Sunday, 25 September 2016

Global Prophecy 43: Israeli Prime Minister and Important End-Time Wars

Time: 07:00 am, Aug. 26, 2016

Dream 1:
It was in a farm, where a big bungalow was built. In it, there was a small bar, and an empty hall which can hold a party or gathering of 200+ people. It was late Autumn, at about 12 clock midnight. The vegetation such as vine and blueberry withered, and no green leaves could be seen. Not far from the bungalow, there was a big house. Two fruit trees were planted outside the front door, their leaves were still dark green and had not fallen. A man that I saw is the man of the farm, and a baby could be seen. The infant was this jewish couple who came from Europe. They had just celebrated the birthday of the baby in the hall.

I was taken back to 1949. The sky was gray and dim, and I couldn’t tell which country it was. I could only see silouette of images on the ground, and my vision was not clear. I was standing by a wooden bench, and was completely invisible to the people around. I could move around and I had brightful colors, but the rest was in nightly view, and their color was only gray; they were in the spiritual realm. I wore a pair of double-layer glasses. The outer layer was used to see the outer sky and the Throne of God; the inner layer was used to see the mysteries revealed by God on the Earth. When I lifted my head and looked into the sky, many people on earth were also doing the same thing, but I was the only person who could see images deep into the universe, far beyond the solar system or the Galaxy. These images revealed at the far end of the sky and galaxies were colorful and solid, as fi someone put a 3D screen on the sky; they were very clear.

In the sky, a story about the boy was revealed. It was painted in red on a white board. The boy’s mom was pregnant, and then a vehicle came. The story went by quickly and soon he was born in a certain hospital. When he was born, a big rock was seen floating in the sky, engraved with numerals and letters, which marked the signs of the birth. It says Gala la 1949. Gala is Hebrews, which means to reveal or to lift the veils; in Latin, it’s Revela. La means frankincense. I read aloud what I saw, the information revealed in the sky. I saw that the parents of the child marveled, because all facts about the child were revealed by the God in heaven. Then the child grew up, and got married when he was 24 or 25, and had children. He then had his second marriage at 32, and then the third marriage. And then the end of hims was a massive tragedy, where he died and was seen by the whole world. His death brought immense shock to the world. As the screen showed his the tragedy, I stopped declaring. I hesitated whether I should pronounce his future death. I hesitated because sometimes prophetical announcement could change the outcome of events. I saw this couple from another timeline and space. They could hear voices from their spirits. The announcement of this man’s life greatly shocked them. Their child would be chosen by God to accomplish His work at the end time; he is a sacrifice.

Things even more amazing are shown in the sky. The Israeli national flag, the David’s star, could be seen in the sky, surrounded by clouds and galaxies, and nebulae of many colors. I watched these mysteries in wonder. Israel is the center of the world. The flag rose higher, and disappeared from my view.

After this vision, the national flags of China and Russia came in parallel. I heard commentator’s voice stating that these two nations worked together to develop some space weapon. Then the two flags rose higher. The Russian flag disappeared first. The Chinese flag rose alone. The time came to 2018, when the Chinese flag dominated the world due to its economic strength. It continued ascending, till it finally disappeared in my sight.

  • The US flag appeared alone in the galaxies and nebulae, rose higher, where another nebula and national flag appear. The flag stayed at the nabula image for some time, then ascended and disappeared.
  • Then came the European Union flag. The flags of a few European nations appeared in the same nabula with the US flag.
  • The flags of a few middle east countries appears, and met with the EU flag in the sky.
  • The Canadian flag appeared.
  • The flags of middle eastern countries entered the EU, Canadian and US flags in 2016.
  • The middle eastern country flags entered Asia and Australia land, and appeared in the same nebula layer.
  • The Israeli flag appeared in the center. Then other flags appeared around it. There came the US flag, flags of middle east countris like Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia etc., then the EU flag and Russian flag, all in the same nebula layer. The sounds of killing and war roared in the sky.  The nebula layers are primarily in purple colors, coupled with many other colors. They formed the map of the seven continents in the sky.

Burden: This was the vision that I have spent most time praying for. Until now, I can’t say that I completely understand the spiritual meanings or what’s about to happen.

  1. An important person, that is Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. During his term, a great war between Israel and many nations will break out. This is an important war in the end time, and the breakout time is unknow. Many nations would be involved in this war, including some middle east countries, the United States, and some European countries.
  2. Benjamin Netanyahu assumed his second premiership, ninth of Israel, in March 2009. We pray that all readers to join the prayer for this war. If we don’t pray enough, the war will begin early or in winter; if we pray enough, the breakout season can be changed, so that it won’t happen in winter or on a Sabbath. Matthew 24:20 And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath.
  3. The Middle East has successfully invaded Europe and North America via the refugee crisis, impacting 1/4 of the land on Earth.
  4. China will overtake the United States due to its ongoing economic growth, and become the world economic leader.

In Matthew 16:3 and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.

Time: 6:00 am, Aug 11, 2016

Vision 1: The bloody power of Korea
The Korean leader wore dark blue Chinese tunic suit, was surrounded by a large crowd, when he came to visit different places. The people around him were constantly changing; new people were appearing and old ones were replaced. Behind them, a group of special agents carried coffins and followed.

Vision 2: I looked to the Earth from space, and saw people crowding each other, fleeing for life to the mountains. A thick smog covered the valley, mixed with toxic gases. People walking suddenly collapsed, falling unconscious, and even died. Corpses were scattered on the road, but there was no one to bury them.

Burden: Situation in Middle East after the great war

Time: 6:00 am, Sept 9, 2016

Vision: A few generals appeared in the sky, wearing what appeared to be colorful uniforms in World War 2. Generals from US, Europe and Middle East gathered for a meeting. The campaign would affect the whole world. The place that they gathered is called military intelligence department, general bureau of military intelligence.

A map was spread on the table. One of the generals pointed his finger and swept across Middle East and West Asia, and then mainly in Israel. The focus of the war would be in Israel.

A map of Africa and Asia appeared before my eyes. It was barely the length of a palm away from me, just to let me see what the map shows.

Burden: This important war in Israel is already brewing in the sky. There are and will be great turbulance in the spiritual realm. Only prayers can change the time and season of the war.

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