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Freedom from the Occult 4 of 5

Speaker: Mike Connell

Secondly, you must receive forgiveness; and release forgiveness to others. Often, the reason people are in the occult, is because of deep bitterness - broken family relationships, painful relationships, bitterness and anger and rejection in the heart. Often, this is the root, which caused them to go into the occult - you need to pull all of that stuff up. Receive forgiveness, and release forgiveness.

Thirdly, they must renounce all agreements with evil spirits. To renounce means to cancel - speak words that cancel the agreement. They invited the spirit in, now they need to tell it to go. They came into agreement with the spirit - break the agreement. Words are important. Not just lip the words – saying words, but they must actually mean the words.

We tell them: this is your part - if you hold on to the sin, you cannot be free. You hold on to unforgiveness - you’ll stay in bondage. If you won’t stand against the devil, he will hold on to you. You can share with them James 4:7 – “Therefore submit to God; resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Submitting to God is repenting, and releasing forgiveness. It’s choosing to reach out to God as the source of your power, not the devil. So we need to explain their part; and that when we pray for them, they must actively resist the spirits. So that’s the preparing the person.

Explain to them your part, explain what you will do, help them understand what ministry will be like. I will lead you in a prayer, you will follow me. When we get to the end of the prayer, I will break the bondages, and command the spirits. I won’t be speaking to you; I’ll be speaking to the demons. I don’t want you to be praying. I want you just to resist, and when I command the spirits, maybe cough or breathe heavily.

So, we’ve got now the steps involved in this - they’re quite simple and quite logical. Now, you need to lead them through a prayer. So the prayer would be quite a simple prayer. Here’s what it would be made up with - here are the parts of the prayer. 1) Confession of faith in Christ. 2) Renouncing all agreements with the evil spirits. 3) Asking God to forgive them. Confessing the sin, and asking for forgiveness, receiving the forgiveness. 4) They need to release forgiveness to others; as often, their journey into the occult came out of bitterness and hurt. 5) They must reach out to Jesus, and actively resist the devil.

When you are doing these prayers and renouncing, just remember whether there are covenants or agreements that need to be broken - they would’ve told you by this point. Second thing to look at too, is to make sure they’re not wearing objects associated with the occult around their wrist or around their neck - it can just be a hindrance to being set free. We’ve had some people, the moment they took off the object; they could be delivered straight away.

Now, the exact words, and the exact order, are not important. Stay listening to the Holy Spirit as you pray. Now I’ll lead you through a prayer, just to show what it might look like. It’s just basically made up of those various parts. I get in the Spirit, and follow the flow of the Spirit, when I pray. So, you may change the wording a little bit, or change the order.

This is how I might lead them. Remember the first phase? The confession of faith. This is important, because basically they’re saying: “I’m standing on the Lord’s side, and I’m holding on and believing in Him, and what He’s done.” It’s really important to speak those words.

It goes something like this: “Father in Heaven, I come to you in Jesus’ name. I confess Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord. I’m redeemed by the blood of Jesus, from every curse, every evil spirit, all occult powers. I am redeemed, I belong to Jesus.” Does it make sense to you what I’ve just prayed? It’s identifying with Jesus.

Second thing then, maybe we’ll say something like this: “Lord I confess I’ve been involved in these activities. I confess my family have been involved in these activities. I ask you to forgive them. I receive your forgiveness. From my heart, I forgive those who’ve hurt me. Especially, forgive my father and my mother.

I renounce now, all agreements I have made with evil spirits. I renounce all invitations. I renounce them and cancel them. I renounce any agreement I made with blood. I renounce it and cancel it. I renounce all words spoken over me by psychics. I renounce them, and cancel them. I renounce all generational curses, and agreements with evil spirits, that my family have made.”

Can you see, I’ve tried to incorporate into that prayer, any agreements that were made to just cancel them. So how do you know what to pray? When you did the diagnosis, you should’ve been able to establish that. Just jot down these things; and when you’re praying, you follow those things.

“Now Lord, I reach out to You, I ask You to set me free. Satan, go from my life. In Jesus’ name” Ok? Then you’ve done it. Now, they may manifest while you’re leading them in the prayer. Stay in charge, don’t be intimidated - just command the spirit to be still and quiet, and continue with the process.

Now, the next phase of it is to exercise your authority, and begin the deliverance. You have to exercise your authority. Remember what we realised, that God has given us authority to tread on serpents and scorpions. So, this is what you need to do: first of all, break the agreements. Imagine it like this: words spoken; and you’re cancelling the words. Or imagine it as a demonic cord; and you are cutting the cords.

“In Jesus’ name, I break the generational agreements with evil spirits. I break them. I break agreements that have brought bondage into this family. I break the blood covenant you made, inviting that demon into your life. I break the words spoken over you, giving a false destiny. I break all attachments to these evil spirits.”

I haven’t gotten the wording exact every time, but I’ve got the flow of what needs to happen. You may find that the Holy Spirit gives you things to break as you pray. Just be willing to give it a go - just try it. Don’t lean on a method! Get the picture of how it takes place, the principles and the process; but lean into the Holy Spirit to help you with the language of it. If it helps you, have a little list written out. It if helps you, write a prayer out. Then, in “Jesus’ name, I break this bondage etc…”

Number 2, then begin to command the spirits. Speak directly into the person, and command the spirits to come out. Just keep pressure on. Speak from inside your spirit. Rise up inside; speak and command it to go. That’s why you develop your spirit-man, so you carry strength inside you for this work.

Now, it’s not how loud you pray; it’s praying with faith. So, picture yourself and you’re speaking like you’re speaking into a cave, to an animal in there. “I command you to come out.” Your attention focus – you’re commanding the spirit to come out.
Just notice any changes that take place. Sometimes, nothing happens, but as you keep the pressure up, next thing you see, it starts to come up. I have found sometimes it helps if I name the spirits. So when I’m praying, I have observed: if nothing’s happened, and I start to name spirits, something starts to happen. What would you be praying for? You might be praying: spirit of divination, spirit of sorcery, spirit of witchcraft, spirit of bitterness, spirit of death, spirits of hatred - all of those things could be there. Speak into those things, command them to go. Push against them from within your spirit, all the time leaning on the Holy Spirit to help you.

Now, sometimes they will manifest, and there are many forms that can take place - it can be wild, screaming. Now, if the person just keeps screaming, it’s almost certain no deliverance will happen. It’s like a show, so, don’t keep it up. You’ve actually got to get the person to stop screaming, and start resisting. Again, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in this. If the person keeps screaming, I just, in the end, say: “Listen, stop. Stop. Cooperate with me. Resist the spirit.”

So, they may start screaming, they may start to shake. They may get built up rage, and get very violent. Don’t be afraid. Their eyes may flare and glare at you - in that case, rise up and look them in the eye - stare them down. Let them see your eyes are more fierce!

You have to see that you are representing Jesus - how would He stare at the enemy? How would he look at those demons? Blazing eyes! So, rise up, eyes blaze, and look into them. You’ll find an interesting thing, sometimes they’ll be full of fear, and they’ll try and look away. Then, if I notice it starts to lose eye-contact and look away, or look down - I move in very strongly then, and often it just comes straight out. The moment it backs up from defiance, it’s starting to lose ground. How many have had something like that happen?

So, those are manifestations. Sometimes people will want to throw up. So it’s helpful to have bags and tissues around; but this is an assistant to you, it’s not something automatic - you pull the bag over their head – don’t do that. They’re suffocating! Be sensitive and aware of what’s going on. Just keep commanding.

Now, if they wrestle and fight, you only need to restrain them if it’s likely they’ll be a danger to them, or someone else. I just sometimes step back, and they’ll wriggle and do this and that, and just keep commanding.

So, you need to constantly be listening to the Holy Spirit while you’re doing that. Listen to His guidance; and have a look and see: is this demonic; or is this just emotions? It can move from demonic to emotions very quickly; because when you start to confront the spirit, sometimes deep-seated pain and grief come up as well. If it’s demonic, it tends to look ugly and feel yuck. If it’s emotional, it looks a bit like that, but it’s kind of unresponsive - just yells and screams. You think, that’s actually just emotions, or sometimes a lot of tears.

Try to distinguish between emotions and spirits. Spirits you cast out; emotions - you stop, because now the person needs to let go, forgiveness – there’s some area that was unresolved in your preparation. Ask them what’s happening. Interact with the person. Just interact with them. Show them how to cooperate in the ministry.

It’s not always easy to tell what is from demons, and what is emotions - experience will give it to you. If you’re getting nowhere with a deliverance, just stop it altogether. Just interact with the person and gain their cooperation, and see if the Holy Spirit has issues He wants them to resolve, before further deliverance.

What if the demon argues with you, or threatens you? They do that sometimes. “He belongs to me. I will not leave. Who are you? Nothing! You have no power.” Well, the truth is: we have no power; but Jesus does, and we’re coming in His name. So, you have to speak to them. “I come against you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” Then sock it to them. “He defeated you in Calvary. He stripped you of your power. He humiliated you in Calvary. One day we’ll put you in hell forever.” Just use scripture, push on them. “No. No. No. It’s a lie”. As soon as they say “it’s a lie”, then you keep going. Sometimes I’ve had them say: “Don’t say that to me!”

So the demons don’t like the word of God. Sometimes I’ll just make statements. “The blood of Jesus has broken your power.” If the demon is pushing against me, I’ll sometimes look at it and say: “Look at the cross you demon. Look at the blood. Your power is broken. Your hold is broken.”

It would seem to me, that the natural world is subject to time, so for us today - I can’t look at the cross of Jesus, because it was 2000 years ago, I can only see it in my imagination. But it seems from the spirit world - it’s like the thing’s alive now, it’s real now - it’s a spirit reality now. I’ve noticed when I told them to look at the cross, and look at the blood, that often seems to precipitate the deliverance taking place.

Otherwise, if there’s excessive resistance, go back to seeing if there’s something you’ve missed that needs to be resolved. Dismantle the house the demons are in, and you should get the demons out quickly. So, all the time you’re ministering, lean on the Holy Spirit to help you.

When you finished the deliverance, then you comfort the person, and pray for the love of God and the peace of God to come into their heart. Don’t start comforting before the person’s delivered - I saw that last night. I see it all the time. The person’s put their arm around someone to comfort them; I put my hand on their head, and they start screaming again - the demon has not come out! So stay in that place, alert, in case the demon just tries to deceive you.

How do you know it has come out? You can literally feel the release; or the person tells you. Or the Holy Spirit tells you - that’s the only way you can really know.

If people have been involved in the occult, one additional thing - they need to remove out of their home, all objects associated with the occult. In Acts 19, it says in verse 18 and 19, “Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together, and burned them in the sight of everyone. They counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.”

You notice a number of things happened there. People were convicted of their sin, verse 18; they confessed their sin openly; they resolved they would not return to these things. So, they gave up the books, and everything involved with the occult, and they destroyed them. Obviously there’s a lot of money here - fifty thousand pieces of silver is a lot of money - but basically what they did was, they refused to be attracted to the value of those objects - they just got rid of them.

It’s the same in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 7:35. So, the person does need to cleanse their house of objects which are involved in the occult. You just ask them to do that, maybe bring the objects to you and burn them. You cannot be compromised on this issue. When people are involved in the occult, they need to get free of it completely.

So what spirits would you pray? Well, there’s the whole heap of them that we’ve suggested - let the Holy Spirit guide you - as names come to mind, just confront them. Amen? Amen!

Question & Answer
She has this question: She went to see a Chinese medicine doctor. In Chinese culture, we believe there is air moving in our bodies - and her qi is quite weak. So, the doctor suggested that she should try meditation (sitting) to enrich the qi. But she was afraid that will get into the spiritual phase, so she refused to do that. Instead she tried to do some exercises to increase her stamina. She’s wondering whether it’s possible that tai chi, or yoga, or all kinds of different exercises - may cause us to fall into the trap of evil spirits?

Very good question! The whole ‘qi’ is your life force - for a believer we would understand that’s the life from your spirit. So, a broken spirit dries the bones. There’s a connection between your spiritual energy, and your physical vibrancy. Spirit, soul and body are all very closely connected. What happens in our spirit, and in our heart, affects the flow of life and energy in our body.

The dilemma you have in getting into meditation is that you would open yourself up to the demonic realm. Biblical meditation is very proactive - it pictures the word of God; it imagines the word of God; it sees the reality of the word of God - so it’s focused on some thing. Other kinds of Eastern meditation involve emptying of your life - and that opens the door then, for something else to come in. So I don’t consider that to be a good thing to do. The exercises in yoga - each yoga position are representative of the worship of some god. I always think that the root of something always indicates where it has come from. Some people do some exercises – tai chi and yoga exercises, and they seem to benefit from these things; but the roots and origins lie deeply in the worship of false gods.

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