Saturday, 7 January 2017

Global Predictions 50 currency wars, the European unemployment wave, Focus on Balkans and the Third World War

Global Prophecy 50  need to pray for the following events of 2017:

The more intense in currency wars, the fragmentation of the EU, the economic crisis, the debt of Italy, the unemployment of Europe led to a shift of population and economic movements to Africa, Asia and South America;x

Europe, North America will not reduce the riots, preparations for the foundation of the Third World War has been established......

Time: January 1, 2017 and January 2, 2017 in the morning of the continuous watch
To receive the following vision: in the city of European style, there are many European-style ancient church areas. Many people from the buildings in panic to escape out, because to hear the news of frightened. The Balkans were in turmoil, from Turkey, from Italy, from Greece and so on. People running around in panic. Big banks tighten money, the news of closure, the economic crisis, the debt crisis news, Terrorist Attacks news. The Balkans are the focus of the year.

Please pray for the following things, it comes after 2017:

1. 2017 is a great or major deception year which is mentioned in Bible,illuminati  success will put the forunner of the antichrist on the stage of history, even the chosen people from God are confused and deceived. Many of God's children participate in the work of helping the Antichrist, which will be judged before the judgment seat in the future.

The Antichrist and his forunner brought down the early days of peace and introduced new economic measures, economic recovery and a false sense of prosperity. Re-established the covenants with many countries. Relations with Israel will be more stable, in order to enter the holy temple, and where the sacrifice in preparation.
they Stretched olive branch to many states, it will bring military stability temporarily., including close with the King of North. And  but the East King (China) associated with the king of the North (Russia) will resist the power from Europe and North America until a common point of interest is found.

2, The false-flags events of the Illuminati and their agenda and plans for the future will be more exposed by the non-mainstream media by the end of 2017 and 2018;

3. The relationship between North and South Korea has become very tense, also is one of the focus of 2017 and beyond,  Russia will be involved in North Korea dispute.

4. The Italian economy will experience great hardship will be the reason for the collapse of the EU economy。 Italian banking industry is already on the verge of collapsing。  
Many banks in Itality are already non-performing in the coming days. This economy will require the sacrifices of many people including the entire EU. Unemployment and loans will make Italy the “ icenter” of the EU financial crisis;

5. New energy technologies could account for a significant portion of global power generation, Helping economices and businesses guard against rising energy costs。 For example, Solar Technologies.
Due to global warming and diminishing resources,   the warfare goes including the outbreak of war in some areas, in order to grab resource, energy, land eco, and other., In the process of contention, the greatest threat in the future will be terrorists and bio-attacks;

6.China will launch new economic and political initiatives to strike a balance in a currency war。 This polices will address regional imbalances in some parts of the world. China's actions will have a major impact on the world economy. China will move closer to the superpower.
China strengthens further and pushes the United States further off the throne。

7. Political turmoil, the economic crisis will also affect emerging markets such as India, Brazil, South Africa,

8, The world is preparing for the emergence of a world currency, a unified currency, gold and silver become more important. Physical gold in short supply

9. Interest rates are raised, another housing crises follows, Many people donot want to pay their mortgages . Real estate mortgages exceed actual values of houses begin.
2017, the Chinese property market involves the world, affecting the global central government interest rates will affect in different regions of the real estate market which are invested by Chinese.

10. The Roman Catholic Church experienced a difficult year, the scandals in the Church continue to be exposed. The spread of Satanism is strong.

11. Moral decay is endless, however numerous heinous events committed mainly be elites.  causing people to rethink where the society is headed.

12. The Balkans island once again become the focus, the European countries more and more parties which are on the right side of the political spectrum
Europe is unstable.

13. In the field of energies Middle East remains a hot spot。 the Europe, North America riots will not be reduced, pay attention to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, the preparation of the foundation of the Third World War has been established

14. The wave of innovation in Africa, new technologies and innovations in southern and central Africa, and in Africa, will change dramatically for more than a decade and will substantially ease the destruction of human agriculture in the west.

15. Antarctica reveal some of its mysteries glaciers begin to grow slowly, as a small ice age approaches。

16. Job losses and Great depression come in Europe, France, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain。 
The wave of exit EU sentiment dominating politics for 2017 2018 in the European population。

17.  People emigrating from the West , western world or the first world to Africa, Asia and south America。  global population changes. Western part of global pop will suffer massive job losses because of corporate bond the back hole and the crash of globalization or globalism。

18. The crash of the left , the chaos for establishment and the captive media the mainstream media。 The global changes the political shifts are inextricably linked or intertwined with the abuse of the fiat currencies。Government will issue the extreme monetary policy in EU, North America.

19. a consortium of Chinese and Russian business interest is or probably has already formed with the intent of asserting influence on the directions taken relative to Bitcoin evolution.
China popular relationship with gold and silver indicates to be reinforced by the currency problems of 2017. 

20.  Uk has the housing bubble pop in London。New tax collections or some eco. Policy will form。   civil monetary authorities in London appear.

21.  A new form of economic confusion appear in USA. This new form of confusion includes precious metals and bitcoins and includes sets for windfall tax on excessive gains that will be floating about later after April 2017.  Hugely disruptive events in the markets. Business models that will be breaking down in 2017.  Bond market is very dark。

22. 2017, a growing number of electronic system failures have led to problems in banking transactions, global trade dislocations, the disappearance of certain bank deposits, and a decline in the credibility of banks. 
X planets close to, in addition to the polar magnetic poles, global climate anomalies, electronic system failure, will also affect the aviation system, aircraft crashes, and power supply, power outages more frequently.

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