After September 2015 --- Pay Attention to Important Timing

Prophecy 11: Sea water revert
Timing of the vision: September 30, 2013 9:30 pm

One vision: I saw a long coastline, not far from it is the city, countryside and group of high-rise constructions. The beach and rocks beside the coastline is washed and pounded again and again by the powerful water waves, making huge sound. A long lasting sound appears in the sky, similar to a steam whistle or horn, "Cities close to the coastline are going to perish! perish!" Huge waves as high as mountains rush to the cities and countries. The sea water fills land. Thunder storm, hurricane, mudslides are also happening in some places. (the visions I saw previously also includes thunder storm, hurricane and flooding, but this time, the difference is sea water reverts to fill city and country side, so the disaster is worse than before.)

"It's not because I delay, it's because of my mercy" a male's voice come from the sky, cover the noise of sea waves, powerful, majestic voice even calms the ocean. A globe that shows Asia, Europe, North and South America appears in front of me. I look down from high above, I see the 7th angel appears in the sky, (I saw him initiated the world economic crisis in 2008, Kuwait sand storm in 2011, South Asia earthquake in 2012 (he threw the South Asia territory into the ocean), including Sumatra 8.7 level earthquake, and the Iran India earthquakes.)  He strikes the Pacific Rim, the ocean is stirred, forms huge hurricanes, the hurricanes move across the land. The angel had one feet stepping on the side of the Europe that's close to Mediterranean sea, the other feet was stepping the United States. Sea water revert to inner land. Shops, cars and houses are all in water.

Prophecy 14:

Time of vision: November 13, 2013 early morning pray

............ (omit the front part)

Saw an irregularly shaped vat, the bottom is tented, one part is cracked, earthquake came, in Chile, Indonesia, Solomon Islands .The bottom of the vat start to raise. Water in the vat is full, overflowing the vat, this is not a regular vat, It's the shape of the bottom of Pacific Ocean. Sea water can only go beyond the coast, raise ocean waves as high as a hundred feet.

An island sunk down to the ocean bottom, disappeared on the earth (I know in the spirit that this country belongs to Dan Tribe).

Earthquake will happen in another place, it's in Europe, close to Atlantic Ocean.

A city that has a statue holding a torch encounters storm, it's submerged under water. I hear in the spirit "My people, you need to step up".  Isn't this from the Bible?

Understanding: These visions are describing the nature disasters that going to happen one by one. Starting from next April, September to 2015 September and October. After 2015, the disasters are going to get worse. Hurricanes will happen frequently in northern Pacific ocean. High level earthquake will erupt in South America, Chile, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Atlantic Ocean where is it close to Europe. Pacific Ocean region will see earth lifting, ground breaking, causing massive Tsunami and sea water reverting to inlands.

Prophecy 16 - Massive Earthquake

Time of the vision: April 12, 2014

A picture coming down from above, very speedy, 9am in the morning, while praying, the ground breaks apart, mud, bricks pouring from above, a massive earthquake happen in the US. Shaking the ground up and down, so powerful that I feel dizzy, so powerful that the impact goes as far as Mexican bay.

Two days later, again while I was praying in the morning, another place ground breaks apart, mud, bricks flying around. Another massive earthquake happened somewhere close to Japan. I saw number 9 in the sky.

Understanding: this is a massive, powerful earth quake, North America and Mexican Bay are imparted. This will be an over level 8 earthquake, almost level 9. Another level 9 earthquake will happen close to Japan.

Prophecy 20 - Unpredictable weather

December 2nd, 2014, 3:59 am

I was woken up by the noise outside, all the sudden don't want to sleep any more. I don't feel sleepy at all but very sober. What a strange feeling. I turn on my cell phone, it was 3.59 am. I didn't go to sleep until 1 am. There must be something that I need to pray. I went into a battle of praying.

My feeling is the praying is not finished, so I keep going, a vision rushed to me. Powerful wind knock down many trees, river floating, flood destroys houses, farm land, massive mudslide happening. I heard the words "east coast", in the coming 2015 and 2016, mange areas close to the ocean will facing hurricane or turmoil from Polar region. Abnormal rain storm, drought coming right after heavy rain. It's impossible to predict weather in many areas. More and more regions in the world will encounter abnormal weather, 3 or 4 season happen in one month.

2015 and 2016, important season, hurricane, massive earthquake and sea water reverting to inlands, we will see these disaster mainly in the east coast of northern pacific ocean and west coast of the US.