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The Global Prophecy 34: The Churches at the End times - The Great Deceiving 4 - A False Event About Being Caught up

Date: May 2000, wee hours.  Dream: The end-times and the Antichrist

"....Before all these things happen, I heard a voice shouting, "Here is Christ, and Christ is over there," while others are shouting "Christ in the East", and many churches begin to chase after the direction of the sound. People who were attracted to the sound ran in weary and struggle. In the first three years, I saw many people who followed these churches attracted by the sound running around in vain. However, one day, the voice of the Father came down from the heaven suddenly. In that night in the dream, the voice of the Father was very clear, like waterfalls from the heaven and also like thunder, saying, “this is my enemy, the Antichrist, to deceive my people.” Because of that voice, I woke up from the scene, broke away from the crowd, and told all the churches about God telling me such and such things. Then I tried with all my effort to convince them not to follow that deceiving voice, not to be controlled by the Antichrist. From that moment, I began to lead some churches to be separated from all the other churches in the world, and began to walk the paths the God had prepared for us. I remember at that time when I was speaking on top of a big rock, barely one-third of the churches will break away from that situation....."

Time: December 24th, 2015 Morning Dreams

Early in the morning, the sky was dark, on the way I encountered a friend of S' who was my new colleague, about 30 years old. He asked me: “Sister XX, you posted a prophecy, saying: On the last day, before the return of Christ, XXXX things will happen. but I heard of that in all parts of the world at this moment, people were saying that Jesus had been seen to come to the world. It Is already the second time. Why didn't we see any signs before Jesus came? "

Some colleagues of the work of the Ministry were still helping people find hiding place. Persecution and the night was coming. Among them, I met S on the way, who was engaged in taking people to hide. I also felt strange, but I did not understand this. God does not lie and has made it clear about signs and marks of his return, why did not the marks show since there had been rumors in every part of world that Jesus had come. This was completely different from what I had received. was there any doping? Or something else?

Also I heard of that the sisters of a church mentioned the event about being caught up saying that some people had been caught up, and some were even caught up before the disaster. I knew that at that period of time, many people died, but, but have they really been caught up? I was so confused.

I was walking outside in a hurry. Here was a wilderness, the majority of it was mud, some land bridges collapsed. The surrounding mud area looked like a wilderness having experienced some unrest or arms control after the riots (or war?). The birds would not fly over such a place. There was a man called Jesus, who appeared in a mud ground somewhere, where the Jesus stood. His hair was golden brown, and shining. He was touching a man caught in the mud with his hand when then man was shouting for help. This Jesus was kind and bright, and seemed to have boundless sympathy for all. The man who was in the mud, after a touch of Jesus's hand, immediately disappeared. There was no moon in the sky over there, but the night sky was sending out the blue ray of light, the light was shinning on people. Is that what the being caught up is?

Not far away, there was another one with the same situation. This Jesus suddenly appeared by the person's side. Upon the touch of this Jesus's hand, the man disappeared. The Jesus engaged himself in touching of people stuck in the mud and people disappeared one by one.

I was very hesitant: This was what Christian had been long expecting for! But there was one part that I did not understand: Are those who have been caught up all Christians? Some people were clearly in the "mud". Can people living such a life also be caught up? O Lord, forgive me, do not let me commit any crime of being judgemental. I really want to know where these people have disappeared to. This was different from what holy spirit has taught me through words, bible, visions, dreams etc.

I went to area where the Jesus appeared, trying not to appear in the scope shrouded by "Moonlight”, I stretched out my hand to the region. When I reached out my hand to Jesus, a harsh voice reminder sounded in my heart warning me not to touch. I was standing on the shore while this Jesus standing in the mud (or in the water, because the sky was too dark) stretching out a hand to me, I also stretched out mine. At the moment right before the touch, all of a sudden my spiritual eyes were opened, in the spirit, I clearly saw the spirit of this Jesus wore black robes, his hand was not empty, a scorpion with poisonous spirit was lying on his hand. I waked up. This was the false Christ, false Jesus, as long as people touched his hand, the scorpion with spiritual poison immediately put deadly poison on people. I quickly took back my hand, and the Jesus disappeared.

The audience were crying out a pity because not everyone had the opportunity to be caught up. I was glad that I was not taken by enemy.

I broke out in a cold sweat. One of the last day deceiving is the false being caught up. Because of such things, many godly people and some people will be downhearted and fall. At that time, many media will become the political mouthpiece of "unity of religion, politics" forces. The truth becomes scarce, and in the false information transmitted through the media, the resolution becomes so important. The illegal things are increasing, at the time when prosecution and dark night is coming, you can only rely on the Holy Spirit's lead and distinguishing can it be possible to escape from such a "trial". There is a god of love and mercy, by don't forget that he has other side of "trial and wrath" that people have fear of. Paul said: “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.” (Corinthians 5:11)

So the Bible has a stern warning.

(Matthew23-26) At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it. For false Christ and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect--if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. "So if anyone tells you, 'There he is, out in the desert,' do not go out; or, 'Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it.

In a journey to the future of May 2000, I once mentioned that the Antichrist will be accompanied by big deceiving (refer to the Omega Ministry Service website links concerning "the last generation and the Antichrist" for details). Many churches will also be caught in such deceiving and hard to tell the truth.

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