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The Global Prophecy 31 The Great Deceiving 3: Alternative Means of Forcing

The churches at The End times: The Great Deceiving 3
-- The persecution to followers of Christ and brides of God in North America and Europe, alternative means

Time: An early morning in November 2000, 4:30AM

I waked up in the early morning as usual, but when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a city I had never been before, called Toronto. Where is Toronto? Which country is it? I was not very clear. But I saw a house, a semi-detached, Two- story house with white brick wall. I went into the basement first where there was a kitchen. I opened the light brown cabinets, where I saw many empty bullet heads, with different types of them filled the following cabinets. There were many plastic boxes designed to put empty bullet shells. I didn’t not know who put the so many empty shells in the cabinets of the basement.

Then I went upstairs, I saw a garden in the backyard, which was so beautiful. I love living in the villa. Although I didn’t know how many years away at that time, but I was very happy that I could afford to buy this beautiful house. The key is God's promise that I will live in this city in the future.

The seasons had changed a few times before my hand was holding a small pistol, I was somewhat confused: It seemed that it was used to protect myself and I could use it whenever it was necessary. Of course it was legally owned. Black shell, just right for me.

Next, the outdoor air changed fast, the air of spirit became very strange. The gray clouds in the sky rolled over and over and almost all the leaves fell. You already felt extremely cold even though winter was not here yet. There was a voice echoing in the earth: The forcing has started, the disaster shall come upon all the men of the earth and the sea. There were two seasons, spring and autumn, and it was obvious to see the forcing was happening during the time of seasonal changing.

This year's autumn. In the season of apple fruits, on the asphalt paved streets, I was brought to the future. This street was not wide, about two cars paralleling width. On the ground was water marks left after just washing off the blood, and some dried bloodstains without being washed off were stuck in the gap on both sides of the road. I caught a glimpse of the gully. Before the apples from the trees would fall into the gully. Sometimes, the gully was filled with apples when it was in winter, then the apples decayed and became the fertilizer of next season but now it was different. It was not apple falling season yet, the gully was filled with blood and blood water. It was a completely dark season. The weather had changed. I did not know what it started that followers of Jesus had become heterogeneous in the eyes of the people, and these "disobedient" followers were killed by the sword and terrifying vendetta. The killing that started in the Middle East would spread to North America. No one would believe that such an event would come. It looked like that godly followers were no longer the same as before to live in the soil of religious freedom.

Forcing was slow in the beginning, and it started with the church...... Those followers who did not have the heart of "compromising" or renewal of the Holy Spirit were forced out of the system, but the spirit of God, gathered them together again, not many people, dozens of people here, dozens of there...... They were forced to hide in the home, or in the wildness, but their loving hearts to the Lord were burning stronger and stronger. There was no system dark power or "world church" to protect them, people would give them to their enemies with no mercy. Scenes suddenly appeared in Muslim countries...... And once again in North America....... My body and spirit were travelling through different countries, I felt waves of dizziness, my body was shaking. It was only 4 or 5pm in the afternoon, but already completely dark, Other than extremely darkness, I could hear wind blowing hiding my cry when people were standing in the plains or desert.

God and the angels at this time seem to deliberately hide. This was a chilling freezing season.

Finally, my dizziness disappeared and I saw myself back to the door to my little villa. Outside, many of the followers were looking for hiding places. There were a pair of mother and daughter, white, coming to seek help. I took them to hide, and led many people to hide......

And the evil shall come upon all the inhabitants of the land and the sea, (Mt 13:22 for false Christ, and false prophets will rise up and make wonders. If they do, they will confuse the voters.) Evil has come to the world with great deception and confusion to God's selected people. How does Satan confuse and force the voters of God? Alternative means.

The following is my summary to my visit to future led by Jesus and it is how I understand the deceiving and forcing occurring in North America and Europe, the slow starting, then aggravating with the government and political help, so that the Antichrist can establish forcing system in Catholicism and Christianity’ system.

"The prudent see danger and take refugee, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. “(Proverbs 27:12)

Deception in the church:

1 Dirty spirit caused the moral decay. The compromise to the world fully was fully into the church, the evil spirit tempted, corrupted and invaded the children of god. There were many of the crimes in the religious world, “Gal 5: 19—21: The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissension, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of god.”
Description of the Scriptures become common phenomenon of the church. “Gal 5: 17-18: For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law.”.

2 Another kind of deceiving and compromise is that I not only love Lord, I love pleasures as well, obsessed with material. It apparently looks not contradictory, they are not doing obvious crimes like being drunk, smoking or drug abused, adultery or serious addiction, intervention to privacy, however, the focus of the Christian life, is no longer a relationship with God, but the entertainment occupies the life time. Because the world and the media teach you to enjoy life, live the same life as people of outside of God’s kingdom killing the time by watching TV, reading newspapers, media or going to resort, fishing, travelling, playing balls, going to the cinema, to participating in the party, becoming a social person, being keen on these activities the worldly people cares about like larger houses, and ignoring God's calling, not obeying God. This is their tragedy. In the end, they have completely surrendered to the darkness without knowledge of it, fallen to the bottom in the spiritual cliff. They are double- minded people, in the time when Jesus comes again, just like the days of Noah, the people here get married, so bustling that there is full of social taste in church activities. Being rich and successful becomes the direction of the pursuit and show-off of the last church. The world outlook of fascination and recognition to the material world lets the voters fall into confusion, unable to distinguish;

3 Antichrist, through the legislative process, makes the government gradually introduce some laws or mandatory regulations to monitor the gospel radio, television and radio programs, organizations usually associated with the sermon, Jesus Christ's gospel, and life changing programs and finally have them banned. Of course, this world still need "religious Gospel" and "world church". If no religious control, the manipulation of people will be weakened, so religious combine with political participation, large-scale charity relief, participation in the election (of course the original purpose is good, or is full of rhetoric, once in power, the taste is fast changing) and behind these social activities, is the spirit of antichrist. However, in the world of Spirit, they have completely died. Satan’s purposes are to, through the media work, get rid of the "Christ centered" programs. Of course, business taxes on the construction of the gospel, all kinds of fees charged to the gospel engineering will let you quit, so your building plan, spreading of the gospel must be clearly guided by the Holy Spirit, otherwise, in the end, you will drain your energy, and your plan or project will meet the test and be difficult to survive. Voters can't tell these events, because these activities will be covered with gorgeous charity, relief and changes;
4 The fourth deceiving is to preform witchcrafts to transform people into the "world church", The witchcraft ceremonies will replace the God prayer which is truly close to God, the church will pass this information. Since there is no spiritual discernment, the heresy like fortune telling, astrology, horoscope, famed, ghost, supernatural events become the pursuit of church people as fancy things and understatement. Prayer is not to seek the mind of God, but the pursuit of the physical comfort and needs of this life, not to mention spiritual war, fasting prayer. There are no bright eyes in the army of Christ, so in the church, the evil throne could be established instead of being expelled;
5 Under the slogan, "Acceptance and Forgiving", the world church leaders will actively defence for gay, whose proportion of the population in the world is not high, however, these gay institutions, organizations and members have got most of the seats of America and European politicians. Most of the people waking up in the morning will suddenly find out that their community members, members of Congress and ministers admit to the media that they are gay or bisexual, which is not only a fashionable term, it is the position successfully won by the enemy of Christ through the thousands of year’s preparations. "The world church" as a political endorsement mechanism, on the religious level, will pave the way for things like gay and the bisexual’s legally taking minister and religious high positions. “Love your neighbours” “Love Events” will actively work on promoting “gospel”. Soon, any resistance and resistance to their remarks will be deemed illegal, and even put in jail. Such forcing would be in every city of North America and Europe. Of course, the Church of Satan, freemasonry, North African voodoo had held seats in the church, their preaching is correspondingly rising in the last stage of the family, of course in the name of Christ's call. (Postscript Supplement: if you want to know more, you can read The End State of the Church: The Great Deceiving Two.)

6 New lessons, the lessons of weak caring, people enjoying the pleasures of sin, new lessons to comfort the crimes of conscience on the crown of "the love of God" "God's grace" will gain support and encouragement in the "world church”. These have serious impact on the foundation of Christian education. At the same time, it is reflected in the education system of the society. An interesting phenomenon is that the system of the anti Christ like Muslim, even Buddhism, Taoism, yoga has invaded in to the North American government organization and education system which was found on the basis of Christianity and it even get protection, Muslim influence will greatly exceed the Christian influence, "the people of Israel was contrary to the will of God, the five nations without being driven out will be all over the place". In the White House, in European palaces, there are Muslim’s breakfast, morning prayer, which won't feel weird or strange to you. However, the real Christ centered education will suffer from political and financial persecution and restriction, bureaucratic forms of obstruction, and any extension application will be attached more and more conditions and eventually be banned or is people used by Satan will take the leading position. If there is no God's miracle involved, if the first priority is not to establish a close relationship with God in order to carry out the work, there is no gospel work and ministry can last;

7 Along with the more and more scandals involved with famous ministers and large religious charity's is disclosed by a new form of media in the end, (At that time, I couldn’t understand this new media, I travelled to hell in 2000, Jesus Christ took me into the hell for the soul, where, I saw priests and missionaries still respectable in the world at the time etc. I'm surprised they would stay there, and driven by lust desire, willing to come to accept the trial and punishment. These people's heart and behavior had rejected the salvation of their god. I saw some of them appear in the gospel TV in the same year, I heard them in the media. Some faces were strange, but Jesus told me that I would see and be familiar with them in the future. Jesus explains why they were being held there. These are the ones that are mentioned in the Bible, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons, and perform any miracles? (MT 7:22) but the Lord said to them, "I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers "(MT 7: 23). They had the taste of grace, understood the theory of kindness. However, they did not live a new life, no surrender to Christ's command, some had the crime of having affairs, they left before the crime was washed clean; some got lost in life in the lure of money; some betray the glory of God and fall.... He said, "After 2012, in addition to the famous ministers you saw here, there will be an Asian minister, too, who will fall….". The original loving- Jesus-movement changed the direction and nature, the Christians without having established a close relationship with God are left in the testing field full of pleasure, compromise of moral standards, sex freedom, the lust of the eyes, pride of life, some people will return to the wild life without devotion to Christ's life. Tainted with sin and mud, Satan and the demons can re-influence and control over these people. Many devout people get downhearted, the love of Christ began to deviate from the original activities of Christ centered direction, and then develop toward the direction of compromising and establishing self-image and making money, and finally even got transformed into brothers’ hate activities.

8 Separation movement between sheep and goats is gradually forced into forming, however, People living in the “World Christian” do not understand God’s work at the end of world, and from the beginning of 2009, the Holy Spirit in the church dominated this separatist movement. a follower of Jesus and Jesus's bride is no longer popular, sheep began to endure all sorts of slander, abuse, judgment, out of thin air, fabricated facts, even attacks, these activities will become more and more fierce, and spread to the rest of the world. The “world church” is unable to accept the spiritual person who truly loves the Lord. The goats will also participate in the work of forcing sheep, so dispute and factional struggles in a flock of goats are staged awfully daily. I encourage all the followers of Jesus that we will pay the price for what we believe in, and do not think that you can escape from that trial, scriptures Romans 5:3-5 says:
Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character, and character, hope. And hope does not to disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. ROM 9:22 but if God will reveal his wrath, and his power, and his power, he will endure his wrath, and his wrath to prepare for the destruction of the vessel. ROM 12:12 shall rejoice in the hope of it. Prayer must be constant. If the Holy Spirit speaks to you, clear the strategy and plan for your next step, don't hesitate to act on God's Guide. Don't think you can in a flock of goats in carefree and content or in the power of Satan, bacon. You are the children of God, and of course will keep you through the hard times, but it is not for you to use your free will, to cover up God's leadership and the Holy Spirit's reminder. If the sheep alone, what will be the end? If you can't hear the voice of the shepherd, what will come of it? If you fall into the trap of tigers, what is next?

"Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ` I am Christ, and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars…… Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains……. increase of wickedness…. gospel will be preached in the whole world…… and then the end will come.” (MT 24: 4,8,12,14)

All the confusion and deception are the basis for the anti Christ to enter into the stage of politics and the end so that to reserve settlement in the Third Temple.

Postscript: It was 10 years ago, God led me to see the future and I saw the end and the forcing. A lot of content will be involved in the details, which were deliberately hidden at the time of record. I came to the city of Toronto in 2003 led God’s miracles. In 2006, God once again led me see the house I saw in 2000. Because it is the same house as I saw in 2000, God led me to buy it, the house transaction involves a very inspiring testimony. The night before I moved, I went to the basement of the house. After opening it, I saw a lot of bullets. Different types of, filled the cabinets. Many plastic boxes were there, designed for empty shells. I was sitting on the floor for half an hour before I came back. "I entered the destiny, I entered the destiny… "This is the sentence that filled my head when I was in the basement that day. A few years later I got a gun, and the next story, readers will be very clear. But then again, "the disaster will come upon the all the inhabitants of the earth and the sea.". These words are not empty. Are you ready yet? The bride of Christ Jesus, the followers of Jesus.

I have been keeping this testimony for 15 years without releasing it to the public, the contents have been heard of and shared by many of my fellow workers a few years ago. The reason for which I have kept it to myself is because there are a lot of details involved in many names of 10 years ago, who were standing in the glory status at that time.

"The prudent see danger and take refugee, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. “(Proverbs 27:12). Many people who have read this testimonial and prophecy will blame us for not teaching, encouraging. And there are many people who use "the Lord will keep me from disaster.". Yes, our Lord is great, without fear. Enemy is nothing to fear of, but desire from the heart, desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin. Isn’t it living in sin and the same time crying for God ‘s saves when spiritually being blind and weak, taking a nap, being neither hot nor cold, poverty, and even staying naked. If you do not put on Christ for your life, you will be falling into confusion and sin. Witness is a reminder of the Holy Spirit, that there is an ear, and that it should be heard!

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