Friday, 4 April 2014

The Testimony in the Omega Fellowship Meeting on March

In the fellowship meeting on March, we invited Dr. Eric a speaker who is spiritually gifted in healing to share God’s words with us. He is in charge of Wilding Ministry as well as the director of Royal Family International University. He shared “Jesus and Life” with us in the meeting. Through words of God, the Holy Spirit, and the prophetic words, he spread the Gospel and was eager to make everyone experience God personally. He made us wide-eyed and witnessed God and His glory with our eyes of flesh, which were truly happening among us. That’s not just a feeling; instead we used our eyes and hands to testify it.

 Dr. Eric Wilding

That day, a man who was long suffering from illness and even had experienced a car accident and a brother who just had a fracture on Thursday, both got healed in Jesus Christ through the service. That really greatly magnified God’s glory. Brothers and sisters participating in the meeting of Omega Ministry fellowship all experienced God’s healing personally that day. Long term chains and curses in their bodies were completely released by the Holy Spirit.

The Testimony:
Here is the first instance. The speaker invited those who have back pain to go forward to the stage and asked them to sit and put their legs and feet together to compare. Now we could see the first sister 's right leg was obviously one inch shorter than the left leg. (That’s the reason why she had back pain that made her inflexible. Her doctor and spine therapist were not able to heal her.) By proclaiming by faith “In Jesus Christ’s name!!!” something miracle was now happening; the right leg of the sister was getting longer and longer until both of her legs were equally long. Everyone present was astonished to praise the Lord. We invited the sister to stand up and feel the difference in her body. Now she could freely and easily stretch her body and bend down! Next we saw her arms which would be hurt if she stretched them backward, and she was not able to make a backward circle with her arms. However she could do that after the prayer, she really got the healing from God!!


Next the sister was asked to pray in profession of faith for the next one who needs to be healed. The grace that we were healed was freely received by us and that would also be given freely to others. The rest of participators got healed by the laying on of hands and prayers of faith. A sister who had a serious car accident a couple of years ago got a sequel due to the accident. She had received the physical therapy but her injury never got fully recovered. After comprehending her problem, the speaker began to pray. In the blink of an eye, she felt that her body got released and her injured back never hurt again. She entirely felt easy and painless! God’s work was so amazing!  Coincidentally, there’s a brother who just believed in Jesus got hurt three days before the meeting (His experience was really the manifestation of God’s glory!) His was severely injured that he got a bone fracture in his leg which was bruise seriously so that he could hardly walk. The doctor advised that he needs a plaster cast on his leg and must walk with a crutch. After walking on the stage and sat on the chair, he took off the plaster cast, then the speaker put his hand on the wound to pray. At the same time, we conspicuously saw the change on the wound: the bruise was a bit reduced. As he prayed more, the color of bruise was vanished in front of everybody’s eyes on site. His skin turned into the normal color. We asked how the brother feels. “Very comfortable! It’s warm and hot,” he said. “Can I try walking now?” he continued. After speaking, he could not wait to stand. Instantly, he began to walk without the crutch!  Now EC asked him to run! He actually ran in the meeting place. It’s hard to believe that he could merely walk slowly with the crutch ten minutes ago. He was even strenuous to sit down before!  Oh! My Lord! You are indeed the true and living God! The above experiences also brought much more faith to everyone.

Almost everyone lined up for healing. That night, the Lord gave anyone who was eager for that. One of them was first time to attend the meeting of Omega Ministry. She’s never seen any wonder which could be seen by the eyes of flesh. She’s suffered from back pain for more than ten years. When it’s her turn, God quickly removed her pain and rehabilitated her displaced spine. She witnessed that she can hear a click in her bones. Finally she fell prostrate on the floor to cry loudly. Some of brothers and sisters were asked to put their hands on those who need to be served. Amazingly! Some of them who did it screamed and said “While we were praying for healing, I can feel my hands were pulled outwards by a outstanding force which was created by the great movement of muscles and bones.” It was like there’s a machine pushing the human body so that bones and muscles on the foot were growing! The sister who was served testified that she could obviously feel the force on the ill part of her body, and it was hot and strong making the muscles heated as bake. She was astonished when she saw her bones grow!

We usually hear somebody else to speak of God’s wonder and never think we can also see with our own eyes the power of God. That really solidifies our faith and eagerness to the Lord. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1) No matter where we go, the Gospel will be accompanied with power, wonders, and signs. Hallelujah!!! Praise God and glory be to the Lord!!!

Written by Journalist of Heaven
Compiled by CL
Proofread by EC

The epilogue by EC:
When I came back to Canada, the first thing was to pray to ask who will be the speaker on March. While praying, I saw the vision that Eric is standing on the stage of Omega Ministry. Therefore, I immediately made a call and wrote email to him. He was a busy man who just went to Europe for mission and returned last month. I ever met him twice, I didn’t know which ministry and where he is doing though. But did that matter? God knows everything about him more than any of us. It’s more important to believe in God.

After two days, he called back and said that he was already invited by a group in Quebec on the day of Omega’s meeting on March. I was a bit shocked and didn’t know what to do. Was that because I just went back and was too busy and was fleshly? All I can do was repent before God. After three weeks, there still wasn’t anyone coming along. The meeting would be three days later, I thought if no one can do that, I will. I didn’t want anyone to be the speaker without God’s invitation. I remembered it was on Wednesday and Eric left a message on my Facebook which says the day he will originally go to Quebec has been rescheduled, and he will come to Omega Ministry. It was me I talked on the phone with him and I told him that God had mercy on Omega Ministry; God sent him to us. I would like to say sorry that we cut in line. I believed that day will be quite special and God will do something miraculous. Whoever God wants to send will be sent!

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