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The Power of Fear

Love has no fear in it; instead, perfect love expels fear, for fear involves punishment. Therefore he who fears has not reached love’s perfection.


Fear is a feeling that something horrible is coming, which has not happened in reality, and this feeling has the power of threatening and can make one keep thinking it for real. Satan can make use of it to interwork with our traditional convictions and fixed pattern of comportment to exaggerate our reaction.

Enemy use fear to jail people while Jesus bestow faith to free us. Faith lead us to the kingdom of God, where we have true freedom to live up to His will. Whether we will walk in the right path to the kingdom of God lies in whether we will work with the faith God gives to overcome the fear in mind. Faith or fear can be the guide of our journey of life. Everyone has his life journey, where there are kinds of battles he has to fight in.

Here are ways to teach you how to conquer the fear, helping you get rid of the ruling of fear and put the plan God make for you into effect.

We are told in ROMANS 14: 23 “every act does not spring from faith is sin”.  If fear successfully controls us, it can be our master. If we want to please God, we have to replace fear by faith as we read in HEBREW 10, 38~39 in Bible that he whom I find righteous through will live, and if he shrinks back, My soul will not be pleased with him; however, we are not of those who shrink so as to perish, but of those who have faith and save their souls.

Thus, struggling to free ourselves from fear and keeping the faith in God should be our chief goal in life. During the process of achieving the goal, we should change our way to see ourselves and this world so that our belief and action can stop being controlled by fear and the faith in God can be the fountain of what we are. The faith in God is simple, but the work of fear can be complex, which is like a beast waiting for a chance to devour us.

The most common fear is the fear of people, which can be divided into three parts, the fear of being rejection, of failure, of losing face. We can have a conclusion that the more faith we have in God the more peace, strength, and satisfaction in mind we can get.

Here are some examples of negative reactions from fear :
  • It restrains our clear logical thinking ability so as to influence our conduct
  • It paralyzes our will and make us indecisive.
  • Fear can cause panic.
  • Fear may result in one’s lack in confidence and lead to one’s failing to complete his mission, the main reason for failure.
  • Fear mislead us to accept wrong conviction of our own and nose our way into vicious circle.
  • Fear destruct the relationship between one and others, not to mention with God.
  • Fear make us focus on ourselves, which is arrogance actually.
  • Fear breeds negative thoughts
  • Fear broods bad things

Dark power comes with fear

Fear often functions with death and the power of Hedes. When the power of death works, people feel isolated, apathetic, lacking vitality and losing ability to feel.

Fear can make one afraid to have connection with others, blocking him from good communication with anyone else.

Fear has its companies, such as the power of abandonment. While it is in action, you may experience being rejected, unwanted, even dejected, and then hopeless.  All these evil spirits work as a mob.

If we want one man down, we part him from the strongest power. Evil spirit know very well how to sabotage the relationship among people. Being segregated or isolated, we can be very vulnerable. When the death power enters one’s life, it is very hard to build up relationship with others, and that’s how the power of Hedes does its job.

What does it do? It tortures people, putting mankind in affliction. There are many spirits working under it such as, the spirits of torment, fear, not forgiving and psychotic disorder. Remember that they are workaholic, which always do their best to stir you, annoy you and drive you crazy till bringing you down and making you unable to lead a normal life. In addition, sometimes, the power of anxiety, deformity, and sickness can show up, which also work together.

After this, one begins to shut himself down, building up a wall and becoming apathy toward the outside world, and that’s when he hardens his heart.

Another access to the power of death is covering oneself with lies.

Because you have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us; for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have hidden ourselves. (Issiah : 28,15)

It is in bible that God’s people made a covenant with death and were at agreement with hell. How did this happen? Being refuged and hidden in lies, we are apart from others and the power of death gets its access to our life. God make it so clear that He hate the lying tongue, and He will get rid of he who tells lies. The more lies he is telling, the more secluded he is getting. Why? He is afraid of being found out.

For the lips of a strange woman drop as a honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell. (PROVERB 5: 3~5)

The enemy has no right to get into our life unless we let it. (PROVERB 26: 2) Experiences from the past may be the roots of our fear, but fear can’t stay because the perfect love from God. God’s love can of course help us win. The problem is what we focus on, our inability or God’s ability. Where we lose our faith in God, there is a place for the power of fear to control us.

(ROMANS 8:15)Indeed, you received no spirit no spirit that would re-enslave you to fear; instead, you received the Spirit of sonship by which we cry, “ Abba! Father! 

How to get released?

We have to confess to God our present situation, and how we are for real.  It is said in bible that he that covers his sins shall not prosper. The more you are open to God, the more mercy God show to us. It’s impossible to be freed unless we stop cover our sin.

Seek God’s love in daily life. Only His love can expel fear from enemy. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The highest level of wisdom is love.

It is not because the bride of Christ fears that God find her filthy that she tries so hard to be clean. It is because the bride of Christ loves Christ so much and wants to be the perfect bride that she does her best to get herself prepared.

In fact, it is hard for a new believer in God to understand that one answers the calling from God. It is also a thing for one to feel awed that he is taken to stand in front of God. He is God. His love will finally capture our hears, and this is also a journey which makes us love Him more.

Prerequisite needed to get released:
  1. Admit the real state of life-----confess to God all the weakness and problems in our life and ask God for help
  2. Repent the sins -----Repent your sins as soon as you sense it
  3. Abandon sins in faith—things what we should not do
  4. Forgive all that ever hurt us

Translated by GC

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