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The Important Moments in the Spiritual World---Global Prophecy No. 19

The Most important moments in the Spiritual World, Part I---The Collapse of the System

The dream before the dawn on August 31st in 2014
The Spirit brought a bookbag from the management office and handed it to me. It said: there are 70,000 dollars for me to save in the bank. After I finished the job, the Spirit asked me to take some money out from the bank. I went to the street and I found it very interesting that it was the street of the Spiritual World and that there is an ATM on every street, which is arranged very clearly. I also have been to the cities in the Spiritual World many times.

I saw a store next to the ATM, which sold cellphones and computer accessories and the boss is a young man. At the time I saw from the Spirit that the bank shows that my seventy thousand dollars were saved. When I was waiting in front of the ATM, one meters ahead me, a man was taking money. Suddenly there was an explosive sound in the Spiritual World, very loud sound. At the time I saw in the Spirit that the ATM next to two streets explode. Although there were policemen around every ATM, I saw several scoundrals who were watching crowded in front of the machine to grab money. It was in chaos that people crowded people and that they grab money from each other.

At the time it said that
the system was collapsed in the Spiritual World. It began from the circuit boards of the ATM initially. The whole sky was not as bright as before and there were black clouds coming and rolling on the sky (You can see the occurring events in the Spiritual World and in the world at the same time. The events on the sky in the world not in the Spiritual World.) At the time the ATM I was waiting for in the line was exploded, too. I walked ahead to see if something happened to the man who took money, but interestingly the policemen who guarded the ATM took out the guns and asked us waiting in the line behind to walk backward. Therefore the ATM we were waiting for had no big problem. However because of the collapses of the whole system of the bank, I saw in the Spirit that there were only about twenty three thousand four hundred dollars left in the bank (I can’t remember the last two numbers), it lacked about forty-six thousand dollars. There was a saying that the robbers stole the money with advanced method.

At the time the broadcast said that we could take back the money lacked in the bank by doing two things. First you had to find the evidence to prove that you had saved the amount money; second you needed a witness. At the time I thought of an evidence at my home which could prove that I really saved 70,000 dollars, so I went back home to find my document as evidence and went back. When I found my evidence and went back to the ATM of the bank, I met a crossroad on my way home.

Because there were many intersections in the streets belonged to the Spirit. Unlike the streets in the Spiritual World, we know where the streets lead to in the world. It was not like this in the Spiritual World. We had to depend on faith and the vision the Spirit put in our mind to find the road and the direction, when we chose the road in the Spiritual World.
When I was on the one of crossroads, I almost got lost. Later I spent some time, I still found the ATM. At the moment I just thought of that I still needed a witness to prove, however, when I was saving money there was no witness. When I was considering what I should do, I found a very interesting thing that the young boss of the store next to the ATM was not thirty, but that he became an elder man after I went back to take the evidence and going back. (I spent so much time finding the ATM.) At the time an assistant director of the bank walked out to find me. He was waiting there for a long time and he seemed to know me and let me follow him( all of them on the sky knew what happened at first). The bank knew clearly that my account lacked the money and I was thankful to the Lord at the moment.

The above is the situation of the whole dream. After I got up, I prayed for this dream and God gave me some touch to explain the dream. This is the link of the Spiritual World and very important phase for the church in the world. It was the beginning in the Spirit World that it entered the dark moment (it started from September in 2014)which stirred the violent vibration in the Spiritual World. The destruction caused by enemy and the dark power brought many damages in the church and in the ministries. Due to the damages, the dark power came in and permeated more than before. When it came, it changed the whole space in the Spiritual World, and the changes would cause a serial reaction.
Hence many churches and the ministries will be faced with many Spiritual war fields and wars they never see. Because there was no experience to let us refer the war, we will not be able to amend the loss unless the churches and the ministries can depend closely on and construct the lives walking with God. There is a clear hint that the conformation of the loss is because of the systematic problem. Let’s check our system. Which part is weak? Did we use the blood to construct when we were constructing. Are the prayer meetings, retirement camp and the Bible groups constructed because of the human mind and ambition or God’s will. Do you know that the enemy can ignite the bomb through only damage?

Another work also occurred in the churches which pursued God with their hearts,
See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant." ( Jeremiah 1:10)
It is the process for the churches and the ministries to shake, split and separate. Although it is painful, it is God’s work. Lord uses every environment to let each of us get advantage.

We step into a very important final phase (Anti-Christ power in the darkness has already permeated the churches. The churches never thought that the dark period would come suddenly. It could make churches damaged. Besides robberies and thieves in the Spirit, it includes many scandals. The alert people can get out from the chaos and become holy separately.
Next some people said: if we keep alert to pursue God with our heart and realize how we can stand firmly during this disordered condition, God will offer the project to let us rebuild: You have to prove that what God gives you is immortal; it will be saved in the bank in heaven eternally. It seems that the effort and the work you have done are being attacked and destroyed but God realizes the plight you are confronted with. It seems that he doesn’t give his hand to help you immediately but you are not denied; your testimony is recorded in heaven.

Where was the beginning of the explosion of bank system ? The touch in the prayer is that our defense was attacked from the altar of worship. (It began from the circuit boards of the ATM) The altars that suit God’s will, realize God’s heart and work with God have to be reconstruct. Soon you will find surprisingly that God is doing this amazing work on the whole place. Because God’s eyes inspect the whole place, the work of re-establishment will be reconstructed under God’s control after the bank system is exploded. The functions of the altars have to be repaired and they are not powerless and weak; instead they bring power which begin from seeing God’s will.

The reconstruction of the altars in the whole churches and the ministries will open the door to heaven and create the open doors accessible to heaven. They defeat the power ruling the world, make God establish more his power on earth, come easily and interfere. Hence God can speak to the people who do not know him, to the government of the countries and to the people who are down for the government and the world. Heaven is open so these people will hear Lord’s voice, will see God, will wake up, will bring their heart with awe, and will say: Lord is really here, and I don’t know!
The altars that work with God will bring and release eternal lives, God’s glory, authority, power, plans in the final time and will so on and on. As the following:
2 Chronicles 6: 28-30 “When famine or plague comes to the land, or blight or mildew, locusts or grasshoppers, or when enemies besiege them in any of their cities, whatever disaster or disease may come, and when a prayer or plea is made by any of your people Israel—each one aware of his afflictions and pains, and spreading out his hands toward this temple, then hear from heaven, your dwelling place. Forgive, and deal with each man according to all he does, since you know his heart.”(for you alone know the hearts of men).
2 Chronicles: 6:34-35 “ When your people go to war against their enemies, wherever you send them, and when they prayed to you toward this city you have chosen and the temple I have built for your Name, then hear from heaven their prayer and their plea, and uphold their cause.”

We have to understand that heaven is conveying the message that every things shown in front of the physical world began from the Spiritual World. What we see in the physical world has already happened in the Spiritual Field in advance. It also tells you that who controls the Spiritual World. We have chance to win the victory on earth if you have won the victory in heaven in advance. Therefore your country, churches, ministries and fate of family are in your control with the altars.
Deuteronomy 30: 19 “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so you and your children may live.”

The Important Moment in Spiritual World. Part II----The Valley of Decision.

10.11.2014  2a.m. A vision:
I saw a high mountain, its both sides and the front were high mountains. The dried up and narrow ditches which are made up of hard rock were between them. And it was a barren place because these valleys were cursed. We should call it valley of decision.
The sky was dark and it looked like the eve of windstorm. It seemed to be lightening and thundering. There was a platform in the middle of mountains. On a platform standing a huge old bell, we can not see it top because it was suspended between the Heaven and the top  of the mountain. The appearance of the old bell looked shining and sparkling. There were some letters that we cannot understand on the bell.
By the midnight, an angel dressed in formal clothes showed up. He wore a white robe and put on a suit of dress of the knight in ancient time. He also wore a golden girdle. The lining of waistcoat was scarlet and there were golden ornaments on it. It’s glaring.
He jumped onto the platform holding a bell striker on his hand. The old bell looked alive and had been waiting for this moment for long time. It started to breathe and the dazzling light radiated like a ripple from its center. As soon as the angel waved his hand, the old bell chimed like thundering rumble and the light turned incandescent.
“The new chapter is beginning” a loud echo sounded from the Heaven. My spirit was shocked like I was struck by the lightning. Are we now in the last seven?

This question lingered in my mind. It happened too soon. Can it be little later? Can it be postponed?.... I should prepare Iodine tablets…..I was so perturbed...
When I recovered from my perturbation, I found out I was still on the prayer meeting and brothers and sisters were kneeling down and pray to God. There was no mountain and no sound of bell.
Impression: The period of darkness and the sound of bell from the valley of decision indicates that we will experience the natural disasters like big earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, floods, droughts, hails, and plagues which were written in the Bible very soon. In some areas, there will be some disasters in the same time and people will no longer forecast the weather precisely. For man-made disasters, there will be the plagues, wars, immorality, and worse perverts and sexual abuse.

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