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Prophecy 25: Church at end times - The Great Deceiving 1

The churches at the end times -  The Great Deceiving 1: Churches compromise the world
Time of the vision: September 15th, 2014

In the early morning on September 15th, 2014, in my dream, Holy Spirit says, churches will divide into two types at end times. In the dream, I was guided to a place. Below is about circumstance of churches at end times. In my dear, hole spirit led me to a place. The place is similar to a studio, similar to a big opera house. The opera house means where the churches are, there are many small cabinets, each can be separated or united into one, depends on how segments or boards are used.

After I went inside the opera house, I heard many news. It seems many churches are going to host united preaching events or special meetings and revival sessions, etc. It's saying that many famous Christians are initiating these events. These people, ones who are initiating these events, have something in common: they are very gifted, at least from the what people can see. It doesn't mean they are holy or have integrity for everyday living. Their integrity and characters are not really equal to the gift they were given. However, when they are facing the public, they hide their characters, many people don't know them well. People won't know a person's really life until the holy spirit reveals them or looking at them in the spirit.

On the surface, many people can only see that they are very powerful, gifted servants of God. Every preaching is a grand event, over hundreds of people attended, sometimes even over thousands. When I look at the crowd, there are people with various backgrounds, people from Philippine, south and east Asia, Hong Kong, North Americans with different skin colours, Caucasians, Blacks and other different skin tones. I was thinking, wow! God is really blessing these people who are hosting the special events. Just call out the meeting, then people will gather. What is the profound mystery behind this?

Holy Spirit took me to see another vision. There are some very faith people, they are praying hard, shouting to repent, preaching God's final judgement, serving the God with all their heart and all the ability. However, not many people pay attention to them. They didn't have much impact. Gentile and unfaithful people laugh at them. They are even treated as ungifted and unable to do major work. The special meetings hosted by these faithful people only attracted two or three churches. Not many people attended either, only about 200-300 people, however, they serve God faithfully. I didn't understand why God didn't bless them.

Clearly in contrast to the other group of people, the other group didn't need to pray, didn't pay to price to pray, but their events attracted hundreds and thousands of people. I sat in the opera house, took a flyer of the special events, I really can't understand the reason behind all this. I opened the flyer. It looks like a thick magazine. It contains colourful entertainment news; introduces place of interests; how participants would go to meetings in these places that have nice views, comfortable amenities; what games, food, luxury activities they can enjoy. The flyers use God as a slogan, skillfully make Jesus a spokesperson, but not a magazine that carries Gospel. What are these flyers after all?

So I start of observe carefully. I found that in these people's gathering, many are fans of operas, or people who are interested in shows ( those people prefer to act or show off in preaching, like a super star; they make jokes, entertain people or satisfy their own desire). These meetings are not really broadcasting Gospel, some are totally unrelated to Gospel. Many people gather in the name of God or because of God. In fact, they are watching shows. Some meetings seem to be related to Gospel, but they are mixed with other things, sometimes even mixed with Buddhism, Taoism, heresy. These meetings convince people remove the differences among different religions, accept and love each other, not realizing they are displeasing God. Most audiences are here to have fun, especially since these events are in the name of Gospel. Many people are having tea, chatting, playing ball games, watching movies, talking about mysterious things, discussing TV episodes related to ghosts. I was wondering if I came to the wrong place. When Jesus were talking about the end times, he warned the disciples: "Watch out that no one deceive you."(Matthew 24:4)  I predict that in the days to come, before Jesus Christ's second coming, thousands of people will following the false doctrine that benumb people's conscious. These doctrines helps people to find consolation in this world, in the sin they had in the past and even right now. Eventually, these doctrines will lead people to a sweet oblivion....to an Elysium where Jesus' blood is not needed, no life problems needs to be solved, for some people, it's a carnival without eternal life.

Right at this moment, all the sudden, God's words came from above, like thunder, saying, after the 1260th day, God leave his people 30 days to reinstate. Those who love God, faithfully serve God hided in these days to avoid force. Therefore, Jesus is saying: "Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him." (John 14:21). However, some pastors, missioners in churches, confuse the people in this world, for their own name. As expected, after the 1260th day, I see many faithful followers of Jesus came out from the darkness, waiting to see how God would restore human.

Holy Spirit already mentioned, there will be a big confusion at end times. This confusion is some pastors, missioners or even highly respected Christian leaders of churches, who seem to have massive power, do activities not for the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ. These activities are big. They confuse many people. People start to compromise the world, even treat the church as a place for entertainment. God will judge all these when he comes.  Praise the Lord!

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