Friday, 18 December 2015

Global Prophecy 32 -- the Lord's Day is Near

Dreams: September 25th, 2015, after 4:00am

At that time, I got up and checked the time, it was after 4:00am, before 5:00 am. I saw the world hanging in space with a lot of ice-snow gas around, the gas is very dignified, felt as cold as the South pole. These ice and gas were condensed together, the air naturally become light blue, some are purple, very beautiful and aesthetical making people feel like entering the ice and snow world of film.

It was very strange that all of the land stayed together as one, unlike the earth's current appearance, that all continents on the earth are separated. For example, the north and South America, Australia and Asia are separated, but all the land here were together. From a point of view, the ocean and land were in one and the sea surrounded the land. It felt like they were floating in the air like a ship. The land seemed on the ship, and the ship was like a spacecraft waiting for God’s command to fly to the space at any time.

I was led by the spirit of God to space of universe to watch the whole thing. At first, God made me see all the continents of the world before their separation. Three-in-one God led me floating in the air. I didn't know why I knew the one standing next to me is three-in-one God, but my spirit knew, very definitely that three-in-one, with glory, with respect, with the right handle is not a separate three. I stood with them, three dimensional bright dazzling light, standing inside the glory of man, sometimes is a synthetic, as the Holy Spirit is in the son, the son in the father. Sometimes my position is slightly ahead to see what is happening on the ground. When I was speaking with the Holy Spirit beside me, sometimes my thoughts would go to the Godly Father. My mind about holy son will also focus on Godly Father, mind moves fast. At that time, Godly father also let me think he was sitting on the throne in heaven, very far from Jesus and me, but his reply was clear like the image in my eyes, face-to- face talk. During each talk, light will travel nearer from far. The way to communicate with your mind is really good.

The Holy Spirit said just like how Moses understood the "Genesis", today I will understand some things. First, let’s see the situation before land were separated. After I saw the prediction figure, I naturally understood how God judged the world. The world of today will be judged by God in the means of sky change, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

The whole picture was very beautiful, all the air looked without movement, and as if all the air is completely condensed there, hanging in the air like what we see in the three-dimensional films. The lens is gradually narrowed from distance, the world was staying in the air, which is the image of the earth hanging in the air, then slowly closer to the lens, I saw all the land together in one place, not separate. Next, I didn’t think I was moving, but the sky and the earth were getting closer to me, it should be God that put the lens closer.

The whole plate of continents (continent plates are connected) was floating on the ocean like an iceberg. Antarctica was not the Antarctic of today, but in the low latitude. The African plate and the South American plate are together...... The wind was brought out from the store, snow was also brought by angels. There were fog and smoke in front of me. It reminded me of JOB28:26 in the scripture– “Who cut a channel for the torrents of rain, and a path for the thunderstorm, to water a land where no main lives, a desert with no one in it, to satisfy a desolate wasteland and make it sprout with grass?” (JOB 38: 25-27).

JOB 38: 34-35: “Can you raise your voice to the clouds and cover yourself with a flood of water? Do you send the lightening bolts on their way? Do they report to you, ‘Here we are’?

JOB 38: 22-23: “Have you entered the storehouse of the snow or seen the storehouse of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle”. After the smoke cleared, I saw the magnificent buildings, regularly-cut buildings, large stones connected with each other without joints, like stones in Pyramid or the ancient Great Wall, some were even bigger, I guessed they were the" Tower of Babel ", but in fact it was not. The upper part of the building was in the clouds. Wow, it stood right in the center of the land, on the building were standing many people like from different places or planets with very special looking.

They were the bodies of man and beast’s combination, the offspring of fallen angels and men, and of course there were fallen angels, too. This is clearly a civilized era ah! I fainted, I really didn’t understand the place where God brought me. I saw men, the beasts and fallen angels are all cheering, because a more magnificent thing that could be built was to be brewed on the ground. There were many torches on the ground, altars were built anywhere. They could understand each other's language, I even heard the aircraft’s rumbling sound which went through the whole world and sky.

God took me flying through the air to see this scene. In this scene I saw a Bible written in Hebrew. What surprised me was that in this dream, I actually read the Hebrew text. That is in the sixth chapter of Genesis," Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence… I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them "This is what God said to Noah, before the flood, and was unexpectedly used in this generation. Next, I could only see the angel’s back, with strong muscles and a large white gown, flashed in front of me. A mountain stretching from the northeast to the southwest direction broke and it was fog and smoke again in front of me, the sea was also sinking, so was the earth, my ears were buzzing loudly. After all of these buildings and their "people" fell, and things were done.

I realized that I was standing in the future, which was the fact I could not avoid. On that big day, the universe was in disorder, everything in the world fell into nothingness, coldness covered the sun, the chilly wind was blowing at night. The hotness was from under ground, day became shorter and shorter. Because the sun in the day time was blocked by a thick fog nebula or shelter, the day, like the night reflected on the snow, was not bright any more. The birds did not fly, the beasts were full of fear roaring, groaning or crying, which made people hearing it tremble with fear. The fog was getting thicker and thicker till the people were completely cut off from the light. Like what in the "exodus”, the prince and the civilians were fleeing to escape from the coming events, those who were hiding under the ground and in the mountains thought they could survive, but they forgot that mountains could collapse, the earth could move. In the thick darkness, there were many people who never waked up again.

In fact, not all of the disasters are caused by nature. The destruction power of human, such as mining to the centre of the earth, even to the clouds, has arbitrarily changed the nature, changed the magnetic field and the spiritual channel. I didn't know what I was looking at. It looked like snow. The ground surface was covered with thick white, gray and yellow blended ash. Not until God's sun lightened up the earth again, there were still survivors, in the protection of God, came out from hideouts, to proclaim the glory of the creator......

This is the big day when God in anger fall upon and judge the world, this was the great and terrible day, also commonly known as the "doomsday" stage also in the media and the world or "catastrophe" stage called by Christians, the day before the Millennium peace. The day is coming, soon.

So I was awakened up. I checked the time, it was still early. I got up and prayed. When I knelt on the ground praying, the Holy Spirit let me see the machine CERN, which would change the balance between physical and spiritual world and bring disasters caused by natural and human evil, open the unknown things. in the dream. The beasts, evil spirits or or fallen angels in the dream were released in some form, the competition to win people’s hearts were getting more and more fierce. Crimes increased in the earth with great sin, the judgment will come upon this land.

Here, to describe what was happening in the world with the construction of "Babel”, and "Nimrod" the "Babel" foreshadowed the holding power, spreading human’s behaviours, recorded in Genesis, Nimrod unified the society, later, the religions of the world were also from Babylon, he did not only unit the society politically, religious later were also from Babylon. In that era of Babel, his capital was Babylon, as the same situation we now encountered, soon religions got unity, there would be many global alliance and the coalition government, the purpose was to hold high position of people, hold power of people high.

This vision is giving warning that the existing world civilization is about to end, however, for people of faith, it is a hopeful vision that we are going to enter God's millennium, and the world before the new millennium is coming to an end. The most difficult trials to human are not climate, temperature, seasons, hurricanes, floods, tsunami, earthquake, volcano and rapid change of nature, but the cumulating power of hearts of corruption, evil and sin, to shake Spirit. People chose love and hate, forsake kindness, so self punishment was made. When people complain about being forsaken by God, people do not know the truth that same species come together. To the eternal point, people will also cluster until we find the same ones as ourselves, which is to find out the right characters and temperaments to match with ourselves. So far, we seem to find our own lives.

God gives us the freedom to choose between good and evil, this is part of our free will, he gave us free will, so that everyone has the freedom of choice for good or for evil. If we choose the good, it is the choice of heaven; if we choose the evil, that is, the choice of hell. To go to hell is entirely doing the orders of evil heart from own will. So the Bible says that we will be punished.

With regard to the end, God uses Nimrod's generation as a metaphor, that is to say seeing the cities and towers built in the world, we know that it was people in high position at that era. In Nimrod's era, the society built a unified world, and unified the religion and politics. We will soon encounter the same situation. Before the trial (use flood to foreshadow), there will be people, beasts and fallen angels appearing on the earth, then God's anger, as mentioned in the Bible, "Apocalypse”, the future will encounter this situation. In this dreams, God specially used Noah's era to foreshadow our generation, which is the end. Human flesh has been faced by God, with the ground covered blood and sins, which caused God’s anger. There will be such judgement in the end.

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