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Freedom from the Occult 5 of 5

Speaker: Mike Connell

So the question is: how close to the edge can you get before you fall off? I think that’s something you have to ask the Holy Spirit about.

What I would suggest, is that you do these sorts of things: that you walk, because walking is good for you; or you swim, because swimming is good for your body. I would encourage you to take time to pray in tongues, and begin to develop the energy and life within the spirit. The Bible says: the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is within us. It just needs releasing, and the path of releasing is by opening our heart, and our inner man, to allow God to move in us.

What I do, that really is helpful, is that I walk everyday; I pray in tongues; and I pray intentionally to rouse my spirit man. While I’m praying in tongues, I meditate that God is near me; that I am joined to Him; and I spend that time praying and worshipping Him, intentionally allowing His life to flow up and through me.

When I’m here, I do it around the hotel and my floor - I tend to do it really early, so I avoid meeting people. Otherwise, I’m the foreigner who’s crazy. I kind of sing it too, and they think “Oh, he’s the happy, crazy foreigner” I have found that my energy and flow of life has improved through physical exercise; through praying in tongues, and worshipping; and through meditating on God’s presence with me.

As I made it a habit, I have become greatly energised because of this. So, blocks in energy flow through you, tend to be in the soul area, or in the heart area. If we consciously yield those parts of our life to the Lord, and allow His life to flow in us - I would expect significant increase in energy. So, I have a lot of energy - it’s surprising when you consider my age. I can minister for hours, and pray for lots of people - but I need to have my time with God.

I need to be meditating in His presence, filling me up on the inside. I need to constantly be returning to the source, and the basics of building your life with God. In Isaiah 40, it says: “Those who wait on the Lord will exchange their strength.” I believe that the life we live is an exchanged life. It’s not me trying to make something happen - it’s actually letting go of that, and beginning to realise and become aware that: Christ is in me; that the power is already in me! Meditation helps train your heart to believe that, and that’s what begins to energise you. I felt strong praying in tongues, exercising, and meditating have been powerful keys to shift my energy level.

I think you also need to eat properly and rest properly. Sometimes, low energy levels can be: imbalance in your body; or something going on in your soul. For example, anxiety will greatly strip away your energy. Fear will greatly strip away your energy. The systems of our body are so designed to work with the heart that’s in harmony with God. So when our heart is flowing with God, other parts of the body come into alignment as well. I hope that helps.

This person had an encounter with a Malaysian girl, who studies overseas here in Taiwan. The girl was with them late at night, and all of a sudden she started to manifest. She changed her actions, and everything - girl to a boy. Later on, she shared with them she had very severe depression, but she stopped the medicine by herself without consulting the doctor. The person wants to ask: how can we distinguish whether it’s a medical situation. or spiritual situation?

Very good question - I think you always need to be open to the possibility that people’s problems are physical and not spiritual; or it’s a mixture of these things because everything’s interconnected. Now, we give advice on spiritual matters - we’re not doctors, we’re not trained in medicine, so we should not make decision about these things where we have no expertise. So I think that if there is an issue where it’s possibly an issue of medication needed, or even in many situations - encourage the person to get a medical check. Sometimes a medical check will pick up physical problems in the body, and they need to get the balance back, they need to change their diet, or something to set them right.

It concerns me when people are on medication and they go off it, and they don’t tell the doctor. I find usually, a little while later, they have massive problems; because there’s usually a process of withdrawal from the drug, and their body and everything reacts. So any issues relating to medication or health issues, the doctor should be involved, and you work with them, not as someone who’s more knowledgeable than them.

For example, we had one lady, and it appeared that the more she got prayed for, the crazier she got. In the end, we said: “No more prayer”. I said, “There’re two things I want you to do. 1) No one will pray for you. There’s just this one person you can go to talk to, and they’ll pray for you. 2) Go to the doctor and get a medical check, because something’s not right. 3) Do practical things - stop being spiritual - get practical and just flow in your gift of kindness to people. Initially, she really reacted to all of that.

Eventually, we boundaried her, and kept her with one person, and it was so difficult getting her to the doctor. But once we got her to the doctor, and got her family involved, and got her accountable for what she was doing - the last I saw her, she’d totally settled down, and she was totally calm. It wasn’t a deliverance issue - it was just an emotional, and physical, and chemical instability in her life. Everything is linked to one another; so, emotional, spiritual problems can trigger physical problems.

People have the tendency to want to blame demons for their problem, and take no ownership for their life. So, it’s a normal thing to go to a doctor and get them to check you – take a blood test and so on. If you suspect that it could be a mental problem - don’t go beyond what you’re competent to do; and do refer them to go on to a doctor – there’s nothing to be lost, and everything to be gained.

Many times, she would hear sounds in the house. The rattling of the house - in the bricks or the structure, just some sounds that she can’t really explain, but she can hear it. It’s quite noisy, causing her to be unable to fall asleep, so how can she handle a situation like this? The second question - just now you mentioned that some spirits may harass or sexually invade someone’s body - when you are in that position, what would you suggest people to do?

The two may be connected. If a person is being molested by a sexual spirit at night, there are strong occultic links; there is a door open for that spirit to invade. It is claiming a right into the person’s life, that it has no right at all. Spirits like that are always from the occultic realm, and they can come from spirits of perversion in the family line. Secondly, if there are spirits like that, it would be not unusual for this to be accompanied by noises or other disturbing kinds of things happening.

I think, in all of these things, bringing it to the light is the first step. Then it needs the Holy Spirit to show: what is the root of this; when did it start; what caused it to start? Is it generational, is it something the person has done - and then it requires deliverance. You can deliver yourself over most things, through just following the steps - and rise in your spirit and tongues and command it to go. However, sometimes people just need ministry - it may help go deeper, or touch things they couldn’t get hold of themselves.

So I suspect the two are connected, and that noises in the building are part of an overall oppression created from the spirit world, over this person. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you potential doors of entry; then, either: renounce them, close them, and stand against the demons; or get ministry to help.

She has this problem for kids. There’s a kid about 7 or 8 years old, and this kid will scream and wail in the middle of the night. During daytime, she tried to pray for the kid, and the kid manifested very violently. So how can we help and deliver a kid like that?

So, with children, there is a way of ministering to them; and, there are two possible approaches you can use to this. One would be to pray for the child while they’re asleep, with a parent there, so if the child woke up during the ministry, that they don’t get frightened. I have prayed for usually younger children like that.

It would help before doing this, to look into the family background, and find if there are sources for where the spirit has come from. Are there any generational doors; are there any kind of spirits likely to have come through the family line? Talking with the mother and father could help establish that. You could minister to them first, so that you remove the legal grounds for demons in the family line.

If you’re going to pray for the child while they were asleep, you want probably the mother there; or someone there with you. Don’t touch the child, just pray quietly, pray in the spirit quietly; invite the Holy Spirit to come. Keep listening to what He has to say, and then based on what you already should know, you begin to break the curses in the family line, the holds and the agreements with spirits, and command the spirits to go. That does not involve the child participating strongly.

An alternative approach would be to sit with the child and talk with them. When you talk with them, ask them about the dreams they have at night. Get talking, and let the child talk about what they feel about this stuff. Engage the child in their language, at their level. So, you’ve got to talk, and present truth, at a child’s level. You could say something like this – after the child’s talked to you - you say: “Do you know what’s causing these dreams?” “I don’t know why I have these dreams.” “I think it’s a bad spirit. You know there are bad spirits, and they come and trouble us. It’s not your fault, you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just that’s what bad spirits do. Jesus dealt with bad spirits. Jesus had a good spirit with Him.”

You notice I’m putting the language at a level a child could understand. “...and sometimes bad spirits get into people, trouble them and make life very sad - or very frightening. But Jesus came to release us from these bad spirits. You know, in the Bible, wherever He found them, He got rid of them. Did you know that the bad spirits are afraid of Jesus? In fact, they’re so afraid of Him - they want to get away as quick as they can. So, we could ask Jesus to come; and He’s stronger than the bad spirits - and He could help you get rid of these bad spirits. Would you like that to happen?”

You see, it’s kind of like talking at their level. Then they say now: “Yeah yeah ok.” “Alright then. This is what we’re going to do. In a moment, what I’m going to do is I’m going to pray for you, and I’ll speak to the bad spirits. I won’t be speaking to you - you’ll know I’ve changed - I’m speaking to the bad spirit. We’re going to command the bad spirit to go. You may feel something inside your body. The bad spirit might become frightened. It’s not you that’s being frightened - it’s the bad spirit being frightened. All you need to do is breathe out – make him go, push him out.” A child can understand all that sort of language. “...or you could cough. So when I speak to it - you cough. Let’s work together, make the bad spirit go. Jesus would be very happy.” See, we’re using a language a child could easily get a hold of.

Now, you could sit down beside the child, or you could sit the child on your knee. The problem is that about 8 years old, if they got manifesting, they could be a real difficulty – quite strong. So we would hope that the spirit would go quite easily, now you’ve engaged cooperation.

You want a parent there when you’re doing it, so that this is kept totally transparent. You say and do nothing that will frighten the child. You should constantly build confidence – “This is going to be straightforward. This is going to be good. If you feel something happening inside you, you just cough that thing out. We’re going to get rid of this thing.” Then, go through that process. If a child manifests, you can hold on to them to restrain them, but it can be difficult. It would be better to engage the child’s cooperation, because in doing that, they work with you to resist the spirit.

A lady’s been helping this person. This person has family inherited problems – sickness - insomnia, can’t sleep well for a long period of time, and it caused all kinds of sickness in the body. Many of them in the family, in the end, they even committed suicide. This person came to church and also attended many deliverance conferences or meetings, but every time, they didn’t really react much - no response at all. So, after yesterday and today’s teachings, because the person has started to hear things, causing them more suicidal thinking; and because it seems to be both generation and occult related, she’s wondering: how we can identify it, recognise it, and how can we help this person.

“Was the person involved in the occult themselves?” “He never mentioned it.” “Was it asked?” “Before this teaching, they never had the idea to ask.”

“Generational?” “Idolatry is all the way in the family.”

There are a number of reasons for insomnia - some of them may be medical, related just to the body - some people just don’t sleep well. Some of them may be related to anxiety, or spiritual issues. So, sometimes you have to apply both medical and spiritual remedies.

You can see the way I have approached this, is to be systematically asking questions. Try and discover the root system. If you don’t deal with the root system, you can never get the person free. The person needs to take ownership of their things. Sometimes people just want you to fix them up, but they don’t want to actually recognise: “It’s my problem, and my responsibility to apply, and reach out in faith to Christ.”

There’re various ways to look at it. See, immediately you tell me that there’re suicides – plural – there’s something in the family line - spirits of suicide; oppressing spirits; occult powers; idolatry. So we have to identify what the feeding causes are. The person takes a stand to resist those things, and bring them to the cross. Sometimes I find that people don’t have faith for their freedom. Deliverance isn’t some passive thing - we have to arise in faith, to take hold of what Jesus said. Sometimes, instruction is needed prior to ministry.

In looking at an alter call for example, you’ll notice different responses of people coming up. Now, they’ve all come up – so that means they all want something, but what happens is completely different; ranging from the dramatic, to: “Did anything happen at all?” We can’t always tell, but it seems that the person’s attitude of heart, and preparation of heart, is quite a factor in what they receive from God. Someone might come: “I’ve really got this problem, I want to be free, I’m believing God, I’ve come, I fasted - and they get a massive deliverance.”

Or another one will be just thinking “Oh, I’ll just go up to see what happens.” - or someone says: “You need to go up.” - nothing happens. In other words, there was a passivity, and no preparation of heart for an encounter with God. So the preparation for encounters with God is very important.

I would think 1) Look at the roots. There’re things that need to be asked. You have to find out what are the roots feeding this. Then work through the steps and the process. See if you can get some response that way. 2) Perhaps encourage the person to fast. Get them scriptures to meditate on – the promises of God. Don’t just let them turn up, passive, waiting for you to do something, because they put all the responsibility on you – “Fix me up” rather than - “this is my pursuit of wholeness.”

Where the responsibility lies is a big issue in these cases. So often we don’t recognise a person who’s nowhere near desperate enough for freedom. It’s a good idea, but alignment with Jesus - no I don’t want that. So, when we’re talking about an issue like insomnia, and the suicidal things, you’ve got to bring some instruction.

I’ll give you a scripture related to that. 2 Timothy 2:24-26 – “A servant of the Lord must not strive, but in gentleness, instructing those who oppose themselves, and perhaps God will give them repentance to acknowledge truth. Then they come to their senses, and they escape out of the snare of the devil, who holds them captive whenever he wants.”

You notice the process is one of instruction that leads the person to understanding, and then holding on to the truth. I don’t have all the answers for insomnia. For some, it’s a demonic spirit, some it has to do with body chemistry. A friend and pastor of mine - he doesn’t’ sleep much at all. He just studies, and reads the word of God, and uses the time to be productive. But there is a promise – he gives his beloved sleep. So the remedy may be partly spiritual, and partly physical. Taking some kinds of things that help rest the body and prepare it for sleep; not taking other things like coffee and things that would keep the body awake; leaning how to relax before going to sleep. The solution’s not obvious – there can be several aspects to it - at least you’ve got some places to look.

“The person is taking more and more sleeping pills, more and more dosage, and still they can’t sleep”

“Yeah, something’s not right.” I’d start looking at some of these roots that are in them, see if there’s anything in that.

Father we just thank You for this time together. We pray Lord that we’ll be able to apply what we’ve learnt. Pray for release of increased anointing, and increased fruit people’s lives, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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