Friday, 16 December 2016

Global Prophecy 47 Babylon and Omega Ministry

6 am, Aug 11, 2016

Vision 1, Babylon is fallen, is fallen
In the vision, I returned to the Middle East and seen Jerusalem. The golden roof of The Dome of the Rock was exuding dazzling radiance. I heard the Angels shout: “Focus!  Pay attention to Turkey.”,  “At the end time, they were feasting, and then the sign of the Son of man will be seen in heaven. ” Thousands of angels sang “Awing God” together.

Suddenly a terrain of America appeared on the ground. It was a 3D map. Even the rivers were so dynamic. It looked so real, just like a view from space. Then I saw a white horse in gorgeous golden light that had 2 wings.  It also had copper horseshoes on hooves and appeared in one of the East Coast cities. It galloped around like wildfire and after running all over this city, it went away.

The great earthquake was coming! The angel of No. 7 held this terrain and started to shake it. The land began to crack, from Mississippi River, to Texas, Florida and Louisiana all got involved. Resulting in the Seabed being torn apart in those places. Water crept up to the shore. The terrain continued cracking. A while later, there was another earthquake.  Finally, it split into three parts.

After that tsunami's occurred and became more frequent. Ships became stranded on the beach after the water had subsided. The earth’s fissures were obvious on the ground due to these great events and the sun was also blazing overhead.

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