Thursday, 17 May 2018

The establishment testimony of Elijah prophetic children fellowship

Written by: Teaching Ming

Around late April and early May of 2018, a boys mother contacted me, saying that her child who is around 5 years old has a word for Teacher Ming from the heavenly father. I became very curious with this encounter and began to ask her some questions. Apparently the child became filled with the Holy Spirit around the age of four-and-a-half years old and began to receive visitations from Jesus Christ. Initially his mother did not believe him, but as she observed him more in his daily life and testimonies, she noticed that the child often shares with her content from the bible that she is unfamiliar with.

A few days ago, the child suddenly told his mother, the Heavenly father wants him to contact Teacher Ming. The mother thought this was very strange and ignored him. A few days later, one of the mothers intercessory coworkers received a dream from God in the middle of the night and immediately contacted this mother to let her know that her child is speaking the truth, and that she must immediately contact Teacher Ming in order to protect prophetic children. Since the enemies also want to take these children, they would often send high-level, regional evil spirits to attack them in the middle of the night. The Heavenly Father told the boy to find someone on Earth named Teacher Ming, that she can protect them.

Below is the transcribed message:
God has always been hiding my child. I can tell you about his situation because Ive been seeking God for answers and have received many different confirmations. Just yesterday this child was telling me, the Heavenly Father told him to be connected with you. I asked him why, he said God says its for the work He is about to do in the future, plus its the Gods will and Gods plan for him. Ive also allowed my other sisters to examine the things hes talking about, and the result is the same, he is telling the truth. Im very surprised, because I always thought God would hide him until hes all grown up, because no one in our church is allowed to talk about it, only a few close sisters knows. Yesterday as I was praying I told God, this is too huge of a deal

After listening to the mothers statement, I was really surprised by Gods work here, because a few months ago, I too had dream where God entrusted me with a group of children. I also saw myself giving birth to a male child. This is an indication of a new form of service. I thought to myself, I am already busy enough leading a national intercessory group and army around the world fighting spiritual warfare, plus Gods promise and prophecy of Ruling the Nations with an Iron Scepter hasnt even come to pass yet, where am I going to find the time to manage a childrens fellowship?

Since it is obviously is Gods purpose, I wanted to meet this child, so his mother woke him up early morning. I tested him to see if the vision is really from God. I gave him a few questions to ask the Father, the answers to some of them are secrets that only I would know. He answered them correctly. The child described exactly what Teacher Ming is currently doing and then afterwards, drew a picture for me, to tell me about the things the Father and Jesus Christ told him. The following information is from the child, recorded and edited for him by his mother.

First question: God says Teacher Ming is a modern Moses. In the vision he saw Teacher Ming wearing a construction’s hat, building a two story tall building. The building is filled with prophetic children and also some other children. Children who have their spiritual eyes open packed the room. Prayer and praise came out of the room and caused a great battle in heaven. God’s Corps, aircraft, flying saucer, and aircraft carrier all appeared on the land, ocean and sky. The devils were beaten very badly. Teacher Ming is shepherding these children. In his vision, Jesus is speaking; the Father is beside Him nodding. Jesus and the Heavenly Father told the child, Teacher Ming has also rescued a lot of regional angels of the Lord out of the kingdom of darkness, because throughout the ages there were a lot of angels who were caught, abducted and bound up in the kingdom of darkness. Teacher Ming came to save these angels.

The child described the kingdom of God in a very uncommon way, so I asked him, what is Gods plan for you? The child responded in a cute baby voice: we are to tell Teacher Ming, God says, we are the mighty Elijah. My heart melted at the sight of such an adorable child. This child also told his mother, you are the baby, in heaven I am the adult, mom you are the child. It is I who lead you in the spiritual path.

I now understand that God wants to lead and train a group of young children to be mighty ones in the kingdom of God. They are the kingdom’s most important participants in fulfilling the prophecies found in “Revelation”. This event is related to the future, ministry service and destiny fulfilment of prophetic children in the end times, and to add to God’s kingdom a group of mighty armies. We will see God use them to heal people, cast out evil spirits, and showcase God’s glory in places like the streets, hospitals and other places.

The following is a notice of recruitment. If your child is subject to the following conditions, please contact our co-workers. Grateful!

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