Monday, 26 December 2016

Global Prophecy 49: The Condition in North America — Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption and Tsunamis in the End-Times

Date: December 10, 2016

We came to a certain area of a city. The area originally belonged to someone of Middle Eastern descent. It had properties such as universities, hospitals, senior residences, research facilities, resorts, and parks. Some colleagues, with their luggage, moved into one of the luxurious buildings in the lot with over 20 stories. There were hotels, large conference rooms, recreational facilities, senior clubs, etc. The building was facing a distant lake or sea, and the view was beautiful. My other colleagues and I stayed in the villa. It was around August or September. The maple trees could be seen outside the window, their leaves mixed in red and green. I was on floor 2X and was looking far away in the distance. This floor was part of a conference room full of full-height glazing, offering an unobstructed view to the scenery. My new office was in a certain garden outside of this building.

Some time had passed. One day, I was gazing through the full-height glazing on floor 2X. The weather suddenly changed without warning, the sky darkened rapidly, the dark clouds raced in the sky, and a storm was about to erupt on the sea. I recognized it as one of the signs that had to come before the Day, and that was undersea volcanic eruption, leading to tsunamis. Some places would have earthquakes, which could also lead to tsunamis.

Indeed, the sea was like boiling water, and bubbles were rising up from the depths of the sea. Cyclones formed above the whirlpools in the tumultuous sea. Long-necked creatures, which I had never read about in the newspapers, emerged their heads above the water. With the undersea volcanic eruption followed by the earthquakes, they had no choice but to surface above the water.

From high above in the building, I saw two gigantic sea creatures washed up on the shore. They could be recognized from a distance due to their enormous size. Everyone who saw them was stunned. There were also many kinds of fish, shells, and prawns washed up on the shore…

Again some days had passed. The sea began to shake, and a shock greater than before was coming. A creature about the size of a room was being carried by the waves, raised to the surface of the sea, and was ejected by a surge under the water. The creature was heading towards our building, as if it were a cannon fired by a tremendous force from under the sea.

I recalled from the 911 event that the effect of such an impact would be completely manifested in 10 to 15 minutes, which was the best time to escape this building. So I cried out, “Leave this place! It’s dangerous!” Then I told my colleagues on the outside to make every effort to tell everyone in the building to take their personal effects, leave this place and go to the ground floor. This building was about to collapse.

Just as expected, cracks appeared on the outside walls, and the quakes could be felt in the building… My phone rang. My colleagues reported that 90% of the people had safely evacuated, because many among us had long been prepared, so that we would not panic when disasters came.

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