Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Prophet 26: Aerolite hitting the earth

Time of vision: June 7th, 2015 Early morning, I was walking on the street with the female classmate, heard the news, after 1x years, a planet meteorite will hit the earth. I was thinking, after 7 years, why so late, the government is sending the wrong message. All the sudden, I was walking with a friend outside a news media's office. The sky is very clear, no sunlight, very few clouds. In the afternoon, almost dawn, the sky is a little bit gray like 4 or 5 am in the morning. An object like a irregularly shaped stone flew from the outer space to the earth. Many people saw it, screaming, trying to avoid it. That object feel from the sky, causing effect and damage similar to an earthquake.  It hit Mexico Bay area. Tsunami happened, sea water rushing into cities, people running and screaming. I had the urge to go home to find my mother. She and I need to leave right away.

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