Sunday, 25 December 2016

Global Prophecy 48 Planet X Arrival, Spiritual Gateway and the cooperation between Caliphate and spiritual world

Date: Nov 13, 2016


I went to XX City to minister to the sick. Ministry was done secretly; however, few dared to do ministry publicly. As I continued with special caring and my mission, I prayed for success the whole day.

The last people to be ministered to were a grandfather and his grandchild; child with stomach aches, abdominal tumour like things and he was healed through prayer.

The entire service was finished in the late afternoon. Evening came and I needed to meet with JY secretly; her home was nearby. I wanted to go through the center of the city; further away from the square where there was a new building under construction. We met near her home and we went together to the square.

Suddenly a gale blew, the clouds were cloudy, billowing and rolling. The clouds became dark and blocked the sun's rays in the sky.  There was a planet that hung in the sky, which looked like a full moon. The clouds were blown and stirred by the gale. The stars were disappearing and reappearing with the quick floating clouds. Looking up from the earth, the sky resembled a tornado and the clouds around the planet are rolling up. As I looked carefully, I found that there is another planet around it. It was smaller and was turning. Viewed from the earth, the distance between the two planets was very close.

I was amazed and did not expect to see so clearly in North America that the sun and Planet X appeared in the sky at the same time. At this time, the sun had been obscured and the light could not shine. Only the shadow of a giant planet can be seen by the earthly people. The sun, the stars and the moon were dark; there was no light in the daytime. The terrible end of the scene occurred in front of us. The earth's magnetic pole was deflected and the magnetic field become disordered causing warm and cold  air flow irregularity moving in the tropic of Capricorn. All these caused such weird extreme weather in front of us.

I said to JY that we needed to leave the area as soon as possible because it was going to rain heavily here. Before we left the square, the sky was completely dark and there was frequent electrical blackouts. The entire street was dark and the wind was blowing strongly. This caused the leaves and trees to be blown. The typhoon was here before the storm. There was now only sparse traffic on the road. As I crossed the road, I was almost hit by a small car but it stopped in front of me. I couldn't see the driver because of the cars headlights. We kept going forward and saw an open area where there was stadium built in low lying and there were some factory warehouses nearby. A bit further away, we saw some high brick masonry steps; above the steps were small slopes. The slopes were scattered and at their height were abandoned residences, factory warehouses, containers and so on.

We saw 20 or 30 people hiding in the gymnasiums in the low lying areas. JY wanted to go there to avoid the heavy rain; however, I did not agree. I knew the greater danger that was coming that was yet to be seen. So I suggested we run to the stone steps to find a high place. It was best to enter the woods or abandoned warehouses. As we passed by the large abandoned warehouses, we saw that some had their doors opened, while others had doors closed; and some had rolling doors. Amidst the gale, the thunderstorms, the dark clouds and the tornado, the gateway to heaven was opened. I heard the sound of an aircraft landing on the ground..... I looked up and saw the door of the spiritual world open; the spiritual community portal open. The evil spirits deep in the ground and the those from the space were released.

I heard the screams, the rant and the cry of the prisoners before they were kidnapped by the devils. I heard all of that in my spirit. I believe the people had been greatly frightened except those who had been sealed by God on their foreheads. These were not hurt. I met Middle East leaders, his followers and some Caliph soldiers in front of the abandoned warehouses. I felt relieved because they were human beings. It seemed like they had just escaped from the attack of the devils which were released and walked out from the warehouse.The whole earth fell into the darkness and the sun and sky were blocked due to the thick smoke.

It was weird because they all had swords in their hands and in my hand was a soft steel whip; designed for confronting the enemy use sword. I believe we were antagonistic toward each other in spirit. They were all human beings; and God loves every soul, right? I needed to lay my weapon down.

 I asked about the situation and was given an answer. The gateway to the spiritual community was opened and there was a new demon (some would say 'aliens') that invaded the earth. Manipulating of souls and killing of the human body. I wanted to go in and see where they came out from; however, the leader of the Middle East was eager to leave. I clearly felt in my spirit that there were many people and human armies inside. His expression betrayed him. A short while later, the devils king led the demons appearing in front of the other gate of the abandoned factory, where the Middle East leader just came out from.
Apparently the password to the door had been given in betrayal; however as soon as the demon got the password, they ran in and captured many people. I suddenly understood in my spirit the reason why. I thought about how to get out of this dangerous place. There was a big screen above the gymnasium which could also be seen on the small uphill slope.

It was playing how the world would be after the evil spirits invaded, men will be hoping for death, desiring to die and death will not come to them.

With the recovery of the Ottoman Empire, the arm of the Islamic Caliphate opened the door to the spiritual community. The cooperation between the Caliphate and the demon of the spiritual world resulted in the shifting of influences and controlling the power from Europe (including Britain) and North America resulting in infiltrating other Asian countries such as Japan and China.

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