called TQ to go with her to the place in the dream on February 4. However she was still in her parents’ home. God wanted me to arrive there on February 3 but it’s not my schedule. What on earth was God’s plan? I was willing to obey Him despite I didn’t know my future way. I talked about this with the brother G. Thanks God that he and his wife and sons and the sister called XL were willing to go with me.

In the afternoon, I returned to the lodging and saw another leader of the campus fellowship. Thanks God that we were connected and had a good talk. In the evening, I went to another church to meet the pastor. He and his wife humbly invited me to pray for their need in their church. Thanks God that we could bless each other and understand God’s will. It was not until 11 pm that I returned to ZN’s place and talked with her about God’s works in her life. It was unexpected that within only an hour I found ZN’s attitude toward God completely changed. In her heart she was surprised at the works God did on her in two days. Her heart was opened by the Lord and she started out to be eager for God and seek the Lord for the guidance in her life.

Next morning, the brother G, his family, the sister XL and I hit the road for more than two hours. As we entered the boundary of the terrain, the sister Y suddenly pointed to the sky and said “Behold! It’s a wonder! ” We looked through the windows and everyone was so excited to cheer because there was a natural scenery in the sky before us. A giant rainbow appeared in the sky (but it was not raining.) I’d ever seen semicircular rainbows, but this time it was a rainbow in full circle! It was conspicuous right before the stretched mountains. The sun was enclosed centrally by the rainbow, and on the two sides of the rainbow there were another two suns coming along, that means there were three suns and a circular rainbow which formed a line in the sky. It was my first time to see that spectacle. Others in the car also saw it for the first time. All of us were taken aback. While the car was moving and the sun was going to set, I thought of to take a picture. Thanks the Lord, the wonderful scenery accompanied us along the way until we entered the town where XF lives in.

We arrived there approximately at 9 am. The short fence wall, the yellow soil, puddles on the street, simple minded people…… Oh my! Was I still in the dream? I was a bit perplexed. Who would I meet there? What should I talk with the people I meet? I was always asking such questions on the road. The staffs in Canada were more faithful than me, and said that I should get prepare to share. I came hastily and wondered if there would be people there? The brother G said he called the brother L in that area and they were waiting for me. What on earth should I share about? I didn’t get any answer from God on the road. Outside the walls of the quadrangle courtyard, there were two brothers rubbing their hands to wait. It was now minus 15 degrees Celsius! How long had they been waiting? As I entered the courtyard, I heard the sound of praise songs. A 200 something square meters bungalow which was full of people greeted my eyes.

At this time, I finally realized it’s the place God will bless. It was arranged by God Himself to have me come to SY and the town XF. Including the time, the place and the people, God extraordinarily arranged everything. The communication technology was not highly developed here. So if there is a special meeting here, it must be noticed several days ago. The method to notice is to use the phone which few people have. If someone has no phone, he or she will be informed in person. The location is right on the boundary of two provinces. Many people came from other provinces, so it would take them one or a half day to drive here. I decided to come here when I got the revelation from God in the noon on February 2nd. The staffs I contacted before didn’t know that as well. However God did the wonderful thing on it.

The leader named L who summoned the meeting told me that as he was praying, God gave him a specific date to summon this meeting. He said he didn’t know who the speaker is at all, he was instantly obedient and called up people by faith though. I occasionally entered the place on February 2. Unexpectedly it was the date God arranges for them. God made both of us receive the same date, and that’s God’s work and wonder. I at present understood that it’s God Himself who knows and fulfills every single detail.

They’d started to worship at 8:00 am and had always waited faithfully. I dare not image if I can be so faithful in this kind of situation. What if the speaker won’t show up? I was strongly shocked by such faith. I straightaway needed to face more than 200 brothers and sisters who are eager for God’s words. My mind went blank, and I didn’t know what I should speak. While I was agitated that I don’t get any answer from God, I already stepped through the door of meeting place, and the voice of worship got more and more sonorous. In the wave of worship, the Holy Spirit suddenly opened my eyes to make me see a sword which was carved with four Chinese characters “
我心所愛 (My Beloved)” falling from the heaven. Therefore I walked through the crowd and took the message at the stage.

Because the space in the house was limited, the stools were densely lined up and people crowded the room, even some people sat behind the glass door and even two people shared a stool. I can tell that they are so eager for God’s words from the circumstances. I shared with them about what I just received from God. Surprisingly, the topic of the love of Jesus in the first sermon would result in all people’s repentance in the meeting. The Spirit of the Lord poured down from the heaven and the power of repentance made everyone weep before the Lord. It was like that a pit was suddenly opening up on the floor and people present were holding God firmly and called upon the Lord to prevent themselves from dropping into the pit. When it was in a break, someone held me to share that she witnessed God’s work and wonder while I was preaching. One of my staffs who came with me also talked about that in a trance she was suddenly brought by God to Israel. I marveled at the works the Lord did here on people’s minds. The Holy Spirit really worked in this place without obstacles.

I enjoyed in the circumstances which the brothers and the sisters were praying deeply in the throne room of God. The multiple voices of praying in tongues were sounding and they were calling upon the Lord simultaneously. The voices were just like the sound of waters falling from the top. I then saw a huge altar with burning fire on it. God was so pleased that they sacrifice and worship like that. After I shared the messages in the day, in the evening I began to lay hands upon each of them. While I was serving them, I was shocked that among 60 to 70 persons I served there were at least 80 percent of them who held babies of different ages in their arms. God told me that they are shepherding as leaders in churches. I was quite captivated by such receiving from God.  Afterwards the brother named L shared with me, saying that it’s the special meeting held for pastors and most of them are leading and shepherding local churches. One of them actually comes from Tibet. That’s what I originally didn’t understand while I entered the place. When it came to deep night, I found myself exhausted after serving for a long time, hence I returned to my lodging.

Next day I woke up after 5 am and prayed for the service which should continue on the second day. The scheduled departure time was originally at 8:00 am, but it’s unexpected that the prayer can’t be halted until 9 am. That morning, God gave me a Scripture in Ezekiel 1:27,28, “I saw that from what appeared to be his waist up he looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire, and that from there down he looked like fire; and brilliant light surrounded him. Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.” He reminded me His glory remains in this area and took me again to the wonder of three suns and the full-circled rainbow. I was so stubborn that God has to speak to me to enlighten me. Hence I recalled it was windy that day as what’s written in the book of Ezekiel, “a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal.” Behind the cloud was the sun. After the cloud was blown apart, the wonder of three suns showed up! God really needs to tolerate and bear the person like me who is used to comprehend everything rationally.

Once again God changed me schedule and put two messages in my mind to share. That’s His will in this place and He taught me a new method to serve. In the vision I saw the first group of eight male leaders come out, and God endeavored to taught me how to serve them, then the second group, and the third group. The Lord was so miraculous that He gave every care to my toil. I’d never tried such kind of method to serve which is totally different from that in Canada. I wondered how the Holy Spirit will do and what will happen differently from that before. I was looking forward to it very much.

After I received the vision, I came out of the room and found that the brothers and the sisters all love me so much that they had been waited at the door for more than an hour. In fact the temperature outside was extremely cold, almost minus 20 degrees Celsius. Thank the Lord that as we arrived in the meeting place, I called in the first group of people who were just the eight male leaders in the vision God showed me in the morning. There was another female coming along. Thus the first group of people began to be served. The service of the new method was so fruitful that the Holy Spirit did work there without the laying on of hands.
I saw the Holy Spirit work in more than 40 persons who have different diseases. Those who stood up right away recovered from diseases with no one left behind. The big wonder undoubtedly happened in the meeting.

I was pretty touched that as I served the third group of leaders, God released the power of repentance into the hearts of each person in the meeting place. I saw the crowd in the meeting weeping abundantly before the Lord. Especially many gentlemen kneeled down before God and said, “My Lord! I owe you so much. I had debt to You in my mind. I need to repent……!” The voice of weeping out loud could be indeed so beautiful that the roof can be blown off.

My Lord! They were so eager to touch You!  After the two days meeting, I went back to SY and along the way the staffs suggested me to stay overnight at the house of a couple called “D.” I had a sweet sleep because at night God showed me a piece of parchment with some words on its. I read it carefully and figured out that it’s a schedule of my trip in China for this month, and there were three phases of the schedule: 1. from Jan. 19, 2014 to Jan. 31, 2014, in GuangXi……; 2. from Feb. 1st, 2014 to Feb. 5, 2014, in SY……; 3. from Feb. 6, 2014 to Feb. XX, 2014, in …….

The God’s will and things I was supposed to do on each phase were clearly listed on the parchment. I especially saw that in the third phase I will spread the Gospel to my parents-in-law. I was pretty glad that God pointed out things He is gonna fulfill in my life. He made me apperceive the Scripture in Proverbs 16:9, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” I got so many plans, thoughts, and things to do, however He knows all of those. I have free will to choose and do whatever I want to do. The above event however became a mark in my life, which means my steps will be determined by Him and my plans have been known by Him.

With God’s will, I decided to stay to serve some of staffs of Omega Ministry on Feb. 5. The service started from 8 in the morning to past 11 at night. At noon, the sister Y came to couple D’s place and pointed to a brown shelf in their house and said
“Look! Do you still remember that you’ve mention a brown wine shelf when we were at the airport?” I suddenly noticed the brown shelf in the living room, and that’s primarily a wine shelf but he filled books on the shelf. God even showed consideration for such a trifle as which family I should go to serve in SY.

It was solid day. As a witness of the inner healing service, I amazingly saw the Lord speak to every person being served in just two hours without any exception. In addition, they told me the words God spoke to each of them even though some of them had never saw any vision and heard God’s voice before. It was wonderful that everyone experienced those things. Afterwards, many people were curious that won’t it be exhausted in a continual service? In fact, I was doing nothing just like those being served, and we all sit quietly before the Lord to see His will being shown to us. I didn’t need to speak anything like God makes me see and hear of something. It’s the Lord who fills them up, and I was glad to see easily on the side.

I, as a witness, also testified how God got our hearts at present, and how our lives were changed by the Lord, and how the Holy Spirit pointed out our problems in life. I witnessed in person that how people’s lives have a big breakthrough with such great power. They repented before God with each other. Such work done by God was so wonderful. I was so grateful to see God who is true and living. Praise the Lord!

After I was back in Canada, the first news I heard about was that churches in SY began to connect in prayers. They began to pray 24 hours everywhere. Each denomination in different regions began to give up prejudice and set out to pray. In faithfulness of the Lord, He made me see the initiation of SY’s revival. Thanks and praise the Lord!

Narrated by E.C.
Edited by C.L.
Translated by B.K.

錄音: E.C. 撰寫: C.L

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