Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Global Prophecy No. 16: Tremendous Earthquake

April 12, 2014
As I was praying at 9 am, I saw a picture coming down from the heaven. Immediately, the road was cracked and jagged. Crushed soils and bricks were poured down into the crack. A tremendous earthquake just hit in the territory of U.S.A.  The surface moved up and down. It shook so violently that I felt dizzy. In the vision I saw the impact also had a great effect on Gulf of Mexico.

Two days later, again, as I was praying in the morning, the pavement is split and jagged, and soils and bricks were crushed in a different place. There's another big earthquake near Japan. I saw the number: 9 in the heaven.

My impression: the magnitude of the earthquake will be relatively high and will impact North America and Gulf of Mexico. This will be an earthquake of magnitude over 8 up to 9. Another earthquake of magnitude up to 9 will happen near Japan.

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