Monday, 31 October 2016

Global Prophecy 46: United States presidential election, 2016, False Flag

Time: 6:00am, 28 May 2016


Hillary Clinton was in a dark blue plaid coat. Obama had a big smile on his face and as he raised his hand to pay tribute to the people, a word rose up behind them: Fraud!


2, It was noon. I was on the way to work, a voice rose upon my ear: Trump is part of the False Flag in the election between Hillary and him. I was shocked! I kept thinking about this when I was in the office. False Flag meant it was a show, which was designed for cheating the whole world. Then who was the director of this show? Was it the Masonic elites? Was it Obama or someone else?

Time: 6:00am, 28 Aug 2016

Vision: All the springs of the great deep burst forth. It’s coming soon.
It was a tree-lined village. The river flowed through the trees along the foothills. Water was muddy yellow in color. It rose up rapidly and soon spread its banks.


The water had reached the middle of the trunk and soon after it had covered the trees completely.

The same situation happened not only in one country, but in the whole world. Mud and water drowned the entire houses. It was just like the age of Noah. I heard a voice: “A
ll the springs of the great deep burst forth. ”

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